Exercise & Fitness

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  • Garden Your Way to Health and Fitness

    Karton Kapak
    Garden designer Bunny Guinness joins forces with physiotherapist Jacqueline Knox in this one-stop guide to all-around garden health. Step-by-step sequences based on the Pilates method illustrate the safe way to push wheelbarrows, lift heavy pots, pick low-lying fruit, and much more in a way that boosts fitness while avoiding stress and strains. The authors also detail a wealth of tactics for achieving beautiful gardens that require a range of exertion levels. They describe planting designs that are best for time-pressed gardeners, how to use daily garden maintenance regimes to stay active, and how to design an outdoor gym. Illustrated sequences guide gardeners through physical exercises to suit their fitness levels. Looking after oneself is also key to good garden health. To this end, a comprehensive guide to growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs, a rundown of the best gardening clothes and ergonomic tools, tips for preventing and treating common ailments, and guidelines for winding down the healthy way complete the indispensable resource.
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  • Get Fit with Your Dog

    Karton Kapak
    Get Fit With Your Dog is a blueprint for health for you and your dog. With canine and human obesity in the UK at an all-time high, and exercise by both species in steady decline, it's time for some informed action. This book tells you all you need to know about: The dangers of being overweight The physical and psychological benefits of exercise The healthiest nutrition and fitness plans for you both How to exercise sfely and enjoyably together. From walking to jogging, to ball games and agility workouts, learn how to get fit, lose pounds, be happier and have fun - together. Help your dog go from fat to fit at your side and enjoy doing it.
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