Agricultural Sciences

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  • Keeping Pet Chickens

    Sert Kapak
    You are what you eat! When it comes to eggs, what could be better than walking to the bottom of your garden and collecting them daily courtesy of your own chickens? Food doesn't come fresher than this, and the great news is that keeping two or three chickens is really easy. You don't need farmland or lots of special equipment; today's exciting generation of chicken houses means that anyone with a bit of space - a garden, terrace, or simple backyard - can keep chickens. And the added bonus is that chickens make great pets. Low-maintenance and easy-going, provided they are regularly fed and watered chickens virtually look after themselves. No need to take them for a walk, and they come with a lifetime's supply of free eggs. This brilliant new guide to chicken keeping shows just how simple it is to enjoy the pleasure of keeping poultry. It's fun and it's rewarding - so get the chicken habit!
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  • Diccionario de floricultura Ball/Ball Floriculture Dictionary: English-Spanish/Spanish-English with Spanish Definitions

    Karton Kapak
    Making it easy to communicate within the floriculture industry, this bilingual dictionary annotates specific terms including those that relate to the biological, botanical, and entomological applications in the industry. Tables highlight translations of the most frequently used terms; provide conversions for measurements of temperature, length, volume, area, and weight; and facilitate quick reference of scientific and chemical names. Facilitando la comunicación entre la industria floricultura, este diccionario bilingüe anota los términos específicos incluyendo los que relacionan a la aplicación industrial de la biología, la botánica, y la entomología. Tablas proveen traducciones y conversiones de las medidas más comunes—la temperatura, la longitud, el volumen, la área, y el peso— y otras que proveen referencia rápida para las palabras científicas.
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  • The Chicken: A Natural History

    Sert Kapak
    In September 2009, The New Yorker magazine ran a feature proclaiming the chicken as the new "It Bird." The article celebrated the return of the backyard chicken and found in it the perfect convergence of economic, gastronomic, and emotional matters of the moment. It is certainly true that in the last few years, chickens have undergone an image makeover so astonishing that it should be studied by marketing consultants. The Chicken is a timely, encyclopedic, science-based study that offers a true understanding of the species, reclaiming it from its commercial status as a mere egg and meat provider. High-quality photography, illustration, and info-graphics combine with engaging and authoritative text to create an accessible reference title for the general market. Topics include anatomy, development biology, ancestry, breeding and origins, and a comprehensive look at chicken behaviors. Boxed asides are included throughout, relating the scientific detail to the practicalities of chicken husbandry. The books final chapter is devoted to a beautiful visual study of the characteristics of particular breeds, providing quick-reference information on their origins, particulars and appearance.
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  • Farming the Red Land: Jewish Agricultural Colonization and Local Soviet Power, 1924-1941

    Farming the Red Land: Jewish Agricultural Colonization and Local Soviet Power, 1924-1941

    Sert Kapak
    This is the first history of the Jewish agricultural colonies that were established in Crimea and Southern Ukraine in 1924 and that, fewer than 20 years later, ended in tragedy. Jonathan Dekel-Chen opens an extraordinary window on Soviet rural life during these turbulent years, and he documents the remarkable relations that developed among the American-Jewish sponsors of the ambitious project, the Soviet authorities, and the colonists themselves.Drawing on extensive and largely untouched archives and a wealth of previously unpublished oral histories, the book revises what has been understood about these agricultural settlements. Dekel-Chen offers new conclusions about integration and separation among Soviet Jews, the contours of international relations, and the balance of political forces within the Jewish world during this volatile period.
    Temin Edilemiyor
  • Organic Manifesto: How Organic Food Can Heal Our Planet, Feed the World, and Keep Us Safe

    Organic Manifesto: How Organic Food Can Heal Our Planet, Feed the World, and Keep Us Safe

    Karton Kapak
    Drawing on findings from leading health researchers as well as conversations with both chemical and organic farmers from coast to coast, Maria Rodale irrefutably outlines the unacceptably high cost of chemical farming on our health and our environment. She traces the genesis of chemical farming and the rise of the immense companies that profit from it, bringing to light the government’s role in allowing such practices to flourish. She further explains that modern organic farming would not only help reverse climate change by reducing harmful carbon emissions and soil depletion, but would also improve the quality of the food we eat, reduce diseases from asthma to cancer, and ensure a better quality of life in farming communities nationwide.  For every parent wondering how best to safeguard the health and safety of her children; for every environmentalist in search of a solution to the worsening crisis that afflicts our land, air, and waters; for every shopper who questions whether it is worth it to pay more for organic, Maria Rodale offers straightforward answers and a single, definitive course of action: We must demand organic now.
    Temin Edilemiyor
  • Urban Ants of North America and Europe: Identification, Biology, and Management

