Just Can't Get Enough: The Making of Depeche Mode
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Just Can't Get Enough: The Making of Depeche Mode

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Nobody who saw Depeche Mode in 1980 could have predicted that those four fresh-faced synth-pop innocents would transform themselves into stadium-filling rock gods within a few years. Yet Depeche Mode went on to become one of the Top 10 best-selling British acts of all-time ranked alongside such exalted company as the Beatles the Stones Led Zeppelin and David Bowie. And after three decades together the group continues to thrive both critically and commercially.ÞIn ÊJust Can't Get EnoughÊ author Simon Spence charts that transformation from a tiny nightclub residency in their native Essex to facing tens of thousands in huge stadiums in Europe and America by the mid-80s; a musical journey that took them from early 'ultra-pop' hit singles to the stark ÊBlack CelebrationÊ album.ÞHailing from Basildon an experimental post-war New Town the all-electronic Depeche Mode were in the words of singer Dave Gahan a new sort of band from a new sort of town . And Basildon itself Spence argues defined them ä its brutal Modernist architecture imposed on a rural landscape dotted with primitive shacks a mirror for the angular sound and dark loneliness of the band's music. Part musical odyssey part cultural history Spence draws on dozens of first hand interviews to give us an inside view of one of the most unlikely stories in pop and rock.

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