Newton and His Apple and Simple Newton Physics
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Newton and His Apple and Simple Newton Physics

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Isaac Newton was a shy, quiet boy growing up on a farm in England 300 years ago. He was not a very good student and nobody paid much attention to him. Nobody that is, except the school bully. One day the bully punched Isaac in the stomach. That hurt, and that got Isaac very mad! Isaac pushed the bully onto the ground and rubbed his face in the mud. All the other kids hated the bully and came and cheered for Isaac. So Isaac taught the bully a lesson, but he wasn't satisfied with that.So he started paying attention to school and studying hard. He was soon the top of his class, proving he was smarter than the bully too. Isaac Newton kept on studying and when he grew up he became a math professor at Cambridge University. He discovered lots of important things and is one of the most famous scientists who ever lived. But One day Isaac was reading a book under an apple tree on the farm. An apple fell out of the tree- bonk! Ow! This book telling this excellent biographic story very simple, teaching and amazingly..

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