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  • Der Trick ist zu atmen

    Karton Kapak
    Wenn man sich verliebt, dann knallt's. Und beim ersten Mal ist das meistens am lautesten, da dreht sich alles und der Bauch fährt Achterbahn. Es ist das großartigste und zugleich verunsicherndste Gefühl der Welt. Was passiert, wenn das Herz zum ersten Mal verrückt spielt? Wie geht das mit dem Küssen? Und das danach? Was die Freunde dazu sagen und warum Eltern plötzlich nur noch nerven. Und was, wenn's mit einer Bruchlandung endet? Simone Buchholz gibt ehrliche Antworten auf die vielen Fragen, denn mit all der Verwirrung steht man nicht allein da ...
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  • This Is Sex (Addiction Series)

    Karton Kapak
    This Is Sex is an objective, illustrated look at the most recent phenomenon in addiction: sex. It provides a historical perspective, exploring sexual attitudes through the ages — from the scanty cavortings of Adam and Eve to the Kama Sutra of the East. Nothing is sacred, no taboo is left unchallenged, and facts about sex are given in an authoritative, straightforward way. The effects of sexual addiction on health and the commercial explosion of sex on the Internet are also examined.
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  • 100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed

    Karton Kapak
    A scandalous bestseller in her native Italy, Melissa P.'s avowedly autobiographical novel recounts a Sicilian schoolgirl's erotic adventures. "I want love, Diary," she writes just before her 15th birthday. "I want to feel my heart melt, want to see my icy stalactites shatter and plunge into a river of passion and beauty." Love may be hard to find, but sex waits at every turn, and Melissa seldom says no. In calmly vivid prose, she describes the varieties of experience, beginning with her introduction to oral sex: "I now had it before my eyes, it smelled male, and every vein that crossed it expressed such power that I felt duty-bound to reckon with it." This same sense of duty mandates sex with a woman, sex with an older man, sadomasochistic sex, group sex. Although her mother tells an ill Melissa a fable about a princess, Melissa tells herself no fairy tales—and therein lies the odd, potent purity of these pages.
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  • The Sexual Outlaw: A Documentary (Rechy, John)

    Karton Kapak
    In this angry, eloquent outcry against the oppression of homosexuals, the author of the classic City of Night gives "an explosive non-fiction account, with commentaries, of three days and nights in the sexual underground" of Los Angeles in the 1970s--the "battlefield" of the sexual outlaw. Using the language and techniqus of the film, Rechy deftly intercuts the despairing, joyful, and defiant confessions of a male hustler with the "chorus" of his own subversive reflections on sexual identity and sexual politics, and with stark documentary reports our society directs against homosexuals--"the only minority against whose existence there are laws."
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  • The Other Place

    Sert Kapak
    This book is the first comprehensive selection of Jeff Burton's work in pornography which began in the 1980's with his portraits and stills for pornographic video boxes. This oversize volume captures the lush atmosphere and isolation of the men and women working in the California pornographic industry through the eyes of one of its most brilliant observers.
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  • Sex and Religion in the Bible

    Sert Kapak
    If we look to the Bible for historical accounts of ancient life, we make a profound error. So contends Calum Carmichael in this original and incisive reading of some of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament’s most famous narratives. Sifting through the imaginative layers of these texts with an uncanny sensitivity and a panoptic critical eye, he unearths patterns connecting disparate passages, providing fascinating insights into how ideas were expressed, received, and transformed in the ancient Near East. Ranging from Jacob’s encounter with Leah to the marriage at Cana to Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well, these readings demonstrate the remarkable subtlety and sophistication of the biblical views on marriage, sexuality, fertility, impurity, creation, and love.
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  • Sex and Sensuality in the Ancient World

