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  • The Clutter Clinic: Organise Your Home in Seven Days

    Sert Kapak
    With much needed guidance on de-cluttering and reorganizing your home or office, this complete clinic is the much-needed answer that every muddled person has been waiting for! Practical, inspirational, and colorfully illustrated throughout, this guide to restoring order examines each room of the house individually, and includes unique ideas for recycling, labeling, color coding, and a whole range of space-enhancing tricks. There’s even an extensive shopping directory of retailers, mail order companies, and websites that sell everything you need to get organized—from great storage options to dual-purpose furniture by new young designers. With strong before-and-after visuals, these easily achievable suggestions will simplify even the most overwhelming task.
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  • The Mode in Furs: A Historical Survey with 680 Illustrations (Dover Fashion and Costumes)

    Karton Kapak
    From prehistoric garments to modern high-fashion designs, this unique survey traces the history of furs and fur accessories. R. Turner Wilcox, a former fashion editor for Women's Wear Daily, begins with practical uses of reindeer hides and bearskins for warmth during the Stone Age. Advancing to the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Persia, Greece, and Rome, she defines fur's role as a status symbol during the Renaissance and its eventual adoption by wearers outside the aristocracy.The 680 drawings that illustrate this volume depict furs of all times and places: panther skins of Egyptian high priests, ermine mantles of French queens, sealskin trousers of Alaskan Eskimos, and raccoon coats of American college students. Chronological entries include introductions for each era, and a helpful glossary of furs features images of their animal sources. Professional designers and costumers as well as amateurs with an interest in furs will find this volume a valuable reference.
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  • Inside Prefab: The Ready-made Interior

    Karton Kapak
    As an inherently sustainable and affordable building method, prefabrication has enjoyed a revival in recent years, attracting clients and architects alike. Low construction costs, efficiency, and sustainability make prefabrication an attractive solution for contemporary interior designers. Off-site production for interior design elements has been the norm for centuries, from the first Asian paper screens to the packaged kitchens of the mid-twentieth century, but it has rarely been the topic of serious discussion. In Inside Prefab, author Deborah Schneiderman offers a fascinating history of prefabricated interior design, followed by twenty-four contemporary case studies. The richly illustrated examples in this book range from interior walls, kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, and offices to complete prefabricated house interiors. This first book-length discussion and showcase of the prefabricated interior environment includes projects by established architects such as Shigeru Ban, Atelier Tekuto, and Greg Lynn, as well as up-and-coming firms
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  • Japanese Silk Designs in Full Color (Dover Pictorial Archive)

    Karton Kapak
    Superb treasury, meticulously reproduced from a rare portfolio, depicts a host of authentic Japanese designs, including images of florals, animal life, and geometrics. These intricate, subtly shaded motifs, portrayed in the manner of stylized Japanese art, still retain their enormous appeal almost a century after they were first printed. 108 full-color designs.
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  • Practical Woodcarving: Elementary and Advanced (Dover Woodworking)

    Karton Kapak
    This practical guide to woodcarving by an accomplished designer and carver not only provides expert tips on such basics as woods and tools, but also explains how to succeed in completing projects in low and high relief.More than 200 diagrams and photographs accompany clear, concise instructions, enabling novices and veteran woodworkers alike to recreate everything from Gothic tracery to sixteenth-century moldings and lettering. Part One deals with simple carving, gradually advances to slightly modelled detail, and offers expert advice on how to construct rails, chests, a stool, and cradle. Part Two provides examples of more advanced work, with descriptions of Renaissance designs and pierced carvings.Profusely illustrated with photographs and drawings, this volume will serve as a valuable resource for artists and craftspeople, inspiring creative efforts while offering a wealth of helpful hints and practical information.
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  • Food Displays (Dolls House Do-It-Yourself)

