Deitch's Pictorama
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Deitch's Pictorama

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Presenting a new type of graphic fiction from a legendary family in American cartooning. Underground cartoonist Kim Deitch has recruited his entire cast of siblings to produce a unique, all-new "picto-fiction" pocket book. Deitch's Pictorama leads off with Kim's comic "The Sunshine Girl." Then it's time for Seth's prose short story "Children of Aruf," about a man and his dog... in a world where dogs talk. Third up is "Unlikely Hours," a paranoid picto-story about a conspiracy of sentient rats written by Seth and illustrated by Kim. Next comes "The Golem," once again written by Seth and decorated with a series of superb pencil illustrations by Simon, a prose novella about the mythical Jewish monster/protector. Kim wraps with "The Cop on the Beat, the Man in the Moon and Me," one last comic - this one autobiographical. The book features an introduction by the Academy Award-winning animator, cartoonist and illustrator Gene (Tom and Jerry) Deitch, who happens to be the proud father of the trio.

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