FT Guide to Investing for Income

FT Guide to Investing for Income

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The complete reference to investing for consistent, continuous income in today's markets!

  • Understand and compare income generating strategies so you can choose the right alternatives for your situation and risk tolerance.
  • Review the financial investing basics that every income investor needs to understand.
  • Covers safe and simple products, as well as higher-risk strategies that offer the potential for greater income.


Financial Times Guide to Income Investing is the complete reference guide for all investors who want to earn more income--and more continuous, reliable income, too. Writing for income investors of all kinds, this book presents all the tools of the trade, and guides readers in choosing the approaches that are best for them. Financial Times columnist David Stevenson begins by reviewing the key financial concepts that every income investor simply must understand-- including the basics of risk, return, volatility, structure, and inflation. Stevenson systematically reviews today's simplest, safest, most 'mainstream' income products and funds, helping investors understand what they can and cannot expect to achieve through these investments. Next, he introduces higher-risk, less conventional strategies designed to pay higher income--and helps readers realistically assess the risks of pursuing these approaches.

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