Electrical Systems: Diagnosis and Repair
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Electrical Systems: Diagnosis and Repair

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Electrical Systems: Diagnosis and Repair Publisher: National Street Machine Club (2007) Hardcover: 160 pages Full Color Illustrations Understand automotive electrical systems, diagnose problems, then make repairs quickly and easily. This illustrated guide shows you how. Don't fear the mass of wires under your dash and beneath the hood of your vehicle. Electrical Systems removes the mystery and shows you how to save money and time by doing your own electrical repairs. Our simple step-by-step approach makes it easy. First, go on a guided tour of your car's electrical system. Armed with this knowledge, understanding and diagnosing problems become simple. Knowing what tools and techniques you need to perform the repairs gets you the rest of the way to electrical system success! Chapters: 1. Theory and Tools - Understand auto electrical systems and how they work. Then see how to use testing tools to diagnose problems sooner. 2. Battery Systems - Everything begins with the battery, so start your search for answers here. 3. Charging and Starting Systems - Make generators and alternators work right. 4. Ignition Systems - What you really need to know about ignition modules and distributors, 5. Fuel Injection Systems - working on these modern systems is not complex when you understand the basics. 6. Troubleshooting Techniques - Real life examples help you master your car's electrical system.

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