Art School, New Edition
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Art School, New Edition

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Back in print in a larger format: A delightful tour through a very special "museum" in which the whole history of art has been sent back to school.

We've all heard of the School of Paris and the New York School and the Siennese School. Here George Deem has reimagined and repainted the whole history of art as a succession of schoolrooms.

In Hudson River School a row of school desks looks out on a ravishing Hudson River view that might have been painted by Frederick Church. In fact, in one of Deem's witty references, the view is the one seen from Olana, the home of Church. In Ashcan School, the schoolroom includes ashcans and laundry lines, while several of the desks have been knocked about by battling boxers, exported from George Bellows.

From School of Gauguin to School of Modigliani to Bauhaus School, each schoolroom painting takes on the style and forms of its model. Deem's ability to paint "revisions" of famous works and famous masters, which with wit and uncanny accuracy evoke their forms and styles, has been on view in many museums and gallery shows and in his recent book How to Paint a Vermeer.38 color illustrations.

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