Outdoor Cooking

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  • Indoor Grilling

    Sert Kapak
    With the commercial success of many indoor grills and grill pans from big names such as Krups, Swissmar, Calaphon, and of course George Foreman, indoor grilling has swept into the mainstream as never before. Indoor grilling is the new, savvy way to cook a meal. Grilling is a healthy'Dnand inexpensive'Dnstyle of cooking, and this book is a great source of delicious grilling recipes created specifically for the indoor grill or stovetop smoker, on any budget. Cooking techniques for indoor smokers, along with a mouthwatering range of grilling and smoking recipes, bring the flavors of the grill into the kitchen.
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  • 1001 idées cuisine

    Sert Kapak
    1001 idées cuisine - 2651 de Saep : Livre de recettes, Collection : encyclopédie, 397 pages, Couleur, Auteurs : ouvrage collectif, Thème : ouvrage pratique fait pour, simplifier la vie, astuces, recettes où, il n'y a pas besoin d'être cordon bleu.
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  • Fire It Up: 400 Recipes for Grilling Everything

    Fire It Up: 400 Recipes for Grilling Everything

    Karton Kapak
    What can we grill? EVERYTHING! From the best-selling authors of Mastering the Grill, comes the first grill book focused on ingredients. Fire It Up shows today's cooks how to buy, prepare, and grill more than 290 ingredients from beef and pork to chicken, fish, vegetables, fruit, and more. Handy charts explain different cuts, best grilling methods, and perfect doneness.Insider Know-How and Keep It Simple tips solve dozens of dinnertime dilemmas. Gorgeous colour photos and useful illustrations bring it all to life. With more than 400 delicious recipes and 160 winning rubs, brines, marinades, and sauces, Fire It Up makes it easy for everyone to become a backyard grill masterno matter what's on the menu. Jam packed with recipes, tips, and illustrations.
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  • Grill It! Secrets to Delicious Flame-Kissed Food (Better Homes & Gardens)

    Grill It! Secrets to Delicious Flame-Kissed Food (Better Homes & Gardens)

    Karton Kapak
    One of America's favourite brands shows you how to do one of America's favourite pastimes grilling! More than 200 recipes show step by step how to grill everything from meat and poultry to seafood and appetizers even dessert. A comprehensive chapter covers seasonings, including marinades, brines, rubs, and sauces. More than 1000 photos make this the most visual guide on the market, showing you exactly how to cook perfect food. Thorough introductory material take the mystery out of grilling, from how to start the fire to how to manage heat and prevent flare-ups. A complete section on smoking covers this popular topic.
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