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  • The Call and the Response (Perspectives in Continental Philosophy)

    In the aptly titled The Call and the Response, renowned philosopher and theologian Jean-Louis Chrtien revisits a favorite theme: how human life is shaped by the experience of call and response, explored using art as a context. For Chrtien, art is about acts in response to what the artist sees or hears and how these acts provoke responses from viewers. Deeply spiritual and intellectual without being academic, his arguments are unique, in both style and content.
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  • Talking to God: Portrait of a World at Prayer

    Sert Kapak
    Essays by internationally renowned writers of faith explore the universal significance of prayer in this inspirational volume of lush images and meditative words. More than 100 photographs taken in 50 countries chronicle the diversity of the devotional experience in all of its intimacy, mystery, rapture, and stillness. The experience of prayer is shown to connect all parts of the human family in pursuit of a greater, transcending reality. With its breathtaking beauty and affirmation of life, this volume gives readers new insights into the practices of the world’s many faiths. Includes essays by Karen Armstrong, The Dalai Lama, Mohandas K. Gandhi, Thich Nhat Hanh, Jack Kornfield, Harold Kushner, C.S. Lewis, Thomas Merton, Thomas Moore, Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Kathleen Norris, Pope John Paul II, David Steindl-Rast, Desmond Tutu, Elie Wiesel, Michael Wolfe, and Carol Zaleski.
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  • Theological Aesthetics: A Reader

    Karton Kapak
    A useful reference for academics and lecturers seeking quick answers to questions, or quotations-set out in chronological order, covering material typical of an undergraduate course in Theological Aesthetics.
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  • The Cambridge Companion to Voltaire (Cambridge Companions to Literature)

    Sert Kapak
    As a leading thinker of the European Enlightenment, Voltaire is a central figure in France's collective cultural memory. The popularity of Candide has made him perhaps best known as a writer of tales. Yet these represent only a fraction of his entire œuvre. Voltaire created a style of authorship which made him the most famous writer in Europe and turned his name into a brand for a certain style of writing and thinking. This Companion covers his plays, fiction, pamphlets, correspondence, biblical criticism, and historical, political and philosophical thought, to give a wide-ranging view of his writings. The most comprehensive book on Voltaire available in English, it makes accessible the most recent research in France as well as the English-speaking world, in a series of original essays and a guide to sources. The essays demonstrate why Voltaire remains an essential point of reference in defining the modern intellectual today.
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  • Teachings of Rumi (Masnavi i Ma'Navi)

    Karton Kapak
    In this work of 1887, Edward Whinfield translated and commented upon The Masnavi, the mystical poetry of Jelalludin Rumi (1207-1273) - one of the most important texts in the study of Sufism.
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  • The Wisdom of Balsekar: The Essence of Enlightenment from the World's Leading Teacher of Advaita: The Concept of Nonduality

    Karton Kapak
    Retired bank president, golfer, husband, and father doesn't fit the stereotype of an Indian guru—which may account for Ramesh Balsekar's enormous popularity. His background and education, combined with his profound spiritual studies, make him an ideal bridge between East and West, the spiritual and the material. Regarded as the world's greatest living sage, Balsekar is the primary exponent of the teaching of Advaita, which holds that everything is one, that all humanity is an intrinsic part of the universe rather than split from it: in short, that nonduality is the all-encompassing truth. This anthology comprises thematic extracts from all the master’s written works to date. Approved by Balsekar, as well as by his leading disciple, Wayne Liquorman, it is powerful, accessible, witty, and always to the point.
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  • Tales of the Yanomami: Daily Life in the Venezuelan Forest (Canto original series)

    Karton Kapak
    The Yanomami Indians, living in the depths of the Venezuelan forest, are one of the most interesting of the world's tribal peoples. Jacques Lizot lived among them for over fifteen years and has written an account which allows them to speak for themselves, in stories told by Yanomami individuals. The tales are revealing in the insights they provide into the Indians' daily experience; their shamanism, magic and sorcery; and conflict and alliance with other villages. The result is a richly evocative and intimate account - illustrated with revealing photographs of the Yanomami's own perceptions of their world - recreating in detail the atmosphere, speech, noises, smells and images of life in the Amazon forest.
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  • Teachings of Rumi

    Karton Kapak
    Jelalludin Rumi (1207-1273) led the quiet life of an Islamic teacher in the central Anatolia (modern Turkey) until the age of thirty-seven, when he met a wandering dervish named Shams Tabriz—through whom he encountered the Divine Presence in a way that utterly transformed him. The result of this epiphany was the greatest body of mystical poetry the world has ever seen, and the establishment of a spiritual movement that would eventually stretch from Africa to China, enduring to our own day. This collection of versions of Rumi by Andrew Harvey contains some of the master's most luminous verse, along with selections from his lesser-read prose works, with the aim of presenting a balanced view of his teaching that includes both the high-flying love of God and the rigorous path of discipline essential for those who seek it.
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  • Poems, Parables and Drawings

