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  • 1915: The Armenian Genocide

    1915: The Armenian Genocide

    Karton Kapak
    Hasan Cemal is a journalist, not a historian. And this book was not written as a historical study. This book is, in a sense, Hasan Cemal’s personal journey regarding 1915 and the Armenian Question. Hasan Cemal had first written in 1999, in his book titled ‘No One Should Get Mad, I Wrote Myself’ about how his political views had changed over time and which sources had nurtured this change, or in other words, about his ‘political autobiography’, and in this book, he had also subjected himself to genuine self-criticism. In this book, as Hasan Cemal recounts in a self-critical style how his position regarding 1915 has changed over the years, he also tries with his usual sincerity, to shed light on both the ‘lost history’ and the ‘invented history’ of Turkey…
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