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  • Cinema


    1. Maria (from West Side Story) 2. La Chanson de Lara (from Doctor Zhivago) 3. Moon River (from Breakfast at Tiffany’s) 4. E Più Ti Penso duet with Ariana Grande (from Once Upon a Time in America) 5. Be My Love (from The Toast of New Orleans) 6. The Music of the Night (from The Phantom of the Opera) 7. Por una Cabeza (from Scent of a Woman) 8. Sorridi Amore Vai (from La vita é bella) 9. Mi mancherai (from Il Postino) 10. Cheek to Cheek duet with Veronica Berti (from Top Hat) 11. Brucia la Terra (from The Godfather) 12. No Llores Por Mi Argentina duet with Nicole Scherzinger (from Evita) 13. Nelle tue mani (from Now We Are Free)
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  • Appassionato


    1. Going To School featuring John Williams 2. IV. Allegretto poco mosso from Sonata in A Major for Violin and Piano 3. II. Andante con moto e poco rubato from Three Preludes 4. II. Largo from "Winter", Op. 8, No. 4, RV 297 from the Four Seasons 5. Doce de coco 6. II. Largo from Concerto No. 1 in G minor for Cello and Orchestra, Op. 49 7. Cinema Paradiso: Nostalgia from Giuseppe Tornatore Suite 8. The Swan from Carnival of the Animals (Chamber Version) 9. Yanzi (Swallow Song) 10. II. Andante from Concerto for Violin, Cello and Orchestra in A minor, 11. Soledad 12. No. 4 Mikin Pekko from Five Finnish Folk Songs 13. First Impressions featuring Edgar Meyer; Mark O'Connor 14. Song Without Words, Op. 109 15. Gabriel's Oboe from The Mission featuring Ennio Morricone
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  • Haydn Sonatas

    Haydn Sonatas

    1. Sonata in E Major 2. Sonata in C Major 3. Sonata in D Major 4. Sonata in C Major 5. Sonata in A Flat
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  • Beethoven: Great Piano Sonatas

    Beethoven: Great Piano Sonatas

    1. Piano Sonata No.14 in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 27 No:2 "Mondschein" (Adagio- Allegretto-Presto) 2. Piano Sonata No.8 in C Minor, Op. 13 "Pathetique" (Grave-Adagio cantabile- Rondo: Allegro) 3. Piano Sonata No.26 in E-Flat Major, Op. 81a (Adagio-Allegro-Andante espressivo-Vivacissimamente-Poco andante- Tempo 1) 4. Piano Sonata No. 23 in F Minor, Op. 57 "Appassionata" (Allegro assai- Andante con moto- Allegro ma non troppo- Presto)
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  • The Mozart Album

    The Mozart Album

    1. Piano Concerto No. 24 In C Minor, K. 491 2. Piano Concerto No. 17 In G Major, K. 453 3. Piano Sonata No. 5 In G Major, K. 283 4. Piano Sonata No. 4 In E-Flat Major, K. 282 5. Piano Sonata No. 8 In A Minor, K. 310 6. March No. 1, K. 408 7. Konzertstück In F Major, K. 33b 8. Allegro for Piano In F Major, K. 1c 9. Piano Sonata No. 11 In A Major, K. 331: III. Rondo alla Turca - Allegretto ("Turkish March")
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  • Dvorak & Tchaikovsky: Cello Concerto

    Dvorak & Tchaikovsky: Cello Concerto

    1.Dvorak:Cello Con. In B Minor, Allegro2.Dvorak:Cello Con. In B Minor, Adagio3.Dvorak:Cello Con. In B Minor, Finale4.Tchaikovsky:Variations On A Rococo Theme, Moderato5.Tchaikovsky:Variations On A Rococo Theme,Moderato6.Tchaikovsky:Variations On A Rococo Theme,Variazione7.Tchaikovsky:Variations On A Rococo Theme,Variazione II8.Tchaikovsky:Variations On A Rococo Theme,Variazione III9.Tchaikovsky:Variations On A Rococo Theme,Variazione IV10.Tchaikovsky: Variations On A Rococo Theme,Variazione V11.Tchaikovsky:Variations On A Rococo Theme,Variazione VI
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  • Soul of the Tango

    Soul of the Tango

    1. Libertango Tango Suite 2. Andante 3. Allegro 4. Sur: Regreso Al Amor 5. Le Grand Tango 6. Fugata 7. Tango Remembrances 8. Mumuki 9. Tres Minutos Con La Realidad 10. Milonga Del Angel 11. Cafe 1930
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  • Beethoven: Symphonies Nos. 2 & 4

