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  • Travels in the Interior of Africa (Wordsworth Classics of World Literature)

    Karton Kapak
    In 1795 Mungo Park, a twenty-four year old surgeon, set out from the Gambia to trace the course of the Niger, a river of which Europeans had no first-hand knowledge. Travels in the interior districts of Africa is his Journal of that extraordinary journey. He travelled on the sufferance of African rulers and soon came to depend for his survival on the charity of African villagers. Before he reached the Niger, he endured months of captivity in the camp of a Moorish chief. Yet throughout his travels, Park maintained a remarkable empathy for African societies and beliefs. He recorded what he saw as accurately as he could, and without presuming European superiority.
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  • Briefly: Ayer's Language, Truth and Logic

    Karton Kapak
    Part of the "SCM Briefly" series, which summarizes books by philosophers and theologians, this book provides a summary of Language, Truth and Logic. It also includes line by line analysis, short quotes, and a glossary of terms to help students with definitions of philosophical terms.
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  • Heart of the Antarctic and 'South' (Wordsworth Classics of World Literature)

    Karton Kapak
    Ernest Shackleton led two Antarctic expeditions, and died shortly after the beginning of the third. His first expedition was not a total success (they did not reach the South Pole), and the second was, in some senses, a total failure (they never reached the Antarctic mainland at all). Yet it is the second for which he is remembered. His expedition ship Endurance was trapped, then crushed in the ice, before his party could be landed, leaving his men in a hopeless situation. For months Shackleton held his party together before taking to boats and bringing everyone to safety to Elephant Island. His open-boat journey to South Georgia, and the eventual rescue of the party left behind, are now legendary. Visitors to Shackleton s grave in South Georgia, stepping over the lounging elephant seals that keep the dead company, pay homage to the man who had the vision, bravery and strength to open up Antarctica for all who followed. Shackleton showed the flame of leadership as few in the history of exploration have done, and nowhere does this come through more clearly than in the two accounts in this volume.
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  • Truth and Words

    Karton Kapak
    To clarify and facilitate our inquiries we need to define a disquotational truth predicate that we are directly licensed to apply not only to our own sentences as we use them now, but also to other speakers' sentences and our own sentences as we used them in the past. The conventional wisdom is that there can be no such truth predicate. For it appears that the only instances of the disquotational pattern that we are directly licensed to accept are those that define "is true" for our own sentences as we use them now. Gary Ebbs shows that this appearance is illusory. He constructs an account of words that licenses us to rely not only on formal (spelling-based) identifications of our own words, but also on our non-deliberative practical identifications of other speakers' words and of our own words as we used them in the past. To overturn the conventional wisdom about disquotational truth, Ebbs argues, we need only combine this account of words with our disquotational definitions of truth for sentences as we use them now. The result radically transforms our understanding of truth and related topics, including anti-individualism, self-knowledge, and the intersubjectivity of logic.
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  • Dictionnaire des synonymes de la langue française

    Karton Kapak
    Complet et pratique, fait de rubriques concises pour trouver rapidement le mot juste et enrichir votre expression écrite ou orale, un dictionnaire de poche réellement essentiel. Rédiger, réviser, corriger: une aide précieuse à la pratique de notre belle langue française.
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  • Les Rêveries du promeneur solitaire

    Karton Kapak
    "Me voici donc seul sur la terre, n'ayant plus de frère, de  prochain, d'ami, de société que moi-même." Après le temps des Confessions vient celui des Rêveries, où Jean-Jacques retrouve la plénitude de soi et engage par l'écriture une réflexion sur l'introspection et les limites de la reconstitution du passé.
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  • Securing the Past: Conservation in Art, Architecture and Literature

    Karton Kapak
    We all have a stake in the past and in its tangible preservation, and we trust professionals to preserve our cultural heritage for the future. However, restoration in all its forms is entangled in many contemporary theoretical debates and problems. This book is the first concerted effort to examine together the linked philosophies of the different arts of preserving and uncovering the past: the restoration of buildings, conservation of works of art, and editing of literary works to retrieve their original or intended texts. By investigating a series of recent crises in each of these areas, Securing the Past shows how their underlying justifications relate closely to one another. Paul Eggert shows how they have been philosophically undermined by postmodern theories and charts another, richer way forward to a new future for the past.
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  • Storytelling: Bewitching the Modern Mind

