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  • Darwin Slept Here: Discovery, Adventure, and Swimming Iguanas in Charles Darwin's South America

    Sert Kapak
    For "Darwin Year," a fresh-eyed and enchanting journey through South America in his footsteps One snowy day in Ushuaia, Argentina, the self-proclaimed "southernmost city in the world," writer Eric Simons picked up a copy of Charles Darwin's The Voyage of the Beagle. Simons had just hiked the mountains overlooking Beagle Channel, and he found himself engrossed in Darwin's account. Like Simons, Darwin was in his mid-twenties when he traveled to the continent. Simons followed Darwin further into South America--to stand where Darwin had stood and to explore the histories, legends and people that had fascinated him two centuries before. Simons trekked to as many of the locations Darwin wrote about as he could find to see if he could see these places through Darwin's eyes, and to learn what South Americans know about Darwin. 2009 is a double-anniversary year for Darwin: the 200th anniversary of his birth in February, and the 150th anniversary of publication of The Origin of Species. Darwin Slept Here is an innovative and thrilling new look at a familiar subject from a compelling new writer to watch.
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  • Gebrauchsanweisung für Istanbul

    Karton Kapak
    Unterwegs mit den Fischern und Bauchtänzerinnen, mit Designern, Schriftstellern und dem Muezzin, mit Schuhputzern, Barbieren und Dolmusfahrern, offenbart uns Kai Strittmatter die angesagte 15-Millionen-Metropole in ihrer ganzen Vielfalt. Seit vier Jahren lebt Kai Strittmatter am Bosporus, und noch immer schlägt sein Herz schneller, sobald die Fähre sich der Anlegestelle nähert. Möwen im Schlepptau; Matrosen, die an Bord kupferfarbenen Tee servieren; das Minarett der Blauen Moschee, den Galataturm, die Hagia Sophia und den Topkapipalast vor Augen: Ankunft in Istanbul. Einst Byzanz, dann Konstantinopel, für die Griechen bis heute die Stadt aller Städte. Der Autor erlebt täglich, wie Asien und Europa sich zwischen osmanischer Pracht und modernem Nachtleben vereinen und prügeln. Er lotst uns durchs Verkehrschaos und verrät, wie ein Frauenpicknick im Hamam aussieht. Was es mit Schnauzbartverbot und Hutpflicht auf sich hat. Und warum der richtige Fußballklub eine echte Glaubensfrage ist.
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  • Hotel as Home: The Art of Living on the Road

    Karton Kapak
    Architect and photographer Gary Chang has a strange obsession: he absolutely loves hotels. It's a good thing, as he spends about 120 days a year traveling all over the world. Chang has become something of a hotel expert, but meeting his exacting standards for a suitable home away from home isn't easy. He doesn't stay at just any hotel. He plans his trips with exhaustive research on the hotels of his destination and even stays at several different ones during the same trip to one city. His favorite hotels are those places that have a certain special quality, ranging from New York's kitschy Maritime to Budapest's classic Gellert to Zurich's brand-spanking new Zurichberg. Chang's most-loved finds are documented in beautiful photographs, his hand drawn floor plans, and personal texts in Hotel as Home. He presents thirty-five hotels from around the world in this wonderfully atmospheric book from the Hotel 101 in Reykjavik to the Hotel Le Corbusier in Marseilles, the Soho House Hotel in New York, the W Hotel in Sydney, the Four Seasons in Tokyo, and the Hotel Metropolitan in Bangkok. Whether it's the all-white design of Starck's Hotel Delano in Miami, the Art Deco brass beds and chandeliers in the rooms of Istanbul's Pera Palaca Hotel, or the Zen atmosphere of London's Hotel Hempel, there's something to love in all of the hotels shown here. This a must-have for business class road warriors and all travelers in search of a unique, memorable, and rejuvenating hotel experience.
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  • Dickens's England: An A-Z Tour of the Real and Imagined Locations

    Sert Kapak
    Book lovers will go wild over this A-Z guidebook to Dickens-related destinations. It takes travelers (including the armchair kind) to Mr. Pickwick's Bath, David Copperfield's Yarmouth, Nicholas Nickelby's Yorkshire, and, of course, the London of so many Dickens novels. Filled with a mix of old-time illustrations and up-to-date photographs, it also covers places associated with Dickens himself, including his birthplace, the site of the blacking factory where he worked as a child, his favorite vacation spots, and his final home in Kent.
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  • In Search of Eden (Armchair Traveller)