    Beethoven: Symphonies Nos. 2 & 4

    Kent Nagano Beethoven Symphonies Nos. 2&4 The Poetry of Freedom 1- Symphony No. 2 in D Major, Op. 36 I. Adagio molto - Allegro con brio II.  Larghetto III. Scherzo, Allegro IV. Allegro molto 2- Symphony No. 4 in B-Flat Major, Op. 60 I. Adagio - Allegro vivace II. Adagio III. Allegro vivace - Un poco meno allegro - Allegro vivace IV. Allegro ma non troppo
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  • The Essential Dean Martin

    The Essential Dean Martin

    CD / 1 1. That's Amore 2. Sway 3.Memories Are Made of This 4. Innamorata 5. Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) 6. From the Bottom of My Heart 7. Senza fine 8. Tik-A-Tee, Tik-A-Tay 9. Who's Got the Action? 10. Baby-O 11. C'est si bon 12. Corrine, Corrina 13. Face in a Crowd 14. La Giostra (The Merry-Go-Round) 15. Everybody Loves Somebody 16. The Door Is Still Open to My Heart 17. Every Minute, Every Hour 18. You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You 19. You'll Always Be the One I Love 20. Send Me the Pillow You Dream On CD / 2 1. (Remember Me) I'm the One Who Loves You 2. Houston 3. Bumming Around 4. I Will 5. Somewhere There's a Someone 6. Come Running Back 7. A Million and One 8. Nobody's Baby Again 9. It Just Happened That Way 10. (Open up the Door) Let the Good Times In 11. Lay Some Happiness on Me 12. Little Ole Wine Drinker, Me 13. In the Chapel in the Moonlight 14. I Can't Help Remembering You 15. In the Misty Moonlight 16. You've Still Got a Place in My Heart 17. A Place in the Shade 18. I Take a Lot of Pride in What I Am 19. Drinkin' Champagne 20. The Things We Did Last Summer
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  • Iolanta


    Disc 1 1- Introduction 2- Moy pten ik, Iolanta, tï ustala? 3- Ot ego to pre de ne znala 4- Polno, ne nado, rodnaya ... Vot tebe lyutiki 5- Brigitta, to tï? 6- Spi, pust angelï krïlami navevayut snï 7- Prizïvnïy rog 8- Gospod moy, esli gre en ya 9- Tvoyo lico besstrastno 10- Dva mira plotskiy i dukhovnïy 11- Ne toropis , zdes tak temno ... Kto mo et sravnit sya 12- Net! arï lask krasï myate noy 13- Odnako gde e mï? 14- Vï mne predstali kak viden e 15- Tvoyo mol an e neponyatno ... udnïy pervenec tvoren ya"   Disc 2 1- Iolanta! Menya zovut podrugi ... Tï, osleplennïy mïsl yu lo noy 2- Net, nazovi mu en ya, stradan ya, bol 3- Prosti menya (King, Vaudémont, Alméric) 4- Gotfrid, ya vïru at tebya yavilsya 5- Gde ya? (Iolanta, Ibn-Hakia) 6- Blagoy, velikiy, neizmennïy
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  • [R]Evolution


    1. Klavierstück I 2. Klavierstück II 3. Klavierstück III 4. Klavierstück IV 5. Klavierstück V 6. Klavierstück VII 7. Klavierstück VIII 8. Klavierstück IX 9. I. La volubile 10. II. La ténébreuse 11. III. La déjantée 12. I. Danse Russe 13. II. Chez Petrouchka 14. III. La semaine grasse
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  • Thanassis Moraitis

    Thanassis Moraitis

    1. Gala 2. This Is the Way I See the Gardens - Elegy On Poem Spring 3. Agitato E Cantabile 4. Allegro Maestoso 5. A-adagio Cantabile Agitato 6. Allegro Delicatamente E Maestoso 7. Andante 8. Affettuoso E Appassionato 9. Nobility 10. All My Things 11. Appassionato 12. Nostalgia
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  • Classic Dream Orchestra

    Classic Dream Orchestra

    1. One of Us2. Andante,Andante3. Fernando4. The Winner Takes It All5. Thank You for the Music6. The Day Before You Came7. Super Trouper8. Knowing Me, Knowing You9. Chiquitita10. The Name of the Game11. Arrival12. I Have a Dream
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  • Samson François - Polonaises

    Samson François - Polonaises

    1. Rondo In C 2. Trois Nouvelles Etudes 3. Tarentelle in a Flat 4. Polonaises 5. Fantaisie in F Minor 6. Polonaises Op.71 7. Barcarolle in F Sharp 8. Andante Spianato Grande Polonaise Brillante
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  • The Cello Suites

    The Cello Suites

    1. Suite No.4 In E Flat2. Suite No.1 In G3. Suite No.3 In C4. Suite No.2 In D Minor5. Suite No.5 In C Minor6. Suite No.6 In D
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