Cultural Diplomacy
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Cultural Diplomacy

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In an era where "soft power" and "smart power" have taken the place of "hard power", international politics have gone through a change; traditional channels of diplomacy have begun to be performed by the new channels of diplomacy. This new kind of diplomacy, known as "Public Diplomacy" is composed of the communications and interactions that governments built with other countries' public opinions and that various public opinions enter into interaction. In this context, new diplomacy puts more emphasis on the culture and on the constituents of the culture and also on the civil society.

International politics have gradually begun to be based on dialogue rather than wars and conflicts. "Cultural Diplomacy" which might be defined as the inter-change of opinions, information, arts, life styles, systems of value, beliefs, traditions and other aspects of culture among the countries, is a political instrument that come to the fore on the peaceful resolution of the civil conflicts and on providing the stability.
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