    Sert Kapak
    Following life-long fascination with the loss of Paradise and dreams of return.
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  • Venice for Lovers

    Karton Kapak
    Venice for Lovers is a memorable collaboration by two fine stylists who have fashioned their own personal homages to Venice, one with a novella, the other with a personal essay. Every year for all the thirty they have been married, Begley and Muhlstein have escaped to Venice to write. In her contribution to the book, Muhlstein charmingly describes how she and her husband dine at the same restaurant every night for years on end, and how becoming friends with restaurateurs has been an unsurpassed means of getting to know the city and its inhabitants, far from the tourists in San Marco Square. In his short novella, Begley writes a story of falling in love with—and in—Venice. His twenty-year-old protagonist, enamored with an older, far worldlier woman of twenty-seven, is lured by her to the City of Water, only to be unceremoniously dumped and left to fend for himself after a brief rendezvous. But he discovers a lasting love for Venice itself—not an uncommon romance, as Begley’s brilliant literary essay on the city’s place within world literature demonstrates: Henry James, Marcel Proust, and Thomas Mann were all illustrious predecessors.
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  • Joseph Roth in Berlin: Ein Lesebuch für Spaziergänger

    Karton Kapak
    Der gesamte Joseph Roth – neu gestaltet als KiWi-Paperback!»Joseph Roth – einer der besten deutschen Erzähler. Andere hatten im Leben größeren Ruhm. Sein Ruhm wird länger dauern.« Hermann Kesten»Jede Seite, jede Zeile ist wie die Strophe eines Gedichts, gehämmert mit dem genauesten Bewusstsein für Rhythmus und Melodik.« Stefan Zweig
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  • On the Spartacus Road: A Spectacular Journey Through Ancient Italy

    Sert Kapak
    In this inspiring and original book, former editor of The Times, Sir Peter Stothard, re-traces the journey taken by Spartacus and his army of rebels. In the final century of the first Roman Republic an army of slaves brought a peculiar terror to the people of Italy. Its leaders were gladiators. Its purpose was incomprehensible. Its success was something no one before had ever known. The Spartacus Road is the route along which this rebel army outfought the Roman legions between 73 and 71BC, bringing both fears and hopes that have never wholly left the modern mind. It is a road that stretches through 2,000 miles of Italian countryside and out into 2,000 years of world history. In this inspiring and original memoir, the former editor of The Times, Peter Stothard, takes us on an extraordinary journey. The result is a book like none other - at once a journalist's notebook, a classicist's celebration, a survivor's record of a near fatal cancer and the history of a unique and brutal war. As he travels along the Spartacus road - through the ruins of Capua to Vesuvius and the lost Greek cities of the Italian south - Stothard's prose illuminates conflicting memories of times ancient and modern, the simultaneously foreign and familiar, one of the greatest stories of all ages. Sweepingly erudite and strikingly personal, "On the Spartacus Road" is non-fiction writing of the highest order.
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  • Bath (Innercities Cultural Guides)

    Karton Kapak
    Bath, Queen of the West, is internationally famous as one of England's oldest and most beautiful cities. The picturesque setting in the Avon valley, surrounded by green hills knit town and country together. The hot mineral springs welling up from deep within the earth have given it unique advantages as a health and leisure resort. The Romans called the city Aquae Sulis, and below the modern city are the important Roman Baths, one of England's top tourist attractions. In medieval times a great abbey grew up here, a centre of scholarship as well as religion. Bath was an important Cotswold weaving centre before becoming a great Georgian spa city. As taking the waters became an increasingly attractive leisure activity for visitors, a number of charity hospitals grew up around the hot springs. Then in the eighteenth century, great men such as Beau Nash the Master of Ceremonies and John Wood the architect transformed Bath into the grand Georgian city which we know today. Writers such as Henry Fielding and Jane Austen, and artists such as Thomas Gainsborough, settled in Bath. John Payne reflects on the diversity of the modern city, where industry, sport and shopping take their place alongside tourism and heritage. He considers the continuing importance of religious faith in the city and the contribution to Bath's cultural life made by its two universities and the many festivals, of which the winter Literature Festival and the springtime Bath International Music Festival are just two. Like all cities, Bath changes through time, and this book looks at recent developments such as the superb new spa centre, Thermae Bath Spa, and the modernist extension to the Holburne Museum of Fine Art. An insider account that goes beyond the well-trodden city centre, it includes Bath s attractive urban villages, such as Weston (a favourite walk of Jane Austen) and Combe Down with its stone quarries and Jewish burial ground.
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  • Auf Reisen (German Edition)

