Mome Fall 2010 (Vol. 20) (Mome)

Mome Fall 2010 (Vol. 20) (Mome)

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Comicdom’s premier anthology of comics lit.

Mome (mo~m), n. Archaic, a fool; blockhead. The influence of Fantagraphics’ flagship quarterly anthology of new comic art and storytelling continues to grow. Celebrating its fifth anniversary in 2010, the series has published over 2,000 pages of comics in its half-decade of existence, becoming a staple for those eager to discover what’s new in the world of literary comics. MOME showcases the best new talent of this decade’s ascendant cartoon generation, alongside work from some of North America and Europe’s most respected creators.

Upcoming contributors of short stories to MOME include: Lilli Carre´, Nicolas Mahler, Laura Park, Olivier Schrauwen, Tom Kaczynski, Dash Shaw, Ray Fenwick, Andrice Arp, Al Columbia, Eleanor Davis, Nathan Neal, Conor O’Keefe, Derek Van Gieson, Jon Vermilyea, Frank Santoro, Ben Jones, Rick Froberg, Kamagurka & Seele, Robert Goodin, Sara Edward-Corbett, Derek Van Gieson, and many more.

Our upcoming volumes also continue to serialize four new—and wildly divergent— graphic novels: T. Edward Bak’s “Wild Man,” a biography of German naturalist Georg Wilhelm Steller; Rene´e French’s surreal “Almost Sound”; Kurt Wolfgang’s uniquely endearing take on the apocalypse, “Nothing Eve”; and “The Moolah Tree,” Ted Stearn’s quixotic adventure starring the anthropomorphic Fuzz & Pluck, who discover a literal money tree, leading them on a picaresque journey with strong thematic ties to America’s financial meltdown. 120 pages of color comics

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