    Urban Ants of North America and Europe: Identification, Biology, and Management

    Ants that commonly invade homes, damage structures, inflict painful bites, or sting humans or their pets are considered pest ants. This illustrated identification guide highlights forty species of ants that pose difficulties in urban settings. Included are well-known invasive troublemakers such as the red imported fire ant and Argentine ant, as well as native species. After an introductory chapter on the evolution, biology, and ecology of pest ants, the book follows a taxonomic arrangement by subfamily. Each subfamily chapter includes separate illustrated keys to both the genera and species of that group to enable entomologists and pest control professionals to identify pest ants correctly. The species accounts cover biology, distribution, and methods for excluding and/or removing ants from human structures and landscapes. The authors focus on the ants' biology and nesting behavior, life cycles, and feeding preferences; an intimate understanding of these factors enables the implementation of the least toxic control methods available. A chapter on control principles and techniques encompasses chemical strategies, habitat and structural modifications, biological control, and integrated pest management methods. Urban Ants of North America and Europe also contains valuable information on the diagnosis and treatment of human reactions to ant stings and bites. This comprehensive reference work on these economically significant ants includes the scientific, English, French, Spanish, and German names for each species and a summary of invasive ant species in the United States and Europe.
    Temin Edilemiyor
  • At Home in the Vineyard: Cultivating a Winery, an Industry, and a Life

    At Home in the Vineyard: Cultivating a Winery, an Industry, and a Life

    Sert Kapak
    This moving, evocative memoir, woven with lyrical descriptions of the sights and smells of vineyard life, tells the inspirational story of one woman's journey to success in an industry run mostly by men. "At Home in the Vineyard, "filled with colorful characters and unexpected experiences, brings a local rural community vividly alive as Oregon wine pioneer and industry icon Susan Sokol Blosser recounts how she fell in love with a vineyard, learned how to run it, and ultimately achieved her vision of producing Pinot Noirs to rival those of Burgundy. An intimate family story, "At Home in the Vineyard "also gives a candid insider's view of Oregon's flourishing wine industry. Sokol Blosser begins her narrative in the 1970s, when, as a young, idealistic wife, she helped her husband make his wild idea of planting a vineyard in the Dundee Hills become a reality. By the book's final pages, she has become president of Sokol Blosser Winery, widely respected for gaining national visibility and for producing world-class wines, especially the elusive Pinot Noir. Along the way, Sokol Blosser tells how she learned to do everything from driving a tractor and managing a picking crew to selling Oregon wine in Manhattan. She also shares some special accomplishments: how she instituted values of environmental sustainability and social responsibility at the vineyard, integrated family and business life, and successfully brought the second generation on board.
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  • The Inverted Bowl (Introductory Accounts of the Universe and Its Life)

    The Inverted Bowl (Introductory Accounts of the Universe and Its Life)

    Karton Kapak
    A study of planets orbiting stars other than our Sun, the exoplanets. It explores the question of whether there can be life elsewhere in the Universe and whether this might involve advanced technologically-capable beings like ourselves., The present well-established study of planets orbiting stars other than our Sun, the exoplanets, was reviewed by the author in his earlier book "Wandering Stars". This new and exciting field of study has expanded quickly, particularly due to technological advances in both Earth-based telescopes and, more recently, in the application of automatic space vehicles. Well over 300 exoplanets have now been catalogued, each of mass comparable to or greater than those of the major planets of the Solar System. Earth-sized bodies remain out of reach for the present. The data obtained so far show that the distribution of major planets in our Solar System is the exception rather than the rule, contrary to earlier expectations. A few exoplanet systems do, nevertheless, give the promise of broadly Solar System conditions with the possibility of Earth-like components in appropriate orbits. This immediately raises the age-old question of whether there can be life elsewhere in the Universe and whether this might involve advanced technologically-capable beings like ourselves. The topic is explored in this workbook. To gain a balanced perspective on these matters, the arguments are set against the broad panorama of the Universe on the one hand and on the evolution of life on Earth leading to Homo sapiens on the other. More than this, the apparatus for achieving technological excellence, such as the development of appropriate energy sources and the invention of the required mathematical skills, is also included. This wide range of arguments is unusual. This notebook-cum-workbook provides a firm and comprehensive introduction to these studies. It is written by an expert in the field for readers beginning to ponder these questions seriously. It is hoped that the reader will extend the arguments further as the subject develops. A special feature is an extensive compendium to act as the beginnings of a personal inventory. "The Inverted Bowl" is in a very real sense a companion to "Wandering Stars"., Planets Orbiting the Sun and Other Stars; The Dynamic Earth; Life in Water: The Precambrian; Life Develops in the Phanerozoic; Hominids - Homo Sapiens; A Universe of Exo-Life?; Appendices: A Cosmic Universe Revealed; The Local Universe; The Strange World of the Atom; Sources of Energy; The Language of Science: Mathematics., Cole makes a good work of giving an introductory account of these matters. The book is clearly written and well structured The book also offers an extensive set of appendices and a compendium of relevant references, which might serve as a precious guide for further study. -- Contemporary Physics "Contemporary Physics"
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