    Karton Kapak
    Stefan Zweigs »Wanderlust«, sein Bedürfnis, »in der Luft« zu leben (wie er es, Beethoven zitierend, nannte), wurzelte tief in dem Wunsch, möglichst anderes, ihm noch Unbekanntes zu entdecken und zu erobern - er wußte um »alle Wollust, die darin liegt«. Aber er hatte nicht zuletzt auch stets das unbestimmte Gefühl, nicht zu Hause bleiben zu können, wo alles Alltägliche ihn zu »verschütten« drohte. Jahreszeiten und Klima bestimmten auf Zweigs Reisen durch Europa in den Jahren bis zum Exil 1934 nicht selten die Ziele: »Mit dem Frühling, dem holden Geleiter zusammen« durch die Provence oder nach Italien, mit dem Sommer in die Bretagne oder an die Nordsee, mit dem Übergang des »Herbstwinters« nach Meran, mit den Vorboten des März nach Spanien und auf die Balearen. Ende November 1908 reiste er nach Indien, im Februar 1911 - »Meine Koffer gähnen mich leer an: ich muß ihnen jetzt das Maul stopfen« - brach Stefan Zweig zu seiner ersten Reise durch Nord- und Mittelamerika auf. Während des Ersten Weltkriegs waren ihm nur Inspektionsfahrten in umkämpftes Gebiet möglich, danach, in den zwanziger Jahren durchreiste er wieder Europa und folgte einer Einladung nach Rußland. 1934 emigrierte er nach England und ging von dort ins südamerikanische Exil. Die vielfältigen Eindrücke von seinen Reisen fanden ihren Niederschlag in Feuilletons und Berichten; sie zeigen in ihrer Chronologie Stefan Zweigs sich immer stärker entwickelndes Empfinden der eigenen Zeit und das daraus wachsende Bedürfnis des Rückblicks.
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  • Reise Know-How CityGuide Istanbul und Umgebung: Reiseführer für individuelles Entdecken

    Karton Kapak
    Mit dem CityGuide 'Instanbul und Umgebung' die Stadt entdecken - optimal zur Reiseplanung und als informativer Begleiter unterwegs! Byzanz, Konstantinopel, Istanbul – die Metropole am Bosporus kann als einzige Stadt der Welt von sich behaupten, auf zwei Kontinenten zu stehen: Europa und Asien. Byzantinische Kathedralen und Klosterkirchen, prachtvolle Moscheen, Sultanspaläste und kühne Brückenkonstruktionen machen Istanbul zu einem Freilichtmuseum der Begegnung zwischen Ost und West, Islam und Christentum, Vergangenheit und Moderne. Der umfassende Reiseführer voller Reise-Know-How bietet unter anderem: - Sorgfältige Beschreibung der interessantesten Stadtteile mit ihren Sehenswürdigkeiten, Museen, Cafés, Hamams usw. - Aktuelle Tipps zur Anreise. - Unterkunftsempfehlungen für jeden Geldbeutel und Geschmack. - Empfehlungen für Restaurants und Cafés, Einblicke in die türkische Küche. - Alles Wissenswerte über den Hamam (türkisches Dampfbad). - Tipps und Informationen zu Sport und Unterhaltung. - Unterwegs in Istanbul: Fähren, Metro, Straßenbahn, (Sammel-)Taxis, Mietwagen, Stadtbusse, Vorortzüge. - Ausführliche Landeskunde. - Ausflugsziele rund um den Bosporus samt Verkehrsverbindungen.
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  • Burma

