MTV Unplugged (LP)

MTV Unplugged (LP)

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LP 1

1. Jackie (Side A)

2. For What It's Worth (Side A)

3. 36 Degrees (Side A)

4. Because I Want You (Side A)

5. Every You Every Me (feat. Majke Voss Romme) (Side A)

6. Song To Say Goodbye (Side B)

7. Meds (Side B)

8. Protect Me From What I Want (feat. Joan As Police Woman) (Side B)

9. Loud Like Love (Side B)


LP 2

1. Too Many Friends (Side A)

2. Post Blue (Side A)

3. Slave To The Wage (Side A)

4. Without You I'm Nothing (Side A)

5. Hold On To Me (Side B)

6. Bosco (Side B)

7. Where Is My Mind? (Side B)

8. The Bitter End (Side B)

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