Managing Soil without Using Chemicals
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Managing Soil without Using Chemicals

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Soil is our greatest garden asset and this book contains a wealth of information to help you get to know and work with it. It looks at soil structure and how soil 'works', explains how to identify different soil types and then gives advice on how to care for and manage your soil.

We are all aware of global warming, the greenhouse effect, the extinction of species of flora and fauna, the pollution of land, sea and air. But what, you may ask, have these global problems to do with organic gardening? A great deal.

Every year millions of gardeners pour herbicides, pesticides and chemicals into the land and all this adds to the destruction of our environment. So why not become an organic gardener and make a contribution to protecting our precious world?

Do not be put off by some people who say organic gardens are of little or no help. We all have to start somewhere and our gardens are as good a place as any. Organic gardening is not only much more fun than reading the label on a packet of chemicals, but there are other benefits too: healthier fruit and vegetables and a garden teeming with a variety of wildlife.

Remember...every garden counts!

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