    Karton Kapak
    ‘No ordinary travel guide…a must read.’—Wanderlust What is the truth about life in Burma? Elena Jotow and Nicholas Ganz’s candid guide to this troubled but beautiful country offers a refreshing, often trenchant insight into its turbulent history and present struggles as well as its most impressive sights and the remarkable warmth of the Burmese people. For travelers, would-be travelers, and anyone curious to know more about this wonderful country and the vitality of the people’s resistance to the current regime, this book is required reading. Unrivaled insight into this guarded, largely unexplored country Over 250 photographs Maps of the relevant divisions and states History, the regions, ethnic peoples and key historic and cultural spots Contents: Burma at a Glance • Past and Present • Rangoon Division • Irrawaddy Division • Arakan State • Mandalay Division and Mingun • Kachin State • Shan State and Maymyo • Karen State and Kyaiktiyo • The Hidden Reality • The Struggle for Freedom • Burma in Exile 200 color illustrations
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  • 30 ans de voyages en ailes volantes autour du monde

    Sert Kapak
    Quel est le point commun entre : Les Nenets de Sibérie, les glaces de Patagonie, les nomades du Sahara, le Potala à Lhassa, les vautours de la Jonte, les Moaïs de l'île de Pâques, les aigles kazakhs, les nuages de l'Emei Shan, la jonque de Palawan, les éruptions du Stromboli, et les indiens d'Amazonie ? Le vol ! Ce livre raconte les trente ans de vagabondages aériens, de par le monde, de Gilles Santantonio avec sa femme Frédérique Loew et leur fils Corto, à bord d'engins volants de toutes sortes. Un moyen de locomotion original pour assister au merveilleux spectacle de la terre, aller à la rencontre des hommes, et vivre avec eux des émotions hors du commun. Des anecdotes, portraits, et récits évoquent par pays visités les pages de leurs passions des airs et de l'aventure, des voyages et de l'image. Si " le bonheur, c'est de ne désirer rien d'autre que ce que la nature offre ", alors les auteurs ont tant reçu d'elle, qu'ils espèrent ici, à travers ce modeste témoignage, offrir à leur tour les plus belles images de leurs rêves vécus.
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  • Two Greedy Italians Eat Italy

    Two Greedy Italians Eat Italy

    Sert Kapak
    Nowhere is food as much a part of everyday life as Italy - a country whose unique topography has resulted in distinct regional differences that are vibrantly alive and passionately celebrated. Following the success of Two Greedy Italians, Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo embark on a journey to explore Italy's distinct and varied terrains, and to find out how these have shaped the produce and, in turn, the peoples and their traditions. From snow-peaked mountains to lush plains, our two greedy Italians go in search of their homeland's varied culinary styles. They venture into the Alps for comfort food - those heart-warming dishes based around the use of butter, potatoes, polenta and rice. They head to the sea to uncover the many delicious fish and shellfish dishes emanating from this magnificent peninsula with its 1500 miles of coastline, as well as the distinctive cuisine of the Italian islands. Finally, they examine the rich agricultural plains through which flow some of the greatest rivers in Europe - in particular the Po in the north and the Tiber in the centre - revealing their historic influence on the foods grown and cooked within these regions. Containing over 80 mouth-watering recipes and breathtaking photography, Two Greedy Italians Eat Italy showcases the wisdom and passion of these two men for their native land, its people and produce. It is an essential book for anyone with an interest in this extraordinary country and its food.
    Temin Edilemiyor
  • A Diamond in the Desert: Behind the Scenes in Abu Dhabi, the World's Richest City

    A Diamond in the Desert: Behind the Scenes in Abu Dhabi, the World's Richest City

    Karton Kapak
    Tatchell takes us on a tour of the city with an outlook that’s part native, part critic, part wide-eyed traveler. The result is a truly original collage of perspectives and images, from a regal expatriate whose husband was one of the first Brits to settle in Abu Dhabi to young Emirati artists celebrating their newfound freedom of expression. A compelling piece of history told with an intimate narrative voice, A Diamond in the Desert is an eye-opening and often haunting perspective on just how much this fascinating city has changed—and, for better or for worse, how much it has stayed the same.
    Temin Edilemiyor