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  • The Field Guide to Safari Animals (Field Guides)

    Sert Kapak
    Young explorers embark on the safari adventure of a lifetime with this fabulous faux-journal, “written” in 1924 by fictional naturalist Rebecca Mayhew. Through her journal entries, youngsters accompany Mayhew as she explores mysterious Africa, from tracking lions in Nairobi to watching white rhinos in Pretoria to marveling at the birth of a baby giraffe in Botswana. Each info-packed page is filled with stunning photographs, colorful maps and illustrations, and fascinating facts about African animals and their environment. At the journey’s end, children can assemble the eight animals from 59 included die-cut pieces and then display them on a gorgeous, removable 3-D diorama.
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  • Who Built the Pyramid?

    Who Built the Pyramid?

    Karton Kapak
    "Hooper and newcomer Heighway-Bury have concocted a sophisticated yet easily appreciated offering for budding Egyptophiles." - KIRKUS REVIEWSWho did build the pyramid? Like all things Egyptian, pyramids are a source of endless fascination for young readers. In this innovative non-fiction title, everyone from the mighty king to the lowly water carrier claims to have built this massive monument. And whether you're asking the high priest or the stonemason, each person has a good reason to claim credit for a real pyramid that was built more than four thousand years ago. With lively text and bold illustrations, Meredith Hooper and Robin Heighway-Bury create an unusual, carefully researched look at one of the wonders of ancient Egypt. Meredith Hooper worked with Egyptologists at the British Museum in London and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City to create this story - and fact-filled endnotes provide even more fascinating information.
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  • The Tale of the Cid: and Other Stories of Knights and Chivalry (Dover Children's Classics)

    The Tale of the Cid: and Other Stories of Knights and Chivalry (Dover Children's Classics)

    Karton Kapak
    Enter an enchanted world of kings and castles, heroes and damsels, fairies and dragons, magicians and giants. This collection thrills with nineteen classic romances—old-fashioned stories of high adventure spun from folk tales and sprinkled with history. These are the timeless tales of brave and steadfast knights, beautiful women, and the trials they share. Accompanied by twenty-three illustrations from renowned illustrator H. J. Ford, the stories include: "Una and the Lion," "How the Red Cross Knight Slew the Dragon," "How Don Quixote Was Enchanted," "How Bradamante Conquered the Wizard," "The Knight of the Sun," "Amys and Amyle," and thirteen more legends, including the unforgettable "The Tale of the Cid."Gathered by Andrew Lang, the master collector of folk and fairy tales, these stories have been selected from cultures around the world. Captivating children and adults alike for centuries, the accounts of chivalry and daring in this edition are ready to inspire a new generation.
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