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  • Great Rock Drummers of the Sixties (Book)

    Karton Kapak
    (Book). Now in its long-awaited second printing, Bob Cianci's Great Rock Drummers of the Sixties , the universally acclaimed history of '60s rock drummers and drumming, has been reissued in its original form with a revised section that thoroughly updates information on the drummers featured within. These of rock drummers are arguably the most revered and copied musicians to ever sit behind the kit. All the prominent drummers of the era are spotlighted, including Ringo Starr, Charlie Watts, Keith Moon, Mitch Mitchell, Hal Blaine, and other legends. Long out of print, the original first edition of Great Rock Drummers of the Sixties was published in 1989 and went on to become a collectors' item. This in-demand book is back and better than ever, with a new cover, improved layout, and much more information for anyone interested in the Sixties, its music, and rock drummers.
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  • The History of Christian Europe

    Karton Kapak
    Spanning more than a millenium, this unique study follows the development, expansion, and impact of the world's largest religion on the European continent Beginning with the initial transmission of Jesus's teaching throughout the Roman world, this expansive history follows the astounding development of Christianity within Europe. From the religion's earliest days through the Reformation and Counter-Reformation, its development in the scientific age of the 17th and 18th centuries on, and its place in the modern world, Christianity’s role in transforming and shaping the cultural, social, political, and intellectual progress of the continent is traced. The accessible and informative narrative is complemented by boxed texts highlighting key events and concepts, such as monastic life, the development of icons, the impact of Darwin's The Origin of Species, the rise of prophecy, and the influence of psychology.
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  • The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Art Terms (World of Art)

    Karton Kapak
    "A richly illustrated paperback that provides useful information on a wide range of art and design history, theory and practice … Scholarly yet accessible, and should prove invaluable to teachers and students alike."—The Times Educational SupplementWhat exactly is neoexpressionism? the difference between applique and appliqué? the part of a city known as the acropolis? or the painting technique called gouache? In this authoritative and concise dictionary, more than 2,000 entries embrace the vast vocabulary of painting and sculpture, architecture and photography, and the decorative, applied, and graphic arts. The hundreds of illustrations and diagrams play a vital role as information: art movements become immediately recognizable by a representative painting, and the defining features of each order of architecture are identifiable at a glance. This revised edition features a substantial number of new entries, including today's influential artist groups and tendencies from Chicano art to gene art, and new terms connected with the use of computer technology in the art world, from digital image to pixel. 400 illustrations
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  • The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones: Sound Opinions on the Great Rock 'n' Roll Rivalry

    Sert Kapak
    (Book). Two of the world's pre-eminent music journalists tackle the liveliest debate in rock history: which band is the greatest ever The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? More than two dozen topics of debate are addressed, with cases being made both for the lads from Liverpool and rock's proto bad boys. From the Cavern and Crawdaddy clubs through head-to-head comparisons of specific albums (e.g. Exile or The White Album ?), members' roles within the bands, the Svengali-like managers, influential producers, musical influences, and more, this is the book that dares confront the topics over which fans have agonized for years. Illustrated throughout with photography and memorabilia.
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  • The Drum Book

    Karton Kapak
    The Drum Book reveals the untold sotry of the rock drum kit, from the moment that Ringo Starr began thrashing his Ludwig kit in the 1960s to the wonderfully diverse drumming of the 1990s. Author Geoff Nichols is a professional writer and musician.
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  • Gardener's Fact File

    Karton Kapak
    Create a complete garden from scratch with this interactive personal organizer. Beginning gardeners can assess their wants and needs and match them to the avail able garden plot, budget, and time constraints. Essential construction and planting techniques are covered and illustrated in fifteen step-by-step projects, tog ether with new and exciting ideas for garden features, decorative effects, and planting designs. A clear plastic cover and wiro binding make it sturdy and practical to use, while a plastic, zipped folder keeps tear sheets, pictures, and other reference material handy. Notebook sections throughout the book allow the reader to design his or her own garden on girds and story boards. It's a book you'll want to keep with you at all times - from the armchair to the nursery to the garden.
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  • Diccionario de floricultura Ball/Ball Floriculture Dictionary: English-Spanish/Spanish-English with Spanish Definitions

    Karton Kapak
    Making it easy to communicate within the floriculture industry, this bilingual dictionary annotates specific terms including those that relate to the biological, botanical, and entomological applications in the industry. Tables highlight translations of the most frequently used terms; provide conversions for measurements of temperature, length, volume, area, and weight; and facilitate quick reference of scientific and chemical names. Facilitando la comunicación entre la industria floricultura, este diccionario bilingüe anota los términos específicos incluyendo los que relacionan a la aplicación industrial de la biología, la botánica, y la entomología. Tablas proveen traducciones y conversiones de las medidas más comunes—la temperatura, la longitud, el volumen, la área, y el peso— y otras que proveen referencia rápida para las palabras científicas.
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  • Applied Combinatorics on Words (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications)

    Sert Kapak
    A series of important applications of combinatorics on words has emerged with the development of computerized text and string processing. The aim of this volume, the third in a trilogy, is to present a unified treatment of some of the major fields of applications. After an introduction that sets the scene and gathers together the basic facts, there follow chapters in which applications are considered in detail. The areas covered include core algorithms for text processing, natural language processing, speech processing, bioinformatics, and areas of applied mathematics such as combinatorial enumeration and fractal analysis. No special prerequisites are needed, and no familiarity with the application areas or with the material covered by the previous volumes is required. The breadth of application, combined with the inclusion of problems and algorithms and a complete bibliography will make this book ideal for graduate students and professionals in mathematics, computer science, biology and linguistics.
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  • Encyclopedia of New Religions: New Religious Movements, Sects and Alternative Spiritualities

