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  • Artisan Pizza to Make Perfectly at Home

    Sert Kapak
    Every critic, blogger and Londoner has sung the praises of Franco Manca, whose pizzas are 'the best in Britain' (Observer). The owner, Giuseppe Mascoli, knows that the best pizza in Italy comes from Naples and therefore, as an expat Neopolitan himself, he has gone back to its roots, where making pizza is all about simple things (bread, tomato, cheese) and simple steps (make the dough, let it rise, flatten it, add topping, bake in the oven), all using the best ingredients to produce pizza of exceptional quality. Aimed at the home cook who doesn't have a traditional woodburning oven, Giuseppe has tailored his recipes so you can use a pizza stone or a heavy baking tray and still get great results. His famous, slow-rising sourdough recipe produces a soft and easily digestible crust, there are 50-60 recipes with seasonal variations, plus chapters on fritti (fried starters) and salads and also tips and techniques for making your own flavoured oils, preserving your tomatoes and curing your meat. Without a doubt, this is the closest you'll come to the real deal in your home kitchen, and in your personal quest for perfect pizza.
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  • Essential Asian : More Than 200 Step by Step Recipes

    Karton Kapak
    Here is the ultimate guide to the fresh, fragrant and colourful cooking of Asia. As well as familiar Chinese and Indian dishes that have long been favourites, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese food are now a part of everyday cuisine. This book celebrates and demystifies the many flavours of the East, from Indonesia and Burma to Korea. With traditional and new recipes side by side and practical hints on buying and using Asian ingredients, this is the perfect reference book for cooking Asian food at home.
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  • Antipasto: Italian Starters, Soups and Snacks

    Sert Kapak
    This collection of appetizers, starters and snacks from Italy offers an array of finger foods - antipasto. These bite-sized treats can be made on a larger scale and served individually as a starter. Chapters include breads, soups and salads, pasta and light meals. Other examples are grilled polenta with gorgonzola and walnuts, fresh figs with prosciutto, roasted asparagus with fontina and onion focaccia.
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  • Olives and Oranges: Recipes and Flavor Secrets from Italy, Spain, Cyprus, and Beyond

    Sert Kapak
    By the time she was a teenager, Sara Jenkins had lived all over the Mediterranean, from Italy and France to Spain, Lebanon, and Cyprus, in cosmopolitan cities and in rural hamlets. The family eventually put down roots in a ramshackle farmhouse in a small Tuscan village, where she learned how to make ragu and handmade pasta at the elbow of her Italian “grandmother” on the nearby farm. Meals came from the garden and the surrounding pastures, not the supermarket, and Jenkins grew up schooled in the tradition of cooking from what was on hand. In Olives & Oranges, Jenkins shares the simple, striking dishes she learned at the source. Many, like Peppery Braised Short Ribs and Classic Tuscan Eggplant Parmesan, are favorites from childhood. Others, like Short Pasta with Mushrooms and Mint and Spicy Lemon–Chocolate Ganache Tart, have a contemporary sensibility. Jenkins shows how understanding the Mediterranean “language of flavor” can help you follow your instincts and make your own great meals based on what you have, too. You’ll see how salt and lemon juice bring out the natural sugar in Carrot Salad with Lemon, Sea Salt, Parsley, and Olive Oil, and how to use the same technique with lime, salt, and a Moroccan condiment called harissa for a completely different effect in Tunisian Raw Turnip Salad. The opening chapter introduces “small plates”— easy, versatile dishes that can preface a dinner or be grouped together for a small feast, from Roasted Red Peppers with Garlic and Celery Leaves to Chicken Liver Crostini. Soups are spontaneous and flexible, whether they are cooling purées like White Almond Gazpacho or sturdy full bowls like Rich Chicken Soup with Greens. The incomparable pastas encompass fast every-night selections (Spaghettini with Burst Cherry Tomatoes) to complex celebration affairs like Braised Rabbit Ragu and Homemade Lasagna. Fish, poultry, and meat chapters feature rustic preparations: roasted scallops capped with a pale green butter seasoned with parsley and garlic; an impressively big-flavored chicken smeared with a mixture of bacon and herbs and baked in a salt crust; and a spectacular staple of Roman trattorias, veal cutlets wrapped in prosciutto and sage and crisp-fried. Desserts range from fresh Strawberries with Prosecco to a sumptuous Coffee Cardamom Crcme Caramel to the rich but light Lemon Olive Oil Cake. Each of the recipes in the book is identified as “Quick-Cook” or “Slow-Cook” so you can choose which fit best into your schedule. “Flavor Tips” throughout the book suggest ways to modify the dishes so you can use what’s freshest and most available.The daughter of the noted food authority Nancy Harmon Jenkins, SARA JENKINS has earned raves at all the New York restaurants where she has been the chef, including 50 Carmine, Il Buco, I Coppi, and Patio. Her newest venture, Porchetta, is located in New York City’s East Village. This is her first book.
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  • The Connoisseur's Guide to Sushi: Everything You Need to Know About Sushi Varieties And Accompaniments, Etiquette And Dining Tips And More

