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  • The Husband's Secret

    Karton Kapak
    'The Husband's Secret is a staggeringly brilliant novel. It is literally unputdownable' Sophie Hannah   At the heart of the top ten bestselling The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty is a letter that's not meant to be read . . .   Mother of three and wife of John-Paul, Cecilia discovers an old envelope in the attic. Written in her husband's hand, it says: to be opened only in the event of my death.   Curious, she opens it - and time stops.   John-Paul's letter confesses to a terrible mistake which, if revealed, would wreck their family as well as the lives of others.   Cecilia - betrayed, angry and distraught - wants to do the right thing, but right for who? If she protects her family by staying silent, the truth will worm through her heart. But if she reveals her husband's secret, she will hurt those she loves most . . .   Perfect for fans of Jodi Picoult, or anyone who enjoyed One Moment, One Morning or The Midwife's Confession, The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty is about the things we know, the things we don't, and whether or not we ever get to choose. Above all, though, it's about how we must live with the consequences of our actions - whether we like it or not.   Praise for Liane Moriarty: 'Highly addictive' She   'Gripping, acutely observed, thought-provoking and funny' Marie Claire   'The writing is beautiful: sometimes funny, sometimes sad but always compelling' Good Housekeeping   'Captivating' Closer   Liane Moriarty is the best-selling author of six novels including Three Wishes, The Last Anniversary,What Alice Forgot, The Hypnotist's Love Story, The Husband's Secret and Little Lies, all of which were published successfully around the world and translated into seven languages. Writing as L.M. Moriarty, she is also the author of the Space Brigade series for children. Liane lives in Sydney with her husband, son and daughter.   *Liane's brand new novel Little Lies - an addictive story of secrets and scandal - is out now. A sample chapter of Little Lies is included in this latest edition of The Husband's Secret.
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  • Thrive

    Karton Kapak
    In Thrive, Arianna Huffington, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post and one of the most influential women in the world, has written a passionate call to arms, looking to redefine what it means to be successful in today's world. She likens our drive for money and power to two legs of a three-legged stool. It may hold us up temporarily, but sooner or later we're going to topple over. We need a third leg - a Third Metric for defining success - in order to live a healthy, productive, and meaningful life. In this deeply personal book, Arianna talks candidly about her own challenges with managing time and prioritising the demands of a career and two daughters. Drawing on the latest groundbreaking research and scientific findings in the fields of psychology, sports, sleep and physiology that show the profound and transformative effects of meditation, mindfulness, unplugging and giving, Arianna shows us the way to a revolution in our culture, our thinking, our workplaces, and our lives.
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  • The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden

    Karton Kapak
    As delightfully wry and witty as his bestselling debut, ‘The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared’, this is a tale of how one woman’s attempt to change her future ended up changing everything. Nombeko Mayeki is on the run from the world’s most ruthless secret service – with three Chinese sisters, twins who are officially one person and an elderly potato farmer. Oh, and the fate of the King of Sweden – and the world – rests on her shoulders. Born in a Soweto shack in 1961, Nombeko was destined for a short, hard life. When she was run over by a drunken engineer her luck changed. Alive, but blamed for the accident, she was made to work for the engineer – who happened to be in charge of a project vital to South Africa’s security. Nombeko was good at cleaning, but brilliant at understanding numbers. The drunk engineer wasn’t – and made a big mistake. And now only Nombeko knows about it … As uproariously funny as Jonas Jonasson’s bestselling debut, this is an entrancing tale of luck, love and international relations.
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  • Zoom + Larger image Keys to the Kingdom Collection Garth Nix 7 Books Set

    Karton Kapak
    The Keys to the Kingdom is a fantasy–adventure book series written by Garth Nix, published in seven books between 2003 and 2010. Keys to the Kingdom books are very unique and classic collections for children that tells you the greatest story of all time. The series chronicles the adventures of Arthur Penhaligon, an asthmatic 12-year-old boy who is chosen to become the Rightful Heir of the House, the center of the universe. The core story line involves Arthur attempting to defeat the Morrow Days, the criminal Trustees of the House. The series takes place over a span of three weeks (time moves at different speeds at different locations in the series).
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  • Deutscher Film mit türkischer Seele

    Karton Kapak
    Inhaltlich unveränderte Neuauflage. Die Filme von deutschen Filmemachern mit türkischer Herkunft erfreuen sich ei­ner immer größer werdenden Beliebtheit. Spätestens seit dem Erfolg von Fatih Akins “Gegen die Wand” ist klar, dass sich der “deutsch-türkische” Film längst vom “Betroffenheitskino” der 1970er und 1980er Jahre entfernt hat. Das Leben als Migrant in einer fremden Kultur ist längst nicht mehr das be­herr­schende filmische Thema. Die Sichtweise der jüngeren, oftmals in Deutsch­land geborenen türkischstämmigen Regisseure ist eine dif­fe­ren­zier­te­re. Sie sehen das gesellschaftliche Umfeld ihrer Protagonisten aus deutscher so­wie aus türkischer Perspektive. Spiegelt dieser Blickwinkel die Realität an­ge­mes­sen wieder? Und macht gerade dieser Punkt die Faszination und den Er­folg dieser Filme aus? Die Autorin Diana Schäffler befasst sich mit den verschiedenen Phänomenen des “deutsch-türkischen” Films von den 1970er Jahren bis zur Gegenwart. Ei­nen besonderen Schwerpunkt legt sie dabei auf die Darstellung der Migration im “deutsch-türkischen” Film. Mit aktuellen Zahlen, Daten und Fakten do­ku­men­tiert sie das Zusammenleben von Türken und Deutschen in der Bun­des­re­pu­blik. Anhand ausgewählter Beispiele stellt sie anschließend die aktuellen Ten­denzen sowie die Entwicklungsgeschichte des “deutsch-türkischen” Films vom “Betroffenheitskino” zum “Kino der doppelten Kulturen” dar.
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  • The History of Organized Crime: The True Story and Secrets of Global Gangland