    Poems, Parables and Drawings

    Sert Kapak
    The perfect companion to Kahlil Gibran's classic, The Prophet, this elegant volume presents an original selection of works by the popular writer and artist. It consists of the complete texts and drawings of The Madman and The Forerunner, plus 20 additional illustrations—many long out of print—and a perceptive essay by art historian Alice Raphael. The Madman features a series of concise stories and verses offering uplifting views of human nature. Gibran warmly encourages his readers to abandon the superficial and embrace the true self, an outlook that recurs in The Forerunner and its 24 morality tales. Each of the poems, parables, and illustrations reflects Gibran's fervent belief in the transformative powers of love. This splendid keepsake edition of the renowned author's influential works is an ideal gift for any occasion.
    Temin Edilemiyor
  • Robert Bresson: A Spiritual Style in Film

    Robert Bresson: A Spiritual Style in Film

    Sert Kapak
    Although Robert Bresson is widely regarded by movie critics and students of the cinema as one of the greatest directors of the twentieth century, his films are largely unknown and are rarely shown in the English-speaking world. Nonetheless, Susan Sontag has called Bresson "the master of the reflective mode in film."The present book, which introduces Bresson's movies to a broader audience, assesses thirteen of his most significant films in the context of detailed plot summaries, vivid descriptions of characters and settings, and perceptive, jargon-free insights into the director's execution, intention, and technique. Among these films, made between 1943 and 1983, are Diary of a Country Priest, A Man Escaped, Pickpocket, The Trial of Joan of Arc, Au Hasard Balthasar, Mouchette, A Gentle Woman, Lancelot of the Lake, and L'Argent. Each of these films in its own way illustrates what Joseph Cunneen calls Bresson's "spiritual style." Though not necessarily focused on the explicitly religious, they illustrate two complementary principles: on the negative side, the rejection of what the director called "photographed theater" with its artificiality and dependence on celebrity performers. On the more positive side, as Bresson himself expressed it, the conviction that, "The supernatural is only the real rendered more precise; real things seen close up." Being equally adamant about both these principles, he often had difficulty getting financial backing, and this in turn resulted in his having to abandon his long-cherished hope of making a movie on the biblical book of Genesis. Nevertheless, because of these firmly held principles, Martin Scorsese suggested that a young filmmaker should ask: "Is it as tough as Bresson?... Is [meaning] as ruthlessly pared down, as direct, as unflinching in its gaze at aspects of life I might feel more comfortable ignoring?"Questions that every reader of this book and every viewer of Bresson's films will also ask.
    Temin Edilemiyor
  • Living Religions: An Encyclopaedia of the World's Faiths

    Living Religions: An Encyclopaedia of the World's Faiths

    Karton Kapak
    Encompassing traditional faiths, indigenous religions, and the new religious movements, this book focuses on the historical development and teachings of each religion and explores how these religions have evolved into contemporary beliefs and practices.
    Temin Edilemiyor
  • Tracing the Way: Spiritual Dimensions of the World Religions

    Tracing the Way: Spiritual Dimensions of the World Religions

    Karton Kapak
    Tracing the Way is the product of a lifetime of experience. In researching and compiling this book Hans Küng has travelled to every corner of the globe in search of God in his many guises. Küng casts an analytical eye over the major world religions and offers a view of the present and what that means when measured against the past. He surveys, as succinctly as possible, the historical stages of each world religion and analyzes their major paradigms and paradigm shifts. Tracing the Way attempts to understand the religions, in both text and pictures, as objectively as possible, and discusses the social, political and historical contexts of the many forms of belief that exist today.
    Temin Edilemiyor
  • Chase, Chance, and Creativity: The Lucky Art of Novelty

    Chase, Chance, and Creativity: The Lucky Art of Novelty

    Karton Kapak
    This first book by the author of Zen and the Brain examines the role of chance in the creative process. James Austin tells a personal story of the ways in which persistence, chance, and creativity interact in biomedical research; the conclusions he reaches shed light on the creative process in any field.Austin shows how, in his own investigations, unpredictable events shaped the outcome of his research and brought about novel results. He then goes beyond this story of serendipity to propose a new classification of the varieties of chance, drawing on his own research and examples from the history of science--including the famous accidents that led Fleming to the discovery of penicillin. Finally, he explores the nature of the creative process, considering not only the environmental and neurophysiological correlates of creativity but also the role of intuition in both scientific discoveries and spiritual quests. This updated MIT Press paperback edition includes a new introduction and recent material on medical research, creativity, and spirituality.
    Temin Edilemiyor
  • Celtic Prayers and Incantations (Celtic, Irish)

    Celtic Prayers and Incantations (Celtic, Irish)

    Karton Kapak
    Here, in one concise volume, are highlights from Carmina Gadelica, a 19th-century anthology of ancient Gaelic prayers and incantations. Enriched with a combination of pagan and Christian imagery, these texts are written witnesses to a centuries-old oral tradition—a rare literary feast of Gaelic folklore from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.This collection of prayers, hymns, charms, incantations, blessings, runes, poems, and songs sweeps the landscape of the Gaelic imagination. An extraordinary assembly of verse and prose, it reveals the mysteries of a culture's arcane knowledge and spellbinding lore. From incantations used in healing, to blessings on livestock, prayers for protection against the evil eye, and seasonal hymns that include Christmas carols, these religious texts fascinate with their dignified, liturgical style. A monumental achievement in literature, this written record of ancient prayers captures the beauty and wisdom of the oral originals, which were once recited around traditional peat fires. Drawn from the depths of Celtic Christianity, they are a lasting testament of Gaelic faith.
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