Master the TOEFL İBT - Vocabulary Questions

Master the TOEFL İBT - Vocabulary Questions

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This is the book that will maximize your score on the TOEFL İBT Reading vocabulary questions, the most common questions, the most common questions in the cection. Most TOEFL İBT vocobulary books make you memorize words out -of-context, but then when you go to take the official TOEFL İBT test, the questions are so difficult that just konwing a one -or-two-word definition does not help.

This book does not take that approach. Master the TOEFL İBT Vocabulary Qestions is the first guide on the market to show you how to attack TOEFL İBT questions as they are written on the exam . You will not see long lists of words and definitions, and quizzes with questions that do not resemble those on the exam.

All the strategies in this book are test- focused!

4 Complete TOEFL İBT Reading Passages with Questions
Life Savers that help on every question
Tricks and Traps frequently used by the test writers
A proven guessing strategy
The most frequently tested words on the TOEFL İBT

Do not waste any more time before you learn how the TOEFL İBT test writers think!
Master the approach laid out in this book and watch as your TOEFL İBT reading score soars!

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