    Sert Kapak
    Politics, as currently practiced, is no longer the art of the possible, but the art of the fictive. Its aim is not to change the world as it exists, but to affect the way it is perceived. This is the subject of Christian Salmon’s Storytelling, which looks at how the creative imagination has been hijacked in the twenty-first century. Salmon anatomizes the timeless human desire for narrative form and how it is abused in the marketing mechanisms behind politicians and products: luxury brands trade on their embellished histories, managers tell stories to motivate employees, soldiers in Iraq train on computer games conceived in Hollywood, and spin doctors construct political lives as if they were a folk epic. Salmon unveils the workings of a “storytelling machine” more effective and insidious as a means of oppression than anything dreamed up by Orwell. The “reality-based community”—to use a phrase coined by an aide to George W. Bush—is now regularly outmaneuvered by public relations gurus and political advisers, as they construct story arcs for a population that has come to expect them.
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  • The Spirit of the Age: Victorian Essays

    Karton Kapak
    None of the stereotypes of Victorian England—narrow-minded, inhibited, moralistic, complacent—prepares us for the vitality, variety, and above all extraordinary quality of intellectual life displayed in this volume of essays. Selected and annotated by Gertrude Himmelfarb, a distinguished historian of Victorian thought, the writings address a wide range of subjects—religion, politics, history, science, art, socialism, and feminism—by eminent figures of the era, including Carlyle, Mill, Macaulay, Dickens, Eliot, Thackeray, Newman, Arnold, and Wilde. The selections reflect what Himmelfarb terms “the spirit of the age”—contentious as well as earnest, given to high aspirations and convictions, and at the same time subject to deep anxieties and doubts. The Victorians, undisputed masters of the long, serious essay, found the genre congenial to the expression of their most compelling and provocative views. This volume offers a representative sampling of essays from the early, middle, and late Victorian periods, each accompanied by an introductory note. Himmelfarb also introduces the volume with two enlightening essays, one on the evolving spirit of the age, and the other on the essay as a genre and on the important periodicals that attracted such a large and engaged audience.
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  • Committed to Buddhism: Buddhist Community (Faith & Commitment)

    Karton Kapak
    An innovative series reflecting personal religious experience, for developing the spiritual dimension in Religious Education.
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  • Essential Words for the Gre

    Karton Kapak
    An extensive working vocabulary is a prerequisite for success on the Graduate Record Exam. This popular manual presents 800 college-graduate-level words with definitions that frequently appear on the exam. The book begins with a pre-test to help readers assess strenghts and weaknesses. Additional features include: An overview of the Verbal Reasoning question types found on the GRE Matching and sentence completion exercises for all word lists An analysis of essential word roots Suggested study plans, and much more...The book concludes with a post-test to assess progress. Answers are provided for all exercises and for all questions in the pre- and post-test.
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  • 501 English Verbs

    Karton Kapak
    Fully conjugated in all the tenses in an easy - to - learn format alphabetically arranged Learning English is Twice as Easy with This Helpful 2-in-1 Combination! The easy -to - use reference book givey you: - The 501 most commo English verbs, alphabetically arranged, and conjugated in all tenses an moods - Principal parts listed for all 501 verbs - Auxiliary verbs - have, be, do - and their uses - Common examples of phrasal verbs - 550 problem verbs and their principal parts - 501 Verb Drills and Exercises - Index to the verbs, including irregular forms The bonus CD-ROM gives you: - Practice exercises in verb conjugation with answers - A review of English grammar A valuable quick-reference source for ESL students and all students of English grammar
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  • Committed to Hinduism: Hindu Community (Faith & Commitment)

    Karton Kapak
    An innovative series reflecting personal religious experience, for developing the spiritual dimension in Religious Education.
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  • Dictionnaire Des Citations De Langue Fra

