Moche Fineline Painting

Moche Fineline Painting

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The Moche culture, which flourished on the north coast of Peru between 100 and 800 B.C.E., has been known to art historians and archaeologists for over a century. Only recently, however, with the discovery of the fabulous Royal Tombs of Sip·n, have the Moche become as well known to the public as the Inca, who appeared several centuries later. This book traces the fineline painting tradition from the beginning to the end of the Moche culture. Although the Moche had no writing system, they left a vivid artistic record of their beliefs and activities in beautifully modeled and painted ceramics. Because of their complexity and wide range of subject matter, these paintings provide a wealth of information about Moche civilization.

About the Author

Christopher B. Donnan is a professor of anthropology at Ucla where he is also director of the Moche Archive at the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology. Donna McClelland has collaborated with Professor Donnan for nearly 30 years.
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