Dollmaking for the First Time

Dollmaking for the First Time

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Find out how easy it is to craft different types of dolls with distinctive outfits and unique faces.

From a country-style primitive angel to Native American figures, these projects will teach you how to give any doll a one-of-a-kind look using fabric, wooden dowels, buttons, and other ordinary supplies.

Your finished designs will look great displayed in your home and make great gifts for friends and family.

Cloth dolls and wooden dolls; life-size figures and those as small as clothespins; dolls as ornaments and a complete set of dolls--like a miniature family: oh, what a beautiful doll you can make with this well-illustrated guide at your side.

As with all the acclaimed For the First Time books, it teaches the basics, from preparing the patterns to painting the face and styling the hair. The techniques unspool in an easy-to-follow question and answer form -- "How do I make a simple cloth doll? How do I make a doll with button-on joints? -- accompanied by a project.

Above all, every page encourages crafters to break the rules, use their imagination, and find ways of making each doll special and personal.

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