    Sert Kapak
    In this important book Giulia Sissa looks at sensuality and sexual desire in the Greek, Roman and early Christian worlds, demonstrating how modern concepts of sexuality emerge from the practices and theories of the ancient world. In contrast to other recent scholars, Sissa emphasizes the centrality of heterosexual desire and passion in the classical period, arguing that the importance of homosexuality has been over-emphasized.Drawing widely on the literature and philosophy of the time, Sissa examines each culture in turn and challenges many of our assumptions. In particular, she draws a distinction between pleasure and desire in the ancient world, and analyses in detail the different ways in which men and women were seen to experience erotic feeling, looking closely at the portrayal of transgressive women such as Medea, Clytemnestra and Jocasta. Fresh, thoughtful and often provocative, this is a striking new analysis of the sexual attitudes that lay at the heart of the classical and post-classical world.
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  • The Origins of Sex: A History of the First Sexual Revolution

    The Origins of Sex: A History of the First Sexual Revolution

    Sert Kapak
    In The Origins of Sex, Faramerz Dabhoiwala provides a landmark history, one that will revolutionize our understanding of the origins of sexuality in modern Western culture. For millennia, sex had been strictly regulated by the Church, the state, and society, who vigorously and brutally attempted to punish any sex outside of marriage. But by 1800, everything had changed. Drawing on vast research--from canon law to court cases, from novels to pornography, not to mention the diaries and letters of people great and ordinary--Dabhoiwala shows how this dramatic change came about, tracing the interplay of intellectual trends, religious and cultural shifts, and politics and demographics. The Enlightenment led to the presumption that sex was a private matter; that morality could not be imposed; that men, not women, were the more lustful gender. Moreover, the rise of cities eroded community-based moral policing, and religious divisions undermined both church authority and fear of divine punishment. Sex became a central topic in poetry, drama, and fiction; diarists such as Samuel Pepys obsessed over it. In the 1700s, it became possible for a Church of Scotland leader to commend complete sexual liberty for both men and women. Arguing that the sexual revolution that really counted occurred long before the cultural movement of the 1960s, Dabhoiwala offers readers an engaging and wholly original look at the Western world's relationship to sex.
    Temin Edilemiyor
  • Sex and the Brain

    Sex and the Brain

    Sert Kapak
    This collection of foundational papers on sex differences in the brain traces the development of a much-invoked, fast-growing young field at the intersection of brain and behavior. The reader is introduced to the meaning and nature of sexual dimorphisms, the mechanisms and consequences of steroid hormone action, and the impact of the field on interpretations of sexuality and gender. Building on each other in point-counterpoint fashion, the papers tell a fascinating story of an emerging science working out its core assumptions. Experimental and theoretical papers, woven together by editor's introductions, open a window onto knowledge in the making and a vigorous debate between reductionist and pluralist interpreters. Five major sections include papers on conceptual and methodological background, central nervous system dimorphisms, mechanisms for creating dimorphisms, dimorphisms and cognition, and dimorphisms and identity. Each section builds from basic concepts to early experiments, from experimental models to humans, and from molecules to mind. Papers by such leading scholars as Arthur Arnold, Frank Beach, Anne Fausto-Sterling, Patricia Goldman-Rakic, Doreen Kimura, Simon LeVay, Bruce McEwen, Michael Merzenich, Bertram O'Malley, Geoffrey Raisman, and Dick Swaab, illustrate a rich blend of perspectives, approaches, methods, and findings. Sex and the Brain will show students how a scientific paper can be analyzed from many perspectives, and supply them with critical tools for judging a rapidly emerging science in a contentious area.
    Temin Edilemiyor
  • The Invention of Pornography, 1500-1800: Obscenity and the Origins of Modernity

    The Invention of Pornography, 1500-1800: Obscenity and the Origins of Modernity

    Sert Kapak
    In America today the debate over the censorship of pornography continues to call into question the values of a modern, democratic culture. The Invention of Pornography, a groundbreaking collection of critical essays, traces the history and uses of pornography in early modern Europe, offering for the first time the historical perspective crucial to understanding current controversies in politics and the arts.
    Temin Edilemiyor