Exploring the World of Aquatic Life (Volume 1 thur 6)
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Exploring the World of Aquatic Life (Volume 1 thur 6)

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From the ocean depths to river rapids, fascinating aquatic life can be found in all climates and settings. Geared toward young students, the fresh, new "Exploring the World of Aquatic Life" set is packed with information, naturalistic artwork, helpful maps, and stunning full-color photography intended to illustrate key life-science principles while providing thorough information on the fish, mammals, and invertebrates that live a largely aquatic life. Each book in this informative six-volume set looks at the natural history of aquatic life-forms, arranged in alphabetical order. In addition to discovering the many ways in which particular types of creatures hunt, feed, breed, and defend themselves, young readers will also learn about topics such as adaptation, ecology, genetics, communication, conservation, endangered species, and habitats.This title contains, "Volume 1: American Paddlefish - Clown Loach", "Volume 2: Cockles and Clams - Electric Rays","Volume 3: Fangtooths - Lionfish and Scorpionfish", "Volume 4: Lizardfish - Puffers", "Volume 5: Ragworms - Soles", and "Volume 6: Sperm Whales - Wrasses".

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