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  • Intermediate Shotokan Karate: Unravelling the Brown Belt and First Black Belt Kata

    Karton Kapak
    The kata form an integral part of the karate training syllabus and act as templates through which the vast range of different moves can be practiced, developed, and perfected. This volume provides instruction in the intermediate kata required for grading from 3rd kyu through to 1st dan black belt. The kata covered are Tekki Shodan, Basai Dai, Ji'in, Jion, Jitte, Kanku Dai, and Enpi. These kata are also a mandatory part of the black belt syllabus going forward through the higher dan grades. Alongside each kata, selected physical applications [bunkai] are provided for some of the moves to provide a more in-depth understanding. 
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  • The Victorians and Sport

    Sert Kapak
    Many of the sports that have spread across the world, from athletics and boxing to golf and tennis, had their origins in nineteenth-century Britain. They were exported around the world by the British Empire, and Britain's influence in the world led to many of its sports being adopted in other countries. (Americans, however, liked to show their independence by rejecting cricket for baseball.) The Victorians and Sport is a highly readable account of the role sport played in both Victorian Britain and its empire. Major sports attracted mass followings and were widely reported in the press. Great sporting celebrities, such as the cricketer Dr W.G. Grace, were the best-known people in the country, and sporting rivalries provoked strong loyalties and passionate emotions. Mike Huggins provides fascinating details of individual sports and sportsmen. He also shows how sport was an important part of society and of many people's lives.
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  • German Travel Cultures (Leisure, Consumption and Culture)

    Sert Kapak
    Travel guidebooks are an important part of contemporary culture, but we know relatively little about their history and importance to the evolution of tourism. Germany not only produced the first international standard for travel handbooks, the Baedeker, but also became a major tourist destination early in the twentieth century. This is the first comprehensive discussion of the history of tourist guidebooks for any modern nation.Selecting representative texts - the first Baedeker to unified Germany, guides to Berlin sex life and sites of Nazi martyrdom, a tour guide for the German worker and American tourbooks to West Germany - this fascinating study relates the history of tourist literature to the formation of distinct 'travel cultures' oriented to specific audiences, tastes and ideologies.
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  • A Dictionary of the Martial Arts

    Karton Kapak
    From well-known forms such as ju-jutsu, karate, tae-kwon-do, aikido, t'ai-chi chu'an, and kung-fu to the less familiar practices of kyudo, kendo, and yabusame, this encyclopedic reference defines the terms and describes the moves, motivations, and contest rules for all of the major martial arts. Comprehensive and well-illustrated, its alphabetically arranged entries cover not only the technical and historical details of each martial art, but a wide range of weaponry, influential practitioners from Miyamoto Musashi to Bruce Lee, techniques such as ibuki and ki-ai, and concepts such as do, qi, shen, and wa.Hundreds of diagrams and drawings illustrate the finer points of all techniques. Cross references further clarify the relationships between the martial arts of one country and another and between related styles. Clear and detailed in its explanations, this is the book that no martial-arts enthusiast can do without.
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  • Harvard Beats Yale 29-29

    Sert Kapak
    Based on the critically acclaimed documentary, Harvard Beats Yale 29-29 tells the story of the most famous college football game in history Harvard Stadium, November 23, 1968: For the first time since 1909, the football teams of Harvard and Yale are undefeated as they meet for their final game. Yale, led by captain and quarterback Brian Dowling (later satirized as B.D. in classmate Garry Trudeau?s Doonesbury comic strip) is heavily favored. The underdog team from Harvard includes lineman Tommy Lee Jones?Al Gore?s roommate and future Hollywood star. What follows is widely regarded as among the best games of all time. First came Rafferty?s documentary of the game, which Newsday called ?A nail-biting sports story,? and Time Out New York deemed ?close to perfect.? Now, in this compelling and unique new book, Rafferty intercuts photos of the game and Trudeau?s original drawings with the hilarious and suspenseful recollections of the fifty players to create a stunning account of one of the most famous games of all time. Praise for the documentary Harvard Beats Yale 29-29 ?Preposterously entertaining . . . A narrative that pulses with the artful, exciting beats of a thriller.? ?The New York Times ?Hugely enjoyable . . . a fascinating piece of social history.? ?NPR?s Fresh Air
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  • Strategy in Japanese Swordsmanship

    Karton Kapak
    After years of practicing persistently and developing technical prowess, advanced students in the Japanese sword arts need to cultivate a strategic mind if they are to advance to the rarefied level of master swordsperson. Rather than passively absorbing the sword techniques, an ambitious student needs to focus more directly on the two ultimate goals of the art—to cut the opponent while avoiding being cut and to move toward perfection of character. In Strategy in Japanese Swordsmanship—the third volume in his invaluable series on Japanese swordsmanship—Nicklaus Suino, one of the most respected swordsmen in the United States, clearly and concisely presents a tactical approach to training, grounded in these two objectives. He provides a framework for learning strategy in swordsmanship, and demonstrates techniques and drills that help put the strategies into practice. Some of the topics that Suino covers include:    •  the nature of strategy, timing, and distance    •  sword handling    •  the importance of vision and state of mind    •  timing and distancing     •  reading an opponent’s intention Suino shows how through careful consideration of the technical issues, consistent practice, and ceaseless reflection, a diligent student can cultivate a strategic mind and learn how to achieve mastery over any opponent. To learn more about the author, Nicklaus Suino, go to Click on the thumbnail to view a larger image.  Page 135
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  • Everything I Know About Life I Learned From My Horse

