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  • Illuminations: Women Writing on Photography from the 1850's to the Present (International Library of Historical Studies)

    Karton Kapak
    This selection of women's writings on photography proposes a new and different history, demonstrating the ways in which women's perspectives have advanced photographic criticism over 150 years, focusing it more deeply and increasingly challenging its orthodoxies.
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  • China (Kharakter)

    Karton Kapak
    Book by Sol, Anne, Cabourdin, Willy
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  • Digital Landscape Photography - The Four Seasons

    Sert Kapak
    Landscape photography is one of the medium's most popular areas. New technology and techniques have made it possible to interpret the landscape in exciting new ways, and a host of amateur and professional photographers are rising to the challenge. Each volume in this set of four seasonally-themed books is small enough to go anywhere with you, and offers a wealth of tips and tricks alongside stunning contemporary landscape images from a selection of today's best photographers. Here's an idea of what you can learn: Spring - Everything about the natural environment is changing at lightning pace, from the blossoming flowers and trees to the weather itself. The tips, tricks, and location ideas in these pages will help you get every shot perfect, and take advantage of the extended "magic hours" after dawn and before dusk. Summer - Full sun is perfect for the beach, but challenging for photographers. The advice in this book will help you bring out every detail in brightly lit scenes and the accompanying dark shadows. It's a great opportunity for contemporary HDR work, or dramatic, high-contrast compositions. Fall - Traditionally known as the most beautiful season of the year, but with everyone competing to catch the reddening leaves how can you make sure your pictures stand head and shoulders above the rest? This volume is packed with tips on composing with color and ensuring that your camera captures every tone perfectly. Winter - Covering everything you need to shoot breath-taking winter scenes, from protecting your equipment from the elements, to understanding how and when to override your camera's built-in metering. Winter is also the season that responds best to black and white, giving you another set of options in the field and the digital darkroom alike.
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  • Night Vision: The Art of Urban Exploration

    Karton Kapak
    A booming subculture is on the rise: dubbed Urban Exploration, it involves sneaking into abandoned or off-limits factories, aviation "boneyards," decommissioned bases, and other derelict features of the military/industrial landscape. Troy Paiva is a foremost photographer of the UrbEx (as it's known to its devotees) phenomenon, and his distinctive blend of atmospheric night photos and lighting effects are the visual hallmarks of a scene that has drawn the increasing attention of the media and the publicas seen in recent programs on both the Discovery Channel ("Urban Explorers") and MTV ("Fear"). Illuminated by histories of the sites documented, Night Vision reveals the remarkable discoveries of a new generation of explorers.
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  • Scenes of Instruction: The Beginnings of the U.S. Study of Film

    Karton Kapak
    This engaging book chronicles the first classes on the art and industry of cinema and the colorful pioneers who taught, wrote, and advocated on behalf of the new art form. Using extensive archival research, Dana Polan looks at, for example, Columbia University’s early classes on Photoplay Composition; lectures at the New School for Social Research by famed movie historian Terry Ramsaye; the film industry’s sponsorship of a business course on film at Harvard; and attempts by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to create programs of professionalized education at the University of Southern California, Stanford, and elsewhere. Polan examines a wide range of thinkers who engaged with the new art of film, from Marxist Harry Alan Potamkin to sociologist Frederic Thrasher to Great Books advocates Mortimer Adler and Mark Van Doren.
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  • Deadly Instinct

    Sert Kapak
    Ready for an unflinching foray into some of the most brutal moments Mother Nature has to offer? Feast your gaze on Deadly Instinct, an action-packed exploration of the toothier side of nature, magnificently illustrated with award-winning wildlife photos drawn from the National Geographic Image Collection. This eye-popping chronicle is a visceral testament to the will of every creature to survive.Astonishing multi-image sequences capture life-or-death encounters, move by heart-pounding move. A leopard seal snatches and dispatches a penguin in a grisly underwater drama. Steller’s sea eagles wage an angry battle over a single precious fish. Cheetahs team up to take down an antelope in an unusual and rarely documented way. And a giant pill millipede rolls itself into a protective, armored ball to escape predation. You’ll marvel at the intriguing techniques used by would-be prey to outsmart their attackers and discover why learning to play rough is a vital skill for many young creatures.Tantalizing chapters—with themes like Landscapes of Fear, Displays of Aggression, The Struggle for Life, and The Priority of Play—reveal fascinating insights on wildlife behavior and offer interviews with expert wildlife photographers. National Geographic luminaries such as Joel Sartore, Chris Johns, Brian Skerry, Melissa Farlow, Darlyne Murawski, and Norbert Rosing share captivating personal accounts of their most exhilarating wildlife shoots, their work in the field, and their passion for their subjects. To create this stunning collection, the photographers called on their well-honed skills, field-tested courage, and high-tech camera equipment. The result is a visual thriller of near-cinematic beauty, a mesmerizing life-and-death drama, and a showcase of the world’s most incredible animals, as you’ve never seen them before.
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  • Kenya (Safari Companions)