    Karton Kapak
    Traces d'usage, pliures jaquette, défraîchi mais sinon bel ouvrage.Expédition rapide de votre commande avec protection soignée de vos articles.Professionnel de la vente à distance.Professional on e-business.Fast delivery of your order.Item very well packed.
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  • Progress in Vocabulary

    Karton Kapak
    Progress in Vocabulary İngilizce öğrenimi ve Yabancı Dil Sınavları için yaşamsal olan sözcük bilginizi geliştirecek bir kaynak kitaptır. Bu kitap, belirli amaçlar göz önünde bulundurularak, çok uzun ve titiz bir çalışmanın sonunda, bu amaçlar çerçevesinde gerekli olanlarından derlenerek hazırlanmış sözlük ve edinilen bilgiyi sınayacağınız “General Vocabulary Tests”, “Cloze Tests” başlıkları altında her kelime türü için ve karışık olarak hazırlanmış çok sayıda özgün test ve bunların cevap anahtarlarından oluşmaktadır. Kitabın sözlük bölümü, değişik sözcük kümelerine göre sınıflandırılmış, her sözcük kümesi A’dan Z’ye kadar bir veya birden fazla harf başlıkları altında ayrı ayrı verilmiştir. Sözlük bölümü, belirli bir düzeyin üzeri için temel sayılan ve özellikle Yabancı Dil Sınavları için gerekli olan sözcüklerden oluşmaktadır. Kelime öğrenimi ve Yabancı Dil Sınavlarına yönelik hazırlanan sözcükler için, son yıllarda bu sınavlarda soru olarak çıkan, metinlerde yer alan ve ileride de çıkma olasılığı olan sözcüklerden bir derleme yapılmıştır. Progress in Vocabulary, İngilizcede okuma, okuduğunu anlama, yazma, çeviri gibi sözcük bilgisinin ve sözcüklerin doğru ve bağlama uygun anlamlarının bilinmesi-kullanılması gereken yerlerde yararlı bir başvuru kaynağıdır. Progress in Vocabulary’nın, sözlük bölümünde 4500’nin üzerinde sözcük, yaklaşık 15000 İngilizce yakın anlamlı sözcük, 6000 örnek cümle ve ayrıntılı ilgeçler (prepositions) bölümü yer almaktadır. Kitapta öğrendiğiniz sözcükleri sınayacağınız, değişik soru teknikleri ile hazırlanmış çok sayıda özgün soru içeren testler bulunmaktadır. İngilizcede sözcük dağarcığınızı geliştirirken yararlanacağınız Progress in Vocabulary kitabı bu alandaki başarınızı arttıracağına inanılarak hazırlanmıştır.  
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  • Family Caps, Abortion and Women of Color: Research Connection and Political Rejection

    Fifteen years ago, New Jersey became the first of over twenty states to introduce the family cap, a welfare reform policy that reduces or eliminates cash benefits for unmarried women on public assistance who become pregnant. The caps have lowered extra-marital birth rates, as intended but as Michael J. Camasso shows convincingly in this provocative book, they did so in a manner that few of the policys architects are willing to acknowledge publicly, namely by increasing the abortion rate disproportionately among black and Hispanic women. In Family Caps, Abortion, and Women of Color, Camasso (who headed up the evaluation of the nations first cap) presents the caps history from inception through implementation to his investigation and the dramatic attempts to squelch his unpleasant findings. The book is filled with devastatingly clear-cut evidence and hard-nosed data analyses, yet Camasso also pays close attention to the reactions his findings provoked in policymakers, both conservative and liberal, who were unprepared for the effects of their crude social engineering and did not want their success scrutinized too closely. Camasso argues that absent any successful rehabilitation or marriage strategies, abortion provides a viable third way for policymakers to help black and Hispanic women accumulate the social and human capital they need to escape welfare, while simultaneously appealing to liberals passion for reproductive freedom and the neoconservatives sense of social pragmatism. Camasso's conclusions will please no one along the political spectrum, making it all the more essential for them to be studied widely. A classic example of what can happen to research and the researcher when research findings become misaligned with political goals and strategies, Family Caps, Abortion and Women of Color is sure to foment a contentious but vital discussion among all who read it.
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