Liability Of The Air Carrier
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Liability Of The Air Carrier

In International Law, European Law And In Turkish Law
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International Air Law assumed great importance since the sudden increase in the International Air Transport during the twen-tieth century. The issue of diverging interpretations of a uniform text is not new, but it has assumed a growing importance in this century. Today's air transport industry is a strong global sector with a vastly improved and steadily improving safety record. Air transport plays an important role in economic development. in the 21 st century travel and tourism will be the most important factor of the economies of the world. The air transport is also bound to undergo many changes, so also the rules governing the interna-tional air transport including the amount of compensation and airfares in the real term.

Especially, the air cargo industry is fascinating. Each day new challenges arise, legal problems, political, commercial, operational issues and problems must be solved just as quickly. Cargo claims are commonplace in the air cargo industry, and solving them in-volves dealing with the customer's pressure for a quick and favourable solution, the insurer's slow and rather formalistic proc-ess, and the airline's pressure to clear ali cargo claims as quickly as possible. Therefore, rather than analyzing legal issues, a person in charge of cargo claims has to find a compromise acceptable to ali the parties involved1. Air cargo is currently a $ 40 billion industry that is expected to develop rapidly during the next 20 years. Two main factors stimulate air cargo growth, market development and techni-cal development. A legal analysis of international air cargo claims must start with an examination of the applicable international re-gime. Probably the most widely accepted instrument concerning the unification of private law is the Warsaw Convention for the Unifica-tion of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air of 1929, which governs international carriage by air for passengers, baggage, and goods. 

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