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  • The Mode in Furs: A Historical Survey with 680 Illustrations (Dover Fashion and Costumes)

    Karton Kapak
    From prehistoric garments to modern high-fashion designs, this unique survey traces the history of furs and fur accessories. R. Turner Wilcox, a former fashion editor for Women's Wear Daily, begins with practical uses of reindeer hides and bearskins for warmth during the Stone Age. Advancing to the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Persia, Greece, and Rome, she defines fur's role as a status symbol during the Renaissance and its eventual adoption by wearers outside the aristocracy.The 680 drawings that illustrate this volume depict furs of all times and places: panther skins of Egyptian high priests, ermine mantles of French queens, sealskin trousers of Alaskan Eskimos, and raccoon coats of American college students. Chronological entries include introductions for each era, and a helpful glossary of furs features images of their animal sources. Professional designers and costumers as well as amateurs with an interest in furs will find this volume a valuable reference.
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  • Odes for Victorious Athletes (Johns Hopkins New Translations from Antiquity)

    Karton Kapak
    You've just won the gold medal, what are you going to do? In Ancient Greece, your patron could throw a feast in your honor and have a poet write a hymn of praise to you. The great poet Pindar composed many such odes for victorious athletes. Esteemed classicist Anne Pippin Burnett presents a fresh and exuberant translation of Pindar's victory songs. The typical Pindaric ode reflects three separate moments: the instant of success in contest, the victory night with its disorderly revels, and the actual banquet of family and friends where the commissioned poem is being offered as entertainment. In their essential effect, these songs transform a physical triumph, as experienced by one man, into a sense of elation shared by his peers—men who have gathered to dine and to drink. Athletic odes were presented by small bands of dancing singers, influencing the audience with music and dance as well as by words. These translations respect the form of the originals, keeping the stanzas that shaped repeating melodies and danced figures and using rhythms meant to suggest performers in motion. Pindar's songs were meant to entertain and exalt groups of drinking men. These translations revive the confident excitement of their original performances.
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  • Sundials: An Illustrated History of Portable Dials

    Sert Kapak
    Sundials : An Illustrated History of Portable Dials fills a major gap i the published works on the subject. Most books previously printed have concentrated on notable fixed sundials or on the mathematics involved in their construction. This work focuses on the portable sundials used as timekeepers for three millennia before being superseded by the watch. While the emphasis is on the sundials themselves, much reference is made to the contemporary social, political and economic history, so that the subject matter is set firmly in context. In each chapter one or two detailed examples have been selected as a focus for the wider field; all are of particular interest in their own right. Most of the sundials come from the collections of the National Maritime Museum, and dials from all major manufacturing countries throughout the world are added. The illustrations form an essential part of the book, both as an aid to explaining how the dials work, and because many are functional works of art of extremely high visual quality. The detailed examples in each chapter are fully illustrated. Diagrams have also been provided to explain in easy terms some of the complicated mathematics involved in the construction and use of dials. Other illustrations complement the background of historical material.
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  • Simon Willard and His Clocks

    Karton Kapak
    The inventor who established America's first clock factory and developed clock-making techniques that are still in use more than 200 years later, Willard was a master among craftsmen. This unique biography, written by his great-grandson, not only chronicles the inventor's life, it explains his methods and catalogs his creations.
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  • Birds: Mini Archive with DVD

    Karton Kapak
    Birds presents the rare and compelling drawings of influential naturalist Georges-Louis Leclerc de Buffon, the founder of the Museum of Natural History in Paris and a man who prefigured John James Audobon, John Gould, and Alexander Wilson as the founding father of ornithology. Only four sets of Buffon’s ambitious 36-volume illustrated opus survive to the present day, making this reproduction of his bird drawings from Histoire Naturelle, Generale et Particuliere an historical and invaluable endeavor. Collins Design’s Mini Archive series brings Buffon’s work to the public for the first time in this handsomely illustrated book and its accompanying DVD, delivering an invaluable resource for anyone passionate to embrace the beauty of the natural world.
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  • Civil War Weapons

    Sert Kapak
    War is a driver for technological change, and the evolution of weapons can be seen by studying the design of the Civil War weapons cataloged in this attractive full-color reference book. The Civil War was fought all over the United States, although mainly in the south. More than three million Americans fought in the Civil War and over six hundred thousand men, or two percent of the population, died in this deradful conflict.Studying the weapons used by both the Union army and Confderate forces tells an intriguing story of its own. The well-equipped Union army had access to the best of the industrial North's manufacturing output. By contrast, the South had to get by with imported arms and locally made copies of patented weapons. But whatever side he fought for, and whether the soldier wielded a saber, a smoothbore musket, a multi-shot revolver, a canon, or a repeating rifle, in the end was the courage and determination of the fighting man that really counted.Civil War Weapons showcases studio photographs of the weapons used to fight the war between the states, along with illustrations and beautiful color paintings. The book details the pistols, revolvers, carbines, rifles, longarms, artillery, swords and edged weapons used in the conflict, and reveals fascinating stories and facts about each type of weapon and the men who used them in the Civil War.
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  • The 1940s Home