    Karton Kapak
    This book contains an extensive selection of step-by-step projects for making miniature food items for the 1/12 scale dolls' house. The realistic-looking meals range from simple fruit, vegetables and bread to "celebration food" and banquets. A comprehensive section, featuring the step-by-step techniques of working with polymer clay, involves shaping the clay, mixing colours, texturing and finally, baking it. The necessary tools and materials are also detailed, as well as how to put them to their most effective use. Colour photographs show the finished items and display ideas and instruction are given, from bread baskets to a complete table setting.
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  • Jewelry Techniques: The Essential Guide to Choosing and Using Materials, Stones, and Settings

    Karton Kapak
    Jewelry Techniques is the comprehensive, one volume guide to exploring all the creative possibilities for jewelry.In addition to information on metal smithing for both base and precious metals, this book includes techniques used with natural materials like wood, bone, shell and leather; traditional jewelry mediums such as porcelain and glass; and more cutting edge mediums like acrylics, resin, rubber, concrete and paper.Step by step instructions, plus more than 400 full colour photographs and swatches, let jewelry makers at every level achieve stunning effects and maximise the impact of their creations.
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  • Success with Small-Space Gardening (Success with Gardening)

    Karton Kapak
    Small gardens can be just as breathtaking as large luxurious plots. And whether it's a modern urban oasis or just a tiny nook in which to grow some vegetables, Success with Small-Space Gardening has the advice and guidance you need to create your intimate corner of nature. There are even clever tricks and tips for making a space look bigger with vertical plantings, containers, paving, and pathways. With its illustrated A-Z directory of suitable plants, this guide will help every city dweller and balcony lover develop a tiny green thumb.
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  • The Little Book of Roses

    Karton Kapak
    The rose is the world's favorite flower: its beauty and scent make it the acknowledged queen of the garden. Roses have been used for thousands of years as perfume, as decoration, and even in the cuisine of many countries. The power and appeal of the rose can be seen in art, history, and in horticulture. The Little Book of Roses opens the door to the magical world of the rose from the flower's symbolic roles in legend to the secrets of today's top rose breeders (an industry itself worth millions of dollars). Besides fascinating rose facts, this Little Book is also sprinkled throughout with interesting rose trivia. For example, one fluid ounce of the world's most expensive perfume requires as many as 28 dozen roses! The Little Book of Roses offers a pleasing bouquet of rich illustrations, useful information, and interesting details affectionately dedicated to this voluptuous blossom.Flammarion presents its series of informative, richly illustrated guides, covering lifestyle and cultural topics. Find out everything you want to know about your favorite subject in one handy volume. Unique thematic treatment with extensive use of key words and cross-referencing Over 70 alphabetically organized bite-sized entries in every title Attractive slimline format 100 color illustrations Summaries of key facts and dates in easy-reference tables Exclusive buyer's guide or list of useful addresses to find out more
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  • Houses by the Sea

    Karton Kapak
    A unique promenade along the sea through interior and exterior photographs of thirty-three dream houses.From the rugged Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean and the tropical shores of the Pacific, there are many ways of spending one’s life by the sea. This book showcases thirty-three exceptional houses from around the world in a variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary. Each house has its own ambiance and its own particular relationship with the environment, whether it is perched on top of a cliff, nestled in a rocky hollow, or built on the sand. Sometimes the emphasis is on ecological concerns, on creating a natural harmony between a building and its setting. Other houses may have been designed to survive the elements, or to make the most of limited space or resources. This profusely illustrated and captivating book features houses built along the cold seas of Canada, Scandinavia, and the European Atlantic coast; houses on temperate seas like the Mediterranean and Africa’s Atlantic shoreline; and homes found along the warm seacoasts of the Pacific and Indian oceans and in the Caribbean. Both inside and out and in every locale, the design approaches range from simple rustic style to the ultimate in luxurious elegance. 424 full-color photographs and 15 black-and-white illustrations
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  • Architectural Details - Balconies

