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  • Garage Inc.

    Garage Inc.

    1. Tuesday's Gone 2. Breadfan 3. Stone Cold Crazy 4. Astronomy 5. Whiskey in the Jar 6. The Wait 7. The More I See 8. So What 9. Last Caress/ Green Hell 10. Blitzkrieg 11. Too Late Too Late 12. Killing Time 13. Damage Case 14. Crsah Course in Brain Surgery 15. Stone Dead Forever 16. The Small Hours 17. Mercyful Fate 18. Turn the Page 19. Am I Evil 20. Overkill 21. Sabra Cadabra 22. Loverman 23. Die, Die My Darling 24. Helpless 25. Free Speech for the Dumb 26. It's Electric 27. The Prince
    32,50  TL
  • Kings of Metal

    Kings of Metal

    1. Pleasure Slave 2. Hail and Kill 3. The Crown and the Ring 4. Wheels of Fire 5. The Warriors Prayer 6. Kingdom Come 7. Blood of the Kings 8. Sting of the Bumblebee 9. Heart of Steel 10. Kings of Metal
    16,50  TL
  • IV Empire Collapse

    IV Empire Collapse

    1. Horizon2. Iron City3. Dying Light4. One Dimension5. Black Moon6. Black Sun7. Leviathan8. Hunter-Seeker9. Towers Of The Serpent10. The Turning Of The Gears11. Scars Remain12. Off With Their Heads!
    31,15  TL
  • Dance of Death

    Dance of Death

    1. Age of Innocence 2. New Frontier 3. Gates of Tomorrow 4. Face in the Sand 5. Wildest Dreams 6. Journeyman 7. Paschendale 8. Rainmaker 9. Dance of Death 10. No More Lies 11. Montsegur
    24,00  TL
  • Reedemer of Souls

    Reedemer of Souls

    1.Dragonaut 2.Redeemer of Souls 3.Halls of Valhalla 4.Sword of Damocles 5.March of the Damned 6.Down in Flames 7.Hell & Back 8.Cold Blooded 9.Metalizer 10.Crossfire 11.Secrets of the Dead 12.Battle Cry 13.Beginning of the End
    25,49  TL
  • Siren Charms

    Siren Charms

    1.  In Plain View 2.  Everything's Gone 3.  Paralyzed 4.  Through Oblivion 5.  With Eyes Wide Open 6.  Siren Charms 7.  When the World Explodes 8.  Rusted Nail 9.  Dead Eyes 10.  Monsters in the Ballroom 11.  Filtered Truth
    25,99  TL
  • Best Of

    Best Of

    1-Burning2-Restless and Wild3-Son of a Bitch4-Breaker5-Do It6- I'm a Rebel7-China Lady8-No Time to Lose9-Princess of the Dawn10-Lady Lou
    42,48  TL
  • Monster


    1-Hell Or Hallelujah2-Wall Of Sound3-Freak4-Back To The Stone Age5- Shout Mercy6-Long Way Down7-Eat Your Heart Out8-The Devil Is Me9-Outta This World10-All For The Love Of Rock & Roll11-Take Me Down Below12-Last Chance
    46,02  TL
  • Creatures Of The Night

    Creatures Of The Night

    1-Creatures Of The Night2-Saint And Sinner3-Keep Me Comin'4-Rock And Roll Hell5-Danger6-I Love It Loud7-I Still Love You8-Killer9-War Machine
    53,10  TL
  • I'D Do Anything For Love (But I Won'T Do That)

    I'D Do Anything For Love (But I Won'T Do That)

    1-I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)2-Back into Hell3-Everything Louder than Everything Else
    25,67  TL
  • Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)

    Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)

    1. A Shadow Falls on Me2. We're the Unforgiven3. "The Calling" (Original Demo)4. Who Are You5. "Here in the Black" (Original Demo)6. Everything Comes Down to This7. Splinter8. I Am Dust9. Where I Can Never Be10. The Calling11. "We're the Unforgiven" (Original Demo)12. Here in the Black13. Love Hurt Bleed14. Lost15. "Love Hurt Bleed" (Tweaker Remix)16. "I Am Dust" (Original Demo)17. "I Am Dust" (Roman Remains Remix)18. My Last Day19. The Dark in Me
    31,15  TL
  • For The Lions

    For The Lions

    1. Your Mistake2. Boxed In3. Suicidal Maniac4. Refuse/Resist5. Sick Of Talk6. Thristy And Miserable7. I'm In Pain8. Shut Me Out9. Set It Off10. It's The Limit11. Hear Me12. Life Is Pain13. Supertouch/Shitfit14. All I Had I Gave15. Ghosts Of War16. Evil Minds17. Hatebreeders18. Escape
    31,15  TL
  • Original Album Series

    Original Album Series

    1. Don't Ever Think About Changing2. Hard Year3. Suspicious Look In Your Eyes4. Fifi The Flea5. What Kind Of Girl Are Y6. Nitty Gritty/Something's Got A Hold On Me7. What Kind Of Boy8. High Classed9. I Thought Of You Last Night10. Baby Don't Cry11. Talkin' 'Bout You12. Memphis13. When I Come Home To You14. Please Don't Feel Too Bad15. I Am A Rock16. You Better Move On17. Rockin' Robin18. Lucille19. It's In Her Kiss20. It's Only Make Believe21. Sweet Little Sixteen22. ou23. Take Your Time24. You'll Be Mine25. It's You26. I Can't Let Go27. Down The Line28. Hard29. Peculiar Situation30. Oriental Sadness31. Tell Me To My Face32. Mr. Moonlight33. Don't You Even Care (What's Gonna Happen To Me)34. Set Me Free35. Do You Love Me36. Crusader37. Mickey's Monkey38. Pay You Back With Interest39. I've Been Wrong40. To You My Love41. So Lonely42. Stop Stop Stop43. I've Got A Way Of My Own44. Stewball45. Very Last Day46. Come On Home47. Stay48. Don't You Know49. Clown50. What Went Wrong51. Time For Love52. Whatcha Gonna Do 'Bout It53. Lawdy Miss Clawdy54. I Take What I Want55. That's My Desire56. Too Many People57. What Kind Of Boy58. You Must Believe Me59. Put Yourself In My Place60. What's Wrong With The Way I Live61. That's How Strong My Love Is62. Fortune Teller
    31,15  TL
  • Fading West

    Fading West

    1. All or Nothing at All2. Who We Are3. Saltwater Heart4. Say It Like You Mean It5. Ba556. When We Come Alive7. Back to the Beginning Again8. The World You Want9. Let It Out10. Love Alone Is Worth the Fight11. Slipping Away
    31,15  TL
  • Clouds


    1. Forever Burning Flames2. Smell of Incense3. The Sleeping Beauty4. Undressed5. Clouds6. The Scapegoat7. A Caress of Stars8. In a Dream
    31,15  TL
  • The Astral Sleep

    The Astral Sleep

    1. Ancient Entity2. Lady Temptress3. I Am The King (Of Dreams)4. Neo Aeon (Intro)5. The Seal (Outro)6. Sumerian Cry (Part III)7. Angels Far Beyond8. The Southernmost Voyage9. A Winter Shadow10. Mountain Of Doom11. Dead Boys' Quire12. On Golden Wings
    31,15  TL