Great American Billboards: 100 Years of History by the Side of the Road
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Great American Billboards: 100 Years of History by the Side of the Road

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Early in the 20th century, as Americans climbed into their Model-Ts and took to the open road, American manufacturers and retailers discovered miles and miles of new advertising space, and the audaciously oversized billboard was born. For a century, billboards have recruited, congratulated, teased, sold, and seduced us, promoting everything under the sun, from hosiery to war bonds, presidential candidates to rock shows. GREAT AMERICAN BILLBOARDS not only offers a lively look back at changing styles, products, and tastes, but is also an important visual record of this largely unheralded yet ubiquitous American art form.Reviews"This slice-of-life compendium entertains and educates."-US Airways Magazine"Although the pictures are fascinating, Basten'¬?s text is quite a bonus."-Oklahoman"An illuminating guide to a country, its culture, and its people."-American Way"Beyond the irresistible nostalgia is a fascinating glimpse of the evolution of our consumer nation."-Dallas Morning NewsFeatured on Entertainment Weekly'¬?s "Must List"

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