    Karton Kapak
    The History of Organized Crime is a fascinating insight into many previously hidden aspects of the underworld. From the mysterious origins of the Sicilian Mafia, Japanese Yakuza, and the Chinese Triads to the new emerging global powers in organized crime including the Russian Organizatsiya and the Mexican Cartels, this explosive investigation reveals the past, present, and future of organized crime. From the back streets of London to neon-soaked Las Vegas, organized crime is the worlds biggest and most profitable business. A truly global enterprise, no country can claim to be free from the taint of this ever-growing threat to established society. Tackling the crimes, methods, and key figures in the worlds largest and most powerful outlaw organizations, this book traces the evolution of organized crime in chilling, entertaining and compelling detail
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  • Der neue Tugendterror: Über die Grenzen der Meinungsfreiheit in Deutschland

    Sert Kapak
    Meinungsfreiheit ist ein Grundrecht. Doch im Alltag begegnet man so manchem Denk- und Redeverbot. Thilo Sarrazin analysiert in seinem neuen Buch den grassierenden Meinungskonformismus. Wer Dinge ausspricht, die nicht ins gerade vorherrschende Weltbild passen, der wird gerne als Provokateur oder Nestbeschmutzer ausgegrenzt. Mit gewohntem Scharfsinn prangert Thilo Sarrazin diesen Missstand an, zeigt auf, wo seine Ursachen liegen, und benennt die 14 vorherrschenden Denk- und Redeverbote unserer Zeit.
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  • What Alice Forgot

    Karton Kapak
    Liane Moriarty, top ten bestselling author of The Husband's Secret, imagines losing the most important ten years of your life in What Alice Forgot. Alice is twenty-nine. She adores sleep, chocolate, and her ramshackle new house. She's newly engaged to the wonderful Nick and is pregnant with her first baby.   There's just one problem. All of that was ten years ago . . .   Alice has slipped in a step-aerobics class, hit her head and lost a decade. Now she's a grown-up, bossy mother of three in the middle of a nasty divorce and her beloved sister Elisabeth isn't speaking to her. This is her life but not as she knows it.   Clearly Alice has made some terrible mistakes. Just how much can happen in a decade?   Can she ever get back to the woman she used to be?   'Gripping, thought-provoking and funny' Marie Claire   'The perfect holiday read' She   'A call to embrace life' Easy Living   Liane Moriarty is the bestselling author of five novels, Three Wishes, The Last Anniversary, What Alice Forgot, The Hypnotist's Love Story and most recently the top ten bestseller The Husband's Secret, as well as the Space Brigade series for children. She lives in Sydney with her husband and son.
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  • Proof of Heaven

    Karton Kapak
    Internationally acclaimed neurosurgeon Dr Eben Alexander always considered himself a man of science. His unwavering belief in evidence-based medicine fuelled a career in the top medical institutions of the world. But all this was set to change.   One morning in 2008 he fell into a coma after suffering a rare form of bacterial meningitis. Scans of his brain revealed massive damage. Death was deemed the most likely outcome. As his family prepared themselves for the worst, something miraculous happened. Dr Alexander's brain went from near total inactivity to awakening. He made a full recovery but he was never the same. He woke certain of the infinite reach of the soul, he was certain of a life beyond death.   In this astonishing book, Dr Alexander shares his experience, pieced together from the notes he made as soon as he was able to write again. Unlike other accounts of near-death experiences, he is able to explain in depth why his brain was incapable of fabricating the journey he experienced. His story is one of profound beauty and inspiration.
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  • Paris

    Karton Kapak
    City of love. City of splendour. City of terror. City of dreams. Inspired by the haunting, passionate story of the city of lights, this epic novel weaves a gripping tale of four families across the centuries: from the lies that spawn the noble line of de Cygne to the revolutionary Le Sourds who seek their destruction, from
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  • Light Between Oceans

    Karton Kapak
    Richard and Judy summer bookclub read 2013, Goodreads category winner, and longlisted for the Women's Prize for Fiction 2013, stunning story of a lighthouse keeper and his wife who face a life-changing moral dilemma.   A boat washes up on the shore of a remote lighthouse keeper's island. It holds a dead man - and a crying baby. The only two islanders, Tom and his wife Izzy, are about to make a devastating decision. They break the rules and follow their hearts. What happens next will break yours.
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  • Life After Life