    Sert Kapak
    The first volumes of this series were published in fall 2007. Each title focuses on a different constructional element. The books in a square format send the reader on a journey across European metropolises. Thereby, the attention is focused not on prominent buildings at large but on ingenious and extraordinary details. The next three volumes present stairs, pillars and balconies from all architectural epochs and styles. Every one includes about 700 photographs that illustrate the diversity of European art of building. Whether new or old, nice or bizarre here the reader will find an architectural kaleidoscope of a special kind.
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  • Christopher Nejman's Pillows: Designer Sewing Techniques

    Karton Kapak
    No other book on the market demonstrates how to create designer pillows!Affordable elegance - many quality sewing machines cost $200 or less and can easily be used to create vibrant high-style itemsThis exquisite sewing guide helps you gain confidence in your own creativity, and truly believe your favorite sewing machine has unlimited potential. Skilled designer and charismatic sewing instructor Christopher Nejman demonstrates, in 200+ color photos, how to utilize sewing machines and creative techniques to create 15 stunning designer pillows. In addition, you'll also gain instruction for using different threads, fabrics, needles, decorative stitches, embellishments, and presser feet to create high-end designs for the home.
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  • Fabric Memory Books: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration

    Karton Kapak
    Nationally known quilter and mixed-media artist Lesley Riley showcases her own work and that of other well-known designers in a series of unique memory books - all made out of fabric. Scrap-bookers will discover to their delight that fabric can do things that paper cannot, and they'll get instructions on printing and transferring photos; a range of binding techniques for all skill levels; and ideas for incorporating both hand and machine sewing. Riley explains how to make an unbound book, alter an existing one, and create special features like accordion folds and button joints. Among the 24 imaginative projects: a painted fabric scroll; an old-world style canvas travelogue with richly textured brocades, ribbons, and images from classical art; and a machine-stitched collage "Starbook."
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  • Fabulous Felted Hand-Knits: Wonderful Wearables & Home Accents

    Karton Kapak
    Felting has taken the knitting world by storm, and with these 30 fabulous projects, knitters will effortlessly add this stylish new technique to their repertoire. All the basics are covered and fully photographed, including which yarns to use, how to create swatch samples, and how to knit evenly. Easy-to-follow instructions, illustrations, and photos accompany each item and encourage beginners to test out new skills and experiment on their own. Start simple, with charming hot pads and coasters for the table. Warm and durable mittens feature elegant knitted cuffs. An eye-catching throw pillow comes in shades of cheery pink. Or make an ocean-blue scarf, zippered shoulder bag, or vibrant ethnic-inspired rug. From garments to home decorating items, these knitted beauties are all conversation pieces.
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  • Feathering the Nest: Tracy Hutson's Earth-Friendly Guide to Decorating Your Baby's Room

    Sert Kapak
    Tracy Hutson is an acclaimed interior designer. She’s also the loving mother of two little boys. When designing their bedroom, she knew precisely what she wanted: a nursery that would be mentally stimulating yet emotionally comforting. A place that would maximize safety, shielding adventurous toddlers from harm. And a room that would be built and decorated with a healthy dose of environmental responsibility. In Feathering the Nest, Hutson shares her passion for creating children’s spaces—putting her guiding principles into practice for four different styles of nursery design: vintage, contemporary, traditional, and international. Featuring stories and photos of actual children’s rooms from around the country, the book focuses on the essential components of nursery design, including the special touches that make a room your child’s very own. The warmth and creativity of Hutson’s approach will inspire every parent to create the ideal nest for their child.
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  • Gardener's Fact File

    Karton Kapak
    Create a complete garden from scratch with this interactive personal organizer. Beginning gardeners can assess their wants and needs and match them to the avail able garden plot, budget, and time constraints. Essential construction and planting techniques are covered and illustrated in fifteen step-by-step projects, tog ether with new and exciting ideas for garden features, decorative effects, and planting designs. A clear plastic cover and wiro binding make it sturdy and practical to use, while a plastic, zipped folder keeps tear sheets, pictures, and other reference material handy. Notebook sections throughout the book allow the reader to design his or her own garden on girds and story boards. It's a book you'll want to keep with you at all times - from the armchair to the nursery to the garden.
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