    Karton Kapak
    Stunning countryside and an abundance of wildlife places Kenya high on the list for the enthusiastic photographer, always on the lookout for that outstanding picture. Here, the authors, both highly talented professionals whose many stunning images appear throughout this book, set out to show how its done.
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  • LIFE: Diana At 50

    Karton Kapak
    She was, indeed, the People's Princess. She belonged to them, and was beloved by them. For some reason that cannot be pinned down, this pretty young woman of the aristocracy, who married into royalty, connected with the common folk in a way that was unique and extraordinary. The people cared for and cared about Diana, and when she was killed in a tragic car accident in Paris, the outpouring of grief-not just in England, but globally-was overwhelming. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Diana Spencer's birth, LIFE has assembled a celebratory chronicle of her too short but constantly vibrant time in the public eye. In family photos, we re visit Diana's youth and then, quickly enough, there is her courtship by Prince Charles. The Wedding of the Century really was that, an opulent extravaganza at St. Paul's that seemed a fairy tale, even unto the Glass Coach. LIFE was on the job at the time and in our pages appeared defining pictures from the day, as well as behind the scenes shots taken by the royals themselves. Those photographs resurface here, as do others from the magazine, which paid constant attention to Diana as she gracefully assumed the role of princess-perhaps the most famous princess of all time. LIFE followed her-and follows her here-as she set about doing her good works. Diana's family life with her handsome young boys in Kensington Palace is recounted, as are the travails when her marriage crumbles. On September 6, 1997, 2.5 billion people around the world watched Lady Di's funeral, televised from Westminster Abbey. LIFE revisits that sad day, and then parses Diana's legacy, catching up with her charismatic sons today- the older of whom, William, has just taken a bride. Kate Middleton now wears Diana's ring, and will one day be queen the very thing that was predicted for Diana, not so very long ago.
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  • Orchids

    Sert Kapak
    Our stunning 96-page gift book is an exquisite tribute to the most elegant and delicate of potted plants, a perennial favorite among the discriminating. Collected here are 46 resplendent images of cattleya, cymbidium, phalaenopsis, dendrobium, miltonia, and other popular varieties, accompanied by inspirational words from poets, scientists, philosophers, artists, and writers. Orchids delivers a positive message of renewal and strength through memorable words and images, focusing on such attributes as growth, strength, and beauty as embodied by the flowers themselves.
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  • Wild at Heart: Man and Beast in Southern Africa

    Sert Kapak
    Reprising the years-long, in-depth collaboration that produced much of National Geographic magazine's coverage of southern Africa, award-winning photographer Chris Johns and veteran foreign correspondent Peter Godwin present this important critical exploration of the region's myriad facets and its collisions between tradition and modernity, conservation and development, and people and animals. In evocative photographs and accompanying anecdotal text, Wild at Heart crisscrosses southern Africa—from the Kalahari Desert and Drakensburg Mountains to the Skeleton coast and Zambesi River—to reveal its diverse populations and wildlife and highlight their often unacknowledged interdependence. Johns's superb photographs of wildlife, including cheetahs, rhinos, and elephants, and his sensitive portraits of Himba pastoralists, San Bushmen hunter-gatherers, Zulu farmers, and other populations are combined with Godwin's passionate, lyric stories that both entertain and enlighten. The result is a finely detailed yet panoramic image of southern Africa that underscores the indissoluble connections between all its elements and speculates on the prospects for a future based on understanding those connections. Beautifully presented in a unique, oversize format with a top-opening spine that allows gallery-quality presentation of the images, Wild at Heart is destined to become a classic.
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  • New York

    New York

    Karton Kapak
    These publications are compiled similarly to a traveler's scrapbook and they are essential reminders to all who have been traveling or only encourage the desire to travel may it be either the historical, architectural and religious aspects, or travel to discover the world. The photographs and illustrations convey the reality of everyday life without any pretension but have been put together as a travelogue which each and everyone one of us could have compiled. Local authenticity, the visitor's point of view, colors and more colors, curious tourists, experienced travelers. And above all passionately original photographers, creators of ambience, visual artists!
    Temin Edilemiyor
  • Philosophers


    Sert Kapak
    Steve Pyke, a photographer whose work is a regular feature of The New Yorker and Vanity Fair, is known for his stunning portraits of prominent authors, artists, actors, and intellectuals. In this riveting collection, which he has been working on for twenty-five years, Pyke presents 100 black-and-white portraits of contemporary philosophers, photographed in his distinctive style. The effect of his technique can be startling but always revealing, showing insight into personality while shedding new light on the philosophical temperament. These fascinating portraits feature virtually every major philosopher working in the West, including Anthony Appiah, David Chalmers, Umberto Eco, Ruth Marcus, Richard Rorty, Roger Scruton, and Peter Singer, among others. The facing page of each portrait contains a brief piece written by the subject on the nature of philosophy and their place in it. For this volume, Arthur C. Danto has written a foreword and Jason Stanley has interviewed Pyke. Both a who's who of philosophy today and a stunning gallery of captivating images, this marvelous volume is the long-awaited sequel to Pyke's original collection, published in 1993.
    Temin Edilemiyor