Insomnia and Other Adult Sleep Problems (The Facts)
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Insomnia and Other Adult Sleep Problems (The Facts)

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Many adults suffer from disturbed sleep. There are many possible causes for sleep problems, some psychological, others physical, and these can lead to unneccessary health and well-being problems. This comprehensive but easily understood book will help you to identify and explain problems leading to appropriate advice or treatment as necessary. It provide explanation of the possible causes, significance and treatment of insomnia, excessive sleepiness, and disturbed behaviour at night.

Throughout the book, advice is provided to help adults to sleep effectively with extra coverage included for those at particular risk of sleep problems, such as shift workers, and parents of young children. Case studies are included to illustrate how adults with various sleep disorders ahve been correctly diagnosed and treated, and 'Myths vs. Facts' boxes help sort the valuable information from the misleading.

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