China India Russia: Security and Strategic Cooperation in Asia
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China India Russia: Security and Strategic Cooperation in Asia

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There is a common sense that the Asian continent will increase its worth and be a dynamic and determinative power of the century. We share this point of view. This idea keeps us away from obtaining a passive attitude against the dynamic processes that we are a part of. Together with seeing the Asian continent as a resource and an opportunity for prosperity for our country, we believe that we have a responsibility for finding a solution to problems that may occur inevitably from the continent's increasing importance in the world politics and economy.

Throughout all the history, Asia has been a significant geostrategic and economic area for every part of the earth from Pacific to Atlantic, North Sea to Indian Subcontinent. Such that, this reality made F. Braudel say this sentence: "Europe is only a peninsula for Asia". However, in this geography trade, transportation and communication have always been very difficult and dangerous. Natural handicaps, changing borders and wars have always been a serious obstacle for stability.
Today, one of the most important geopolitical focuses of this transformation process in socio-economic, technological and ideological dimensions of globalization and information revolution is the Asian axis. The security and peace strategies of Asia have seriously changed parallel to the changing habits in the international system, brought about by the ending of the Cold War between two super powers. The power balances in the region, excessive population increase, the market originated as part of the economic growth and high technology struggles have all rushed up the actors to look for confidence and stability and have put forth the tendencies for armament and strengthening the defense alliances. While this situation has increased the tendency to spread weapons of mass destruction, it also opened new doors in the current parameters of security balances between China, India, Japan, USA and Russia.
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