New Natural Home: Designs for Sustainable Living

New Natural Home: Designs for Sustainable Living

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Inspirational houses from around the world: how architects and home owners can achieve harmony between dwellings and nature.

Our houses can be seen as living, breathing entities, extensions of ourselves and our families. This carefully considered publication provides the design inspiration to build and live in domestic spaces in a balanced, natural, sustainable way.

With the demands of all contemporary dwellings in mind—whether they’re found in the city, suburbs, or country—Dominic Bradbury considers the design basics one must follow in order to coexist with the planet’s resources.

Five chapters present successful projects from different parts of the globe, all specially photographed by Richard Powers.
     • Design and Build: where and how to create a modern natural home
     • Let There Be Light: manipulating the elements to improve lifestyle and interaction with nature
     • The Material World: using natural products to establish healthier relationships with the environment
     • Indoor/Outdoor Living: ideas for encouraging symbiotic relationships with the landscape, whether in the city or the country
     • Sustainable Footprints: how to naturally reduce domestic energy use

The book includes case studies and plans, a directory of architects, and a listing of featured houses, materials, and useful products. 340 full-color and 46 black-and-white photographs

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