    Karton Kapak
    The history of the British home in the 1940s is dominated by the impacts Second World War. In the first five years of the decade, homes were adapted to better survive the affects of bombing. The 1930s home became the wartime home with the addition of anti-blast tape on the windows, sandbags around the door, and a Morrison shelter in the kitchen. In the garden, the lawn and shrubs gave way to vegetable plot and chicken coop. For those lucky enough to have a home left unscathed by the war the second half of the decade was likely a time of consolidation snd continued rationing. The policy of "make do and mend" continued. But for those whose houses were damaged or destroyed, or those moved out of their homes by post-war rehousing schemes, the picture was very different. For many the pre-fab became home, and new designs of furniture made under the utility scheme furnished rooms cheaply and stylishly. New estates, different from anything tried before the war, arose from the bombsites, offering state of the art sanitisation and modern facilities to thousands.
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  • Luxe extrême

    Karton Kapak
    Nous avons tous été enfants un jour, et même si cette période s'éloigne inexorablement, il nous revient parfois des souvenirs, le plus souvent liés à nos jeux et à nos jouets de l'époque. Notre madeleine ? Une petite voiture cabossée, un avion aux ailes abîmées, une boîte de crayons de couleurs dépareillés, une cabane bricolée dans les arbres. Pourquoi, une fois adulte, se priver de cette sensation merveilleuse : le plaisir de posséder Le jouet qui nous fait envie ? Seul décisionnaire dans l'affaire, nous voilà désormais capable d'exaucer nos souhaits les plus chers. Luxe extrême est un condensé d'objets, de véhicules et de lieux de rêve. La seule différence avec nos joujous d'antan : somptueux, rarissimes, et hors de prix ! Jets privés, yachts, décapotables, stylos, montres, téléphones, hi-fi design, hôtels, voici le nec plus ultra pour ceux qui aiment les belles choses. Faites votre choix.
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  • Montgomery Ward Fashions of the Twenties (Dover Fashion and Costumes)

    Montgomery Ward Fashions of the Twenties (Dover Fashion and Costumes)

    Karton Kapak
    What were they wearing during the Roaring 20s? This chic collection presents a comprehensive view of Jazz Age fashions with hundreds of sepia-tone illustrations and captions. Selected from a 1927 Montgomery Ward catalog, these images form authentic reflections of the era's everyday and formal apparel. For the ladies, the catalog abounds in "rage of Paris" chemise dresses, feather-trimmed cloche hats, and casual wear. Gentlemen's suits appear here as well, along with attire for work and leisure and children's clothes for school, play, and special occasions. Sixteen pages of color illustrations offer vivid portraits of '20s styles, and an informative Introduction by fashion historian JoAnne Olian explains the period's trends. Collectors, designers, and fashion mavens will prize this charming style archive.
    Temin Edilemiyor
  • Treasury of Nineteenth-Century Ornamental Metalwork (Dover Jewelry and Metalwork)

    Treasury of Nineteenth-Century Ornamental Metalwork (Dover Jewelry and Metalwork)

    Karton Kapak
    Extremely pliable yet amazingly durable, metal offers infinite decorative options. Here are 1,000 prime examples of French metal masterworks, painstakingly reproduced from an extremely rare and valuable edition. From the everyday to the ornate, items include:Weather vanesTilesWaterspoutsTrimsBasinsPike headsYou'll also find hundreds of other images, offering a wealth of inspiration and useful historical designs.
    Temin Edilemiyor
  • New Poster Art

    New Poster Art

    Karton Kapak
    Over 200 of the best, most creative, and most striking international posters of recent times.Even today, among the ever-increasing welter of digital media and abundance of images, the poster remains a key means of disseminating information and an important medium for designers' artistic expression. But how does a designer transform a blank piece of paper into a seductive image? Are there any abiding principles, or—as it sometimes seems—does anything go? The works featured in New Poster Art have been created by the world's most prominent designers, and the majority come from the past fifteen years. As is clear from these pages, posters have become a testing ground for artistic innovation, boasting breathtaking levels of conceptual and visual experimentation and skill. Featuring work by Bose, Brade, Morla, Pesce, Sagmeister, Tartakove, Troxler, and many more, the book proves that the poster is still a major form of graphic communication. Illustrated throughout
    Temin Edilemiyor