    Karton Kapak
    Sushi is now more popular than ever. Though Westerners are learning to appreciate the unique flavours and textures of sushi, few truly understand the intricacies of the preparations, terminology, and culture they find at sushi restaurants. With detailed explanations of everything from maki to sake, Lowry demystifies the language, lore, and food that eaters may encounter. He offers an alphabetical exploration of both the mainstays of the sushi restaurant and the more adventurous offerings and toppings. Advice and anecdotes abound, ensuring that those who read this book will feel confident (and maybe even a little smug) the next time they eat sushi.
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  • Meilleures recettes de Méditerranée

    Sert Kapak
    C'est au pays des cigales, des parfums enivrants, là où coule en abondance l'huile d'olive, que nous vous invitons à un "délicieux voyage" qui enchantera vos papilles. Laissez-vous entraîner dans cet univers festif où couleurs, odeurs et saveurs s'additionnent dans la plus parfaite harmonie. Du sud de la France en passant par l'Italie, l'Espagne, la Grèce, la Sicile ou la Corse... la cuisine méditerranéenne se gorge de soleil. A la fois simple et généreuse, elle allie subtilement tradition et nouveauté et vous procurera des sensations gustatives inoubliables. "Les meilleures recettes de méditerranée" vous convie à découvrir ou redécouvrir une gastronomie succulente, saine et variée de plus en plus prisée des gourmets du monde entier. En parcourant cet ouvrage, vous n'aurez qu'une seule envie, rejoindre au plus vite vos fourneaux pour réaliser à votre tour des recettes qui feront le bonheur de vos convives.    
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  • Easy & Artful Asian Cooking

    Sert Kapak
    Easy and Artful Asian Cooking brings all the flavours and vitality of the cooking of Asia into your own kitchen. The recipes emphasise simplicity and easy of preparation without any sacrifice the unique appeal of Asian cuisine. Enjoy classic favourites such as Thai Fish Cakes, Chicken Satay and Sesame Shrimp Toasts or even more exciting and unusual dishes and as Chicken with Straw Mushroom Curry, Sesame Crusted Salmon with Ginger Cream and Balinese Style Rice Pudding.There is abundant information on buying and using Asian ingredients and helpful advice on selecting cooking equipment. Now any cook can create authentic healthy and tantalising Asian cuisine at home quickly, easily and deliciously.
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  • Spanish Table, The: Traditional Recipes and Wine Pairings from Spain and Portugal

    Sert Kapak
    THE SPANISH TABLE COOKBOOK Authentic Recipes and Wine Pairings IN RESPONSE TO THE REQUESTS of his patrons, Steve Winson has created a cookbook full of tasty recipes for those specialty cooking utensils unique to Spain and Portugal-paella pans, cazuelas, cataplanas, and ollas. In a cheery and informative way, he provides the history and culture of the pans and how to use them. He also offers an excellent section on Iberian wines and ideas for hosting fun tasting parties. So, when in the mood for something a bit exotic, this book makes it easy for home cooks to try their hand at a traditional seafood paella, or Clams Medeira, or Black Olive-Fig Tapenade served with a fine Pedro Ximenex sherry. It's a trip to the Old Country without leaving the kitchen. Iberian/Spanish cuisine is currently "in fashion," with several top chefs garnering recent media attention. The self-published volume sold 5,000 copies. The self-published version of this book was listed as one of "1001 Cookbooks You Must Spatter Before You Die" in the San Francisco Bay Guardian. The author is an expert on Iberian wines, ports, and sherries and leads wine-tasting tours of Spain and Portugal. The author has stores by the same name in Seattle, Berkeley, Santa Fe, and Mill Valley, California. Online marketing and promotions. Print and web advertising campaign. National broadcast and print publicity. Co-op available. In 1995, Steve Winston opened his first The Spanish Table store in Seattle, and over the years has added shops in Berkeley, Santa Fe, and Mill Valley, California. His small chain specializes in selling cookware, foods, and wines unique to the Iberian Peninsula. Winston is a true Iberianophile and is an expert on wines from that region.
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  • From the Lands of Figs and Olives: Over 300 Delicious and Unusual Recipes from the Middle East and North Africa

    Karton Kapak
    This cookbook on Middle Eastern and North African cuisine provides a wealth of new recipes as well as some of the best traditional ones, carefully tested and adapted for the Western kitchen. The authors are Canadians of Arab descent, and their familiarity with both Western and Arab cultures produces accessible recipes and anecdotes. Everyday basics such as pitta bread and homemade yoghurt, as well as the familiar kebabs and special-occasion dishes, like the Moroccan "basteela" are all to be found.
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  • 1001 idées cuisine

    Sert Kapak
    1001 idées cuisine - 2651 de Saep : Livre de recettes, Collection : encyclopédie, 397 pages, Couleur, Auteurs : ouvrage collectif, Thème : ouvrage pratique fait pour, simplifier la vie, astuces, recettes où, il n'y a pas besoin d'être cordon bleu.
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  • Guide des condiments et épices du monde: 120 plantes condimentaires et leur utilisation