    Sert Kapak
    Gwen Petersen earlier enlightened us on the joys of shovelling manure. Now, in this delightful new collection of pithy and hilarious essays, she explains how her philosophy of life comes with a good dose of horse sense. Here's advice on how to fall off a horse with style, dressing to avoid embarrassing your equine friend, 1,001 uses for bag balm, perfecting the care and feeding of veterinarians and farriers, cattle drives and branding's, and falling in love all over again (with a horse, that is). Petersen's words are as amusing as they are instructive, and whether you're a horse lover or simply someone in need of a down-to-earth laugh, this is a book you won't want to miss.
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  • For the World's Best Golfer: A Full Round of Fun For the Expert on the Course

    Sert Kapak
    Packed with humorous stories of golfing gaffes, silly snippets from the history of the game, hilarious anecdotes, golfers (men) talking about golfers (women) and vice versa, as well as quotes from all manner of celebrity golfers, this is just what’s needed to help a novice golfer take heart or a veteran player realize just how good he (or she!) really is.
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  • Injury Free Horse: Hands-On Methods for Maintaining Soundness and Health

    Karton Kapak
    All horse lovers want to keep their animals healthy, and the Injury-Free Horse gives them the confidence and knowledge to accomplish that goal. Noted expert Amanda Sutton encourages readers to develop a better relationship with their horses, offering advice for: *Improving a horse's physical and mental well-being through massage, suppling and stretching exercises--complete with step-by-step photos! *Recognizing problems and heading off injury with preventative care *Modifying exercise programs for special cases, including older horses and those in rigorous competition An essential guide for any horse owner, this is a book that will be pulled off the shelf again and again! Amanda Sutton has worked as a physiotherapist for a variety of high-profile events, including the Windsor and Burghley horse trials and the Barcelona and Atlanta Olympics. the owner and manager of Harestock Stud Physiotherapy Practice, she lives near Winchester, Hants, England.
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  • Motorcycle Track Day Handbook

    Karton Kapak
    For years track days have been popular activities for European motorcyclists. In recent years it has become a very popular activity in the U.S. as well. As traffic laws become increasingly draconian, roads become increasingly congested, and motorcycles become increasingly capable, more people are taking their bikes to race tracks. Currently there are a number of organizations catering to people who attend track days. But many people who want to ride on racetracks don't attend track days because they don't know how to prepare themselves or their motorcycles for the racetrack. This book will provide tell them everything they need to know to hit the racetrack: how to prepare their motorcycles, how to find organizations that sponsor track days, where to attend track days, specific information for the major racetracks in the United States, information on track schools around the country, and much, much more.About the AuthorKent Larson, an accomplished racer and a control rider for NESBA, one of the country's leading track day organizations, contributed the chapter on track days to our high performance riding book Total Control. Larson lives in Woodbury, Minnesota.
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  • The Pool Bible (Bible (Chartwell))

    Karton Kapak
    Pool is one of the world's most popular sports--and one of the most exciting.Rack 'em up with The Pool Bible and get a complete understanding of the game including the history, legends of the game, cue choice and care, shots and angles, trick shots, and variations like eight ball, one pocket, and blackball.Also included are tips on how to transfer your pool skills to other cue sports like snooker and billiards.
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  • The Undisciplined Horse

    Sert Kapak
    The author of The Undisciplined Horse was a veterinarian, a leading judge, and an accomplished horseman. While he understood the need for discipline, he believed that all training should be based on a real understanding of equine psychology. Readers of this book will appreciate that as well as providing constructive, common-sense advice on how to deal with unwelcome behaviour such as kicking, shying, napping and bucking, explanations are also provided as to why it happens, giving invaluable insight into the horse's character, instincts, and thought-processes. The content is wide-ranging and covers not only everyday behaviour problems likely to be encountered in stable, field, while travelling, and hacking out, but also all types of schooling and training difficulties. This book is every owner's guide to understanding and solving vice,, disobedience, behavioural, and training problems in the stable, field, and under saddle.
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  • Trail Riding: Train, Prepare, Pack Up & Hit the Trail

    Sert Kapak
    Hitting the open trail on horseback is the ultimate dream vacation for many people. And for the vast majority of established riders who do not compete or show horses, trail riding brings the greatest pleasure, whether on a three-mile loop around an open field or a twenty-mile trek up a rugged mountainside. A dependable, well-trained horse is the key to a fulfilling trail experience. In Trail Riding, author Rhonda Hart Poe offers fundamental instruction and detailed advice on every aspect of preparing for and executing a pleasurable trail ride. This begins with selecting the most appropriate horse for the task and goes on to cover training, conditioning, trailering the horse, and selecting tack and gear with an eye on safety. No other book delves into such depth on how to prepare for and handle different types of terrain and potential obstacles and tricky situations, such as turning around on a narrow trail, stepping over fallen logs, side passing, and dealing with unpredictable distractions. Whether a rider is interested in a quiet afternoon ride or a five-day backwoods endurance event, Trail Riding is essential reading. Promoting the whole adventure, from start to finish, Poe also includes amazing trail stories from riders across North America, as well as a resource listing great trail rides.
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  • AHA! Sachwissen für Grundschüler: Fußball

    Sert Kapak
    Welche Ausrüstung braucht ein Fußballspieler? Worum geht es bei der Abseitsregel? Und welche Wettbewerbe gibt es? Alles, was man rund um den Fußball wissen muss, ist hier spannend und unterhaltsam aufbereitet. Ein echter Volltreffer für die kommende Europameisterschaft 2008.
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  • Le grand livre Hachette de la Plongée

    Sert Kapak
    Un livre pratique et d'inspiration destiné aux débutants amateurs de plongée sous marine mais aussi passionnés par les fonds marins (faune et flore). Un ouvrage qui répertorie tous les aspects de la plongée : théorie, pratique, sécurité, conditions physiques, équipement, formation et fait rêver le lecteur avec des chapitres réservés à la découverte des fonds marins (descriptif faune et flore, notions pour photographier sous l'eau, sites de plongée à explorer...
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