Arithmetic and Combinatorics
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Arithmetic and Combinatorics

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This is the only work to provide a historical account of Kant s theory of arithmetic, examining in detail the theories of both his predecessors and his successors.Until his death, Martin was the editor of "Kant-Studien "from 1954, of the general Kant index from 1964, of the Leibniz index from 1968, and coeditor of "Leibnizstudien "from 1969. This background is used to its fullest as he strives to make clear the historical milieu in which Kant s mathematical contributions developed. He uses Leibniz, Wolff, and others whose work was accomplished before Kant was born as well as Lambert, Mendelssohn, and others roughly contemporary with Kant; and when a point requires it, he refers to Gauss, Grassman, Frege, Russell, and Hilbert.In her translation Wubnig has approached the original author with an abiding respect. She makes the translation flow in English while preserving as far as possible the flavor of the original. She has added many bibliographical and biographical details to ease the following up of Martin s allusions and suggestions.", Judy Wubnig teaches in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada."

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