Moby Dick

Moby Dick

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This series of simplified easy readers has a vacabulary of apporximately 600 words.

They are suitable for student between the ages of 12 and 16 who have studied English for about two years.

These books are particulary useful as support meterial for teachers of English as a second language, since they have been structured to encourage active reading: on the lefthand page there is the story, complete with explanatory notes in English, and on the right-hand page there are exercises which refer exclussively to the text oppossite. In this way the student is obliged not only to make a thorought study of what he has read, but also to analyse the use of vacobulary, tenses, syntax, etc. and to reproduce it; in this way, his teacher (and he himself) are able to verify his comprehension. Hence the name Activity Book -all writing is done on the page. No extra paper. No copy-books. And no need to leaf throught the book -all student needs it there before his eyes.

Each exercise is complete with an example that makes it quite clear what the student has to do. Some exercises review his grammatical knowledge of the English language, others are goog fun. By the end of the book the student will know the story and should be able to reccount it, too!

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