Challenging China: Struggle and Hope in an Era of Change
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Challenging China: Struggle and Hope in an Era of Change

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A fascinating portrait of contemporary life inside China, written by dissidents, activists, and journalists—In time for the historic 2008 Olympics, when the world's eyes will be on China.Interest in China has never been greater, but the voices of the Chinese themselves often escape notice. Here, finally, is a book that reverses the trend by giving us a rare and important portrait of contemporary life within China—"written with style, honesty, and expertise born of intimate and often painful experience"(Ian Buruma). Mixing powerful personal stories with sobering analysis, this revealing book encompasses a broad range of social issues, from underage prostitution to the crackdown on religion. Featuring some of the first-ever eyewitness accounts from Chinese dissidents and their families—including testimony by the relatives of the imprisoned and the executed and descriptions of life in exile—Challenging China offers rare glimpses of the country's ongoing political turmoil, as well as hope in the rising collective resistance. By turns moving, illuminating, and outraged, Challenging China is a revealing portrait of a country whose internal politics we can no longer afford to ignore.

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