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  • The Field and Forest Handy Book (Dover Children's Activity Books)

    Karton Kapak
    Written by a co-founder of the Boy Scouts of America, this appealing guide introduces the pleasures and challenges of outdoor life. Although it was published a century ago, Daniel C. Beard's book offers timeless tips that show boys and girls how to feel at home in nature. With a cheerful, "can-do" attitude, Beard presents clear directions and simple diagrams for building birdhouses, boats, igloos, and other fun projects, along with numerous helpful tips for campers. Truly a book for all seasons, The Field and Forest Handy Book begins with the spring and features year-round activities, from constructing kites and rafts to building camp stoves and bobsleds. There's even a chapter on "How to Build Indoor Play Houses, Secret Castles and How to Make Mysterious Chests" for the inevitable rainy days. These activities encourage young people to experience the wonders of nature and foster a sense of self-sufficiency and independence. With this book in hand, they can transform even a small backyard into a land of adventure, with activities that will occupy them for hours and projects that are fun to make, and also produce working results.
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  • Essential Guide: Outdoor Survival (Essential Guides)

    Essential Guide: Outdoor Survival (Essential Guides)

    Karton Kapak
    As a reaction to high-tech pressures, people are turning to the outdoors for release and spending more and more time there. Adventurers must be prepared to handle unexpected situations and emergencies at any time and place. Outdoor Survival covers in depth the essentials for surviving in unknown terrain. Includes step-by-step methods for creating shelters, crossing rivers, making fires, and finding food and water in natural environments. Also includes how to navigate by the planets and stars, how to tailor gear to terrain and first aid and handling medical emergencies.
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