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  • The World's Lighthouses: From Ancient Times to 1820 (Dover Maritime)

    Karton Kapak
    This super, profusely illustrated survey by noted authority recounts the history of seamarks from antiquity to the early 19th century. Chronicling both the construction of the towers and the methods of illumination, the text offers a wealth of technical data in highly readable form, plus 261 black-and-white illustrations.
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  • Tunnelling to Freedom and Other Escape Narratives from World War I

    Karton Kapak
    These real-life adventures from the desperate years of World War I are the stories of prisoners of war who used their wits to win their freedom. Inspiring and exciting, the 17 tales are told by the fugitives themselves. Each tale abounds in remarkable examples of resourcefulness. 15 black-and-white illustrations and 3 maps.
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  • Incidents of Travel in Greece, Turkey, Russia, and Poland

    Karton Kapak
    His wandering spirit mellowing his analytic eye, John L. Stephens is the best kind of guide. Whether describing the richness of a seraglio in Turkey or the drama of a gambling hall in Russia, the congenial and charismatic style of his narrative-with its hearty doses of humor-is warming, while the enthusiastic accounts of treks, discoveries, and friends made utterly engages. Add to this Stephens' conscientious inclusion of historical, sociopolitical, anthropological, and sometimes mythological, context, and Incidents of Travel in Greece, Turkey, Russia, and Poland becomes the next best thing to being there. American traveler, diplomat, and author JOHN LLOYD STEPHENS (1805-1852) topped off an academic youth by exploring the world, eventually distinguishing himself in such endeavors as playing a primary role in the building of the Panama Railroad, and producing the era's preeminent record of Mesoamerican culture in his work Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas and Yucatan.
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  • Kenya (Safari Companions)

    Karton Kapak
    Stunning countryside and an abundance of wildlife places Kenya high on the list for the enthusiastic photographer, always on the lookout for that outstanding picture. Here, the authors, both highly talented professionals whose many stunning images appear throughout this book, set out to show how its done.
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  • Trail Riding: Train, Prepare, Pack Up & Hit the Trail

    Sert Kapak
    Hitting the open trail on horseback is the ultimate dream vacation for many people. And for the vast majority of established riders who do not compete or show horses, trail riding brings the greatest pleasure, whether on a three-mile loop around an open field or a twenty-mile trek up a rugged mountainside. A dependable, well-trained horse is the key to a fulfilling trail experience. In Trail Riding, author Rhonda Hart Poe offers fundamental instruction and detailed advice on every aspect of preparing for and executing a pleasurable trail ride. This begins with selecting the most appropriate horse for the task and goes on to cover training, conditioning, trailering the horse, and selecting tack and gear with an eye on safety. No other book delves into such depth on how to prepare for and handle different types of terrain and potential obstacles and tricky situations, such as turning around on a narrow trail, stepping over fallen logs, side passing, and dealing with unpredictable distractions. Whether a rider is interested in a quiet afternoon ride or a five-day backwoods endurance event, Trail Riding is essential reading. Promoting the whole adventure, from start to finish, Poe also includes amazing trail stories from riders across North America, as well as a resource listing great trail rides.
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  • 101 Historic Hideaways (Bounty 101)

    101 Historic Hideaways (Bounty 101)

    Sert Kapak
    Throughout history, man has sought to build empires and gain dominance. By piecing together remains of those former empires you can plot a vivid timeline of the past. South America's Inca ruins may clash aesthetically with the Spanish and Portuguese colonial architecture aroundthem, but together they paint the continent's story. This juxtaposition of old and even older is repeated in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North America and Australia and is explored throughout the beautiful guide.
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  • Paris: Women & Bicycles

    Paris: Women & Bicycles

    Karton Kapak
    These days, bicycles are as much a part of the image of Paris as the Eiffel Tower. Through his photographs, Gil Garcetti captures fleeting figures, silhouettes that appear suddenly, turn a street corner and then disappear on the horizon. With an artist's eye, he goes beyond documentation and creates a delicate mosaic of our city on bicycles. This elegant work is at once tribute and testimony to the mix of commonplace and extraordinary featured on its pages.—Bertrand Delanoë, mayor of ParisIn Paris: Women & Bicycles, acclaimed photographer Gil Garcetti (Iron: Erecting the Walt Disney Concert Hall) focuses his attention on the head-turning sight of women as they ride their bicycles through the scenic streets of Paris. Dressed with a quintessential French flair, Parisian women of all ages commute to work, run errands, meet friends for coffee, catch a movie, or go to the theater. Through snow, rain, and summer heat they eschew cars, doing their part to clear the air in the city of light.
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  • 501 Must Visit Natural Wonders

    501 Must Visit Natural Wonders

    Sert Kapak
    Illustrated with stunning photography and providing realistic advice for visiting these sometimes remote corners of the earth, this book serves as both an inspiration and a practical guide. There is a wealth of wonders here to exhaust even the most intrepid of armchair travellers.
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