    Sert Kapak
    This book gives readers a comprehensive map of the significant religious and spiritual groups functioning in today's world, especially in the West. It is written by specialists but with the non-specialist in mind. The Encyclopedia of New Religions offers an authoritative and lavishly illustrated guide to more than two hundred of these extremely varied groups and movements. The new religions, sects and alternative spiritualities are categorized according to the religious traditions from which they spring. Included are well established groups like the Mormons and the Hutterites, and more recent movements like the Santeria, the Unification Church and ISKCON (the 'Hare Krishnas'). In addition to Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Indian Religions and the Religions of East Asia, sections are devoted to movements and groups inspired by Indigenous and Pagan traditions, and by Western Esoteric and New Age traditions. Especially fascinating is the discussion of the religious offspring of Modern Western Culture, including Scientology, UFO-based groups and even the worship of celebrities like Elvis and Princess Diana. Each section begins with an overview of the parent religion, before the new religions, sects and alternative spiritualities are described in chronological order. There are also a number of feature articles throughout the book which highlight broad topics such as New Religions in China as well as intriguing subjects such as Cargo Cults, Martial Arts, Astrology and Feng Shui. The Encyclopedia of New Religions is a fascinating and colourful guide to the bewildering array of religious and spiritual options open to the modern seeker.
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  • Das große GU Praxishandbuch Hunde

    Sert Kapak
    Dieses Praxishandbuch vermittelt alles, was man wissen muss, um einen Hund richtig zu halten und zu pflegen, ihn artgerecht zu ernähren und vor Krankheiten zu schützen, ihn sinnvoll zu beschäftigen und sportlich zu fordern. Sie erfahren Wichtiges über Herkunft, ererbte Verhaltensweisen, Persönlichkeit, soziale Bedürfnisse und Grundlagen einer harmonischen Mensch-Tier-Beziehung. Der Rasseteil porträtiert die beliebtesten Hunderassen in Wort und Bild - mit Eignungsempfehlungen für Familie, Singles und Senioren. Darüber hinaus bietet das Handbuch eine Vielzahl praxisorientierter Tipps, hilfreicher Checklisten, Tabellen und Tests sowie aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse. Der "Quickfinder" schließlich bietet kompaktes Wissen auf einen Blick - von A wie Apportieren bis Z wie Zahnpflege.
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  • Hollywood Italians: Dagos, Palookas, Romeos, Wise Guys, and Sopranos

    Karton Kapak
    From the silent era and The Black Hand (1906) to HBO's hit series The Sopranos, Hollywood has had a love-hate affair with Italian Americans. Now in paperback, Hollywood Italians is a celebration of nearly a century of images of Italians in American motion pictures and their often under-appreciated, underpraised, and truly remarkable contribution to popular culture. Hollywood Italians covers the careers of dozens of stars among them Rudolph Valentino, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, John Travolta, Sylvester Stallone, Marisa Tomei, and James Galdolfini. In addition, the book reviews the work of such Italian American directors as Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese in a fresh light. In all, Hollywood Italians discusses scores of films with a concentration on their literary and European-cinematic roots. The book is capped by a no-holds-barred examination of The Godfather and its two sequels as well as the international television phenomenon The Sopranos.
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  • Gifts and Discoveries: The Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology, Cambridge

    Karton Kapak
    The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Cambridge holds world-class collections of art and artefacts from many parts of Oceania, Africa, Asia and the Americas. These ethnographic objects include spectacular masks, canoes and sculptures, some collected during the voyages of Captain Cook to the Pacific, others assembled by Cambridge fieldworkers from the late 19th century onwards. The museum also displays epoch-making archaeological discoveries, ranging from the very earliest hominid tools, excavated by Louis Leakey from Olduvai Gorge in eastern Africa, through early south American textiles, to Roman and Anglo-Saxon finds from various parts of Britain.This beautifully illustrated and illuminating book introduces one of the most important institutions of its kind in Britain, and explores the significance of these world-class collections for 21st-century audiences..
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  • The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci (Volume 1)

    The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci (Volume 1)

    Karton Kapak
    Volume 1 of 2-volume set. Total of 1,566 extracts reveal full range of Leonardo's versatile genius: his writings on painting, sculpture, architecture, anatomy, mining, inventions, music. Dual Italian-English texts, with 186 plates and faithful reproductions of more than 500 additional drawings.
    Temin Edilemiyor
  • Encyclopedia of Art for Young People

    Encyclopedia of Art for Young People

    Karton Kapak
    Book by Zaczek, Iain, Beckett, Rachel, Allan, Tony, Chilvers, Ian, Peebles, Alice
    Temin Edilemiyor
  • A Brief History of Fables: From Aesop to Flash Fiction (Brief Histories)

    A Brief History of Fables: From Aesop to Flash Fiction (Brief Histories)

    Karton Kapak
    Discussing rising stars of contemporary fiction including Jonathan Lethem in addition to cherished classics including Aesop and Kafka, this groundbreaking work outlines the reemerging significance of fables in modern culture From the earliest of classical narratives to modern day e-zines, literary works have long been turned to political, didactic, and symbolic ends. Tracing the long history of a form currently enjoying a resurgence online and in the works of some of the most talented young authors in print, author and literary critic Rourke here considers the permutations of the form. From Aesop's tortoise and hare and Plato's socio-political works to Kafka's anthropomorphism and present-day authors such as Blake Butler, Joseph Young, Shane Jones, and Jonathan Lethem, this book explores an emergence from modernism and how, in its aftermath, fables—the briefest of narratives given the most expansive of significations—have gained in popularity. From readers interested in learning more about well-loved fairytales to those considering the hot topic of post-postmodernism, here is a bold take on a new face of literature everyone is sure to enjoy.
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