Biedermeier-Tassen: Widmungen auf Porzellan
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Biedermeier-Tassen: Widmungen auf Porzellan

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The advance of newly imported exotic beverages from the New World such as coffee, tea and cocoa, changed drinking habits and, as a result, also the design of the cup. In the 18th century, court porcelains were valued more for their representational worth than for their practical function. Once porcelain could be produced less expensively, cups became even more popular and accessible to the general population. This marked the birth of a new market and unlimited design possibilities. Porcelain Cups 1780-1850, The Homann Collection illustrates a wide range of highly popular porcelain cups during this time period. The miniature work of art, cup and saucer, was adapted to every conceivable occasion and subject, enhanced by illustrations such as general and unique events, friendship and love, and portraits of monarchs or victorious commanders. This book is a wonderful reference work for enthusiasts, collectors, art dealers and museums.

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