    Karton Kapak
    WINNER OF THE COSTA NOVEL AWARD What if you had the chance to live your life again and again, until you finally got it right? During a snowstorm in England in 1910, a baby is born and dies before she can take her first breath.   During a snowstorm in England in 1910, the same baby is born and lives to tell the tale.   What if there were second chances? And third chances? In fact an infinite number of chances to live your life? Would you eventually be able to save the world from its own inevitable destiny? And would you even want to?   Life After Life follows Ursula Todd as she lives through the turbulent events of the last century again and again. With wit and compassion, Kate Atkinson finds warmth even in life's bleakest moments, and shows an extraordinary ability to evoke the past. Here she is at her most profound and inventive, in a novel that celebrates the best and worst of ourselves.
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  • The Corporal's Wife

    Karton Kapak
    An Iranian soldier sits in an MI6 safe house.   He may only be a corporal, but as chauffeur to a top general he knows many secrets, such as the location of nuclear sites.   But the Corporal won't talk unless they bring his wife out of Iran, too.   So the SAS are asked to do the job - but they say it's impossible.   Which is how Zach Bennett, a university drop-out recruited for his language skills, and a rag-tag team of three ex-soldiers find themselves on a mission to Tehran. If they are caught, it will mean certain death.   And the Corporal's wife - fiery, independent and beautiful - is not the kind of person Zach was expecting. In fact, she's not like anyone he's ever met in his life.
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  • Broken Dolls

    Karton Kapak
    The first in James Carol's thrilling Jefferson Winter series, Broken Dolls offers rapid-fire suspense and a chilling look into the mind of a criminal - and into the mind of the one man who might be able to catch him.   Ex-FBI star profiler Jefferson Winter is no ordinary investigator. An eccentric genius and self-described geek with a passion for Mozart, he is haunted by the legacy of his notorious serial killer father . . . and not likely to admit this may be why he has such a phenomenal insight into the psychology that drives the criminals he hunts.   The former G-man is now a sought after freelance consultant, jetting around the globe helping local law enforcement agencies with their toughest cases. When Detective Inspector Mark Hatcher calls from Scotland Yard about a particularly disturbing case, Winter leaves his native California for the chilly streets of London to help track down a sadistic serial kidnapper.   Four victims, all young women, all tortured and then lobotomised. None of them able to tell the police the name of their attacker. None of them able to live normal lives again. Just broken dolls, played with then discarded.   When another young woman goes missing, Winter has to race against the clock to identify the attacker and find the latest victim before it's too late.   James Carol's breakout debut novel takes readers on an action-packed rollercoaster ride that fans of Criminal Minds, Silence of the Lambs, Sleepy Head, and the Jack Reacher and Alex Cross series won't want to miss.   More Jefferson Winter Thrillers:   Jefferson Winter returns in Presumed Guilty (July 2014), the first in a series of ebook novellas chronicling Winter's FBI days, and Watch Me (August 2014), the second full-length novel in the Winter series.   Also in the works: Television rights for Broken Dolls have been optioned by Sprout Pictures, the production company behind the Emmy award winning SKY comedy Moone Boy. The company is planning to adapt the novel into a major TV series, provisionally titled WINTER.
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  • Righting the Mother Tongue: From Olde English to Email, the Tangled Story of English Spelling

    Karton Kapak
    When did ghost acquire its silent h? Will cyberspace kill the one in rhubarb? And was it really rocket scientists who invented spell-check? In Righting the Mother Tongue, author David Wolman tells the cockamamie story of English spelling, by way of a wordly adventure from English battlefields to Google headquarters. Along the way, he joins spelling reformers picketing the national spelling bee, visits the town in Belgium—not England—where the first English books were printed, and takes a road trip with the boss at Merriam-Webster Inc. Wolman punctuates the journey with spelling wars waged by the likes of Samuel Johnson, Noah Webster, Theodore Roosevelt, and Andrew Carnegie. Rich with history, pop culture, curiosity, and humor, Righting the Mother Tongue explores how English spelling came to be, traces efforts to mend the code, and imagines the shape of tomorrow's words.
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  • Inside Cars

    Karton Kapak
    No space is as charged as the inside of one's car: at once control center and retreat, public and private, sensuous yet artificial. For many it is a sanctuary from the "outside" world, becoming almost a sacred space. It is a room we all know, yet few of us give much thought to it. Moreover, the introduction of telephones, video, e-mail, and mapping and driving systems is rapidly transforming the character of the car interior. Inside Cars examines this unusual space through a range of media, including photography, video, sculpture, and painting. Alex Harris photographs windshields and dashboards of 50-year old cars in Havana; Nan Goldin's intensely personal photographs reveal the emotions played out inside this intimate space; Greil Marcus considers music as a component of the car; Phil Patton imagines the design of car interiors of the future; Paul Arthur traces the shifting image of the car as expressed in American film noir. Together, the visual and written material provide an eclectic and stimulating look into this unique space--one that most people inhabit and ignore on a daily basis. This book is the first in a series that marks the transformation of the award-winning 2wice magazine into hardcover book format.
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