Academic YDS İngilizce Hazırlık Kitabı
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Academic YDS İngilizce Hazırlık Kitabı

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Bu kitabı e-kitap olarak okumak isterseniz, yayıncıya talebinizi iletebilmemiz için tıklayınız.

This YDS book focuses on interlediate and advanced learners of English who are preparing for YDS examinations prepared by the government of Turkey.

It covers advanced grammar explanations and examples in both English and Turkish following by a lot af tests which are relevant to YDS exams.

While it may be used in a class atmospherer to exercise with a variety of tests, it might also be studied individually.

The test in it are so advanced that it ensures steady progress towards proficiency.

Its major components are grammar and vocabulary tests, preposition and phrasal verbs test, cloze tests, reading comprehension tests, dialogue completion tests, sentence and paragraph completion tests, odding the sentence out, translation tests, and many others.

Hope you enjoy the book!

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