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  • The Parallel Worlds of Classical Art and Text

    Karton Kapak
    Considering the relationship between artists and texts throughout classical antiquity, this study systematically applies new and objective criteria to judge the fidelity between picture and text. It becomes clear that artists illustrate stories, not texts, and Jocelyn Penny Small argues that artistic transmissions follow the model of oral, not textual, transmission where the variant rules and there is no original. Pictures on vases, she demonstrates, should not be used to reconstruct lost literary works.
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  • Woman As Design: Before, Behind, Between, Above, Below

    Sert Kapak
    A completely original reappraisal of that most familiar, yet mysterious, of things, the female body. In this endlessly provocative volume, Stephen Bayley, design authority and cultural critic, takes on the female body, analyzing each crook and every curve as a sign, a symbol, and as a designed object. From Aphrodite to the industrialization of the breast, and from pin-ups to the future of sex, WOMAN AS DESIGN is a fascinating mix of design, cultural history, erotica, fashion, and fetishism.Wonderfully designed and superbly illustrated WOMAN AS DESIGN is a modern study of the continuous conflict between the real and the its most familiar form
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  • Moravian Architecture and Town Planning: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and Other Eighteenth-Century American Settlements

    Karton Kapak
    The industrial city of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, was originally settled in colonial times by Moravians from southeastern Germany. These religious utopians were noted for urban planning. In this large-format, richly illustrated volume, historian William Murtagh compares more than 20 Bethlehem landmarks with other Moravian communities for a fascinating glimpse into a part of America's past.
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  • The Zen Art Book: The Art of Enlightenment

    The Zen Art Book: The Art of Enlightenment

    Karton Kapak
    When a Zen master puts brush to paper, the resulting image is an expression of the quality of his or her mind. It is thus a teaching,  intended to compassionately stop us in our tracks and to compel us to consider ultimate truth. Here, forty masterpieces of painting and calligraphy by renowned masters such as Hakuin Ekaku (1685–1768) and Gibon Sengai (1750–1837) are reproduced along with commentary that illuminates both the art and its teaching. The authors’  essays provide an excellent introduction to both the aesthetic and didactic aspects of this art that can be profound, perplexing, serious, humorous, and breathtakingly beautiful—often all within the same simple piece.
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  • Mathematical Methods for Neural Network Analysis and Design

    Mathematical Methods for Neural Network Analysis and Design

    Sert Kapak
    This graduate-level text teaches students how to use a small number of powerful mathematical tools for analyzing and designing a wide variety of artificial neural network (ANN) systems, including their own customized neural networks.Mathematical Methods for Neural Network Analysis and Design offers an original, broad, and integrated approach that explains each tool in a manner that is independent of specific ANN systems. Although most of the methods presented are familiar, their systematic application to neural networks is new. Included are helpful chapter summaries and detailed solutions to over 100 ANN system analysis and design problems. For convenience, many of the proofs of the key theorems have been rewritten so that the entire book uses a relatively uniform notion.This text is unique in several ways. It is organized according to categories of mathematical tools -- for investigating the behavior of an ANN system, for comparing (and improving) the efficiency of system computations, and for evaluating its computational goals -- that correspond respectively to David Marr's implementational, algorithmic, and computational levels of description. And instead of devoting separate chapters to different types of ANN systems, it analyzes the same group of ANN systems from the perspective of different mathematical methodologies.
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  • The Moral Mirror of Roman Art

    The Moral Mirror of Roman Art

    Sert Kapak
    This interdisciplinary study explores the meanings of mirrors and reflections in Roman art and society. When used as metaphors in Roman visual and literary discourses, mirrors had a strongly moral force, reflecting not random reality but rather a carefully filtered imagery with a didactic message. Focusing on examples found in mythical narrative, religious devotion, social interaction, and gender relations, Rabun Taylor demonstrates that reflections served as powerful symbols of personal change. Thus, in both art and literature, a reflection may be present during moments of a protagonist's inner or outer transformation.
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