500 Years of Italian Furniture: Magnificence and Design
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500 Years of Italian Furniture: Magnificence and Design

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This exhibition catalogue shows the evolution of taste in the Italian and European courts from late mannerism through to the first decades of last century. Writing desks, tables, beds, chairs, thrones, mirrors, vases, and objects made of or decorated with precious materials, such as gold, silver, semiprecious stones, or mother of pearl are reproduced in the book. Detailed captions assist the reader in understanding and appreciating the technical craftsmanship of engravers, cabinet makers, bronze workers, as well as the creative genius of architects, such as Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Filippo Juvarra, and Pelagio Pelagi, at the service of the courts. A volume that collectors, scholars, and enthusiasts of the decorative arts cannot miss, it’s an essential book for anyone interested in the evolution of aesthetics and style through the ages.

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