    Sert Kapak
    Saviez-vous qu'en Thaïlande, on utilise les racines de la coriandre, alors que ce sont les graines qui sont commercialisées en Europe et les feuilles qui sont populaires partout ailleurs ? Saviezvous que les 160 000 fleurs nécessaires à l'obtention d'un kilogramme de safran font de ce dernier l'épice la plus chère du monde? Ce guide présente les 120 plantes condimentaires les plus courantes du monde. Pour chacune, sont indiqués leur nom usuel et leurs éventuels synonymes, leur nom scientifique et leur famille botanique, leur aire d'origine, leur zone de consommation, les parties employées, leur utilisation et leurs modes de préparation ainsi que quelques renseignements sur l'histoire, la consommation et les propriétés médicinales.
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  • La cuisine du foie gras

    Karton Kapak
    Ambassadeur incontournable de la culture française, produit d'exception synonyme de repas gastronomique, mets riche en traditions régionales et en savoir-faire ancestraux, le foie gras, déjà présent sur les tables de l'Égypte antique, passionne tous les gourmands. Pour le plus grand plaisir de no papilles, cet ouvrage réuni avec talent de multiples idées qui inspireront vos menus jusqu'au raffinement. Vous découvrirez, au fil des pages, de quoi vous mettre l'eau à la bouche : foie gras en croûte ; foie gras au pain perdu de grand-mère ; foie de canard poêlé aux grains de muscat ; foie d'oie plongé dans un potage au potiron ; et plus de 100 recettes... Des recettes simples, d'autres plus élaborées vous sont proposées... mais toujours à la portée de tous. Et on s'apercevra alors qu'une telle source d'inspiration peut régaler toutes les tables, sans ruiner les budgets.
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  • Persiana: Recipes from the Middle East & Beyond

    Sert Kapak
    Persiana: the new must have cookbook. Sabrina Ghayour's debut cookbook Persiana is an instant classic...The Golden Girl - Observer Food Monthly A celebration of the food and flavours from the regions near the Southern and Eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, with over 100 recipes for modern and accessible Middle Eastern dishes, including Lamb & Sour Cherry Meatballs; Chicken, Preserved Lemon & Olive Tagine; Blood Orange & Radicchio Salad; Persian Flatbread; and Spiced Carrot, Pistachio & Coconut Cake with Rosewater Cream.
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  • A History of English Food

    Sert Kapak
    Insightful and entertaining by turns, this is a magnificent tour of nearly a thousand years of English cuisine, peppered with surprises and seasoned with Clarissa Dickson Wright's characteristic wit. In this major new history of English food, Clarissa Dickson Wright takes the reader on a journey from the time of the Second Crusade and the feasts of medieval kings to the cuisine—both good and bad—of the present day. She looks at the shifting influences on the national diet as new ideas and ingredients have arrived, and as immigrant communities have made their contribution to the life of the country. She evokes lost worlds of open fires and ice houses, of constant pickling and preserving, and of manchet loaves and curly-coated pigs. And she tells the stories of the chefs, cookery book writers, gourmets, and gluttons who have shaped public taste—from the salad-loving Catherine of Aragon to the foodies of today. Above all, she gives a vivid sense of what it was like to sit down to the meals of previous ages, whether an eighteenth-century laborer's breakfast, a twelve-course Victorian banquet, or a lunch out during the Second World War.
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  • Saveurs et parfums de l'huile d'olive

    Sert Kapak
    Verts dorés, verts profonds, jades, jaunes limpides et jaunes soleils, amères, douces, piquantes, harmonieuses, rondes, sucrées, fruitées, délicates, ardentes, aux saveurs d'amande, de pomme, d'artichaut, d'herbe coupée, d'agrumes... Il existe des dizaines et des dizaines d'huiles d'olive et chacune d'elles a sa propre personnalité. Comme les vins, leurs goûts témoignent de la richesse et de la singularité d'un terroir et elles ont leur grands crus, leurs années d'exception. Au fil de ce livre, nous suivons Olivier Baussan, grand spécialiste de l'huile d'olive, dans un fabuleux voyage à travers les oliveraies du bassin méditerranéen. Invitation à découvrir et à savourer les meilleurs crus, c'est aussi un périple savoureux et convivial de la Provence à la Corse, l'Italie, l'Espagne, la Grèce ou la Galilée. Puis, pour prolonger cette aventure, nous voici conviés à la table de Jacques Chibois, dont la cuisine contient tous les parfums de la Méditerranée. Pour nous, il dévoile ici cinquante recettes inédites, du traditionnel pageot au four à l'huile de Sicile aux étonnantes madeleines à l'huile de Haute Provence et aux beignets de potiron à l'huile de Catalogne. Illustré de plus de 150 photographies en couleurs, voici un superbe livre à feuilleter et à regarder encore, puis à déguster entre amis autour d'une table au soleil, pour prolonger le plaisir...
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