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  • Nature and Mortality: Recollections of a Philosopher in Public Life

    Karton Kapak
    Mary Warnock, a professional philosopher, gives a frank account of where we stand today on such disturbing matters as human embryology, genetic engineering, euthanasia, and abortion. Governments of both parties have long regarded Warnock as an expert on a wide range of issues on the border between ethics and law and she is considered an ideal person to guide and assist experts. Although Warnock's views may be shocking to some, her contribution to the debate is always stimulating. Here, her views on weighty ethical issues are set in the context of her own experience of writing reports on them. The framework of her book is autobiographical and therefore highly personal. Nature and Mortality is Warnock at her most perceptive, wise, and entertaining.
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  • Worm: The First Digital World War

    Sert Kapak
    From the author of Black Hawk Down comes the story of the battle between those determined to exploit the internet and those committed to protect it—the ongoing war taking place literally beneath our fingertips.The Conficker worm infected its first computer in November 2008 and within a month had infiltrated 1.5 million computers in 195 countries. Banks, telecommunications companies, and critical government networks (including the British Parliament and the French and German military) were infected. No one had ever seen anything like it. By January 2009 the worm lay hidden in at least eight million computers and the botnet of linked computers that it had created was big enough that an attack might crash the world. This is the gripping tale of the group of hackers, researches, millionaire Internet entrepreneurs, and computer security experts who united to defend the Internet from the Conficker worm: the story of the first digital world war.
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  • Spanish Table, The: Traditional Recipes and Wine Pairings from Spain and Portugal

    Sert Kapak
    THE SPANISH TABLE COOKBOOK Authentic Recipes and Wine Pairings IN RESPONSE TO THE REQUESTS of his patrons, Steve Winson has created a cookbook full of tasty recipes for those specialty cooking utensils unique to Spain and Portugal-paella pans, cazuelas, cataplanas, and ollas. In a cheery and informative way, he provides the history and culture of the pans and how to use them. He also offers an excellent section on Iberian wines and ideas for hosting fun tasting parties. So, when in the mood for something a bit exotic, this book makes it easy for home cooks to try their hand at a traditional seafood paella, or Clams Medeira, or Black Olive-Fig Tapenade served with a fine Pedro Ximenex sherry. It's a trip to the Old Country without leaving the kitchen. Iberian/Spanish cuisine is currently "in fashion," with several top chefs garnering recent media attention. The self-published volume sold 5,000 copies. The self-published version of this book was listed as one of "1001 Cookbooks You Must Spatter Before You Die" in the San Francisco Bay Guardian. The author is an expert on Iberian wines, ports, and sherries and leads wine-tasting tours of Spain and Portugal. The author has stores by the same name in Seattle, Berkeley, Santa Fe, and Mill Valley, California. Online marketing and promotions. Print and web advertising campaign. National broadcast and print publicity. Co-op available. In 1995, Steve Winston opened his first The Spanish Table store in Seattle, and over the years has added shops in Berkeley, Santa Fe, and Mill Valley, California. His small chain specializes in selling cookware, foods, and wines unique to the Iberian Peninsula. Winston is a true Iberianophile and is an expert on wines from that region.
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  • The Annals (Dover Value Editions)

    Karton Kapak
    "The first writer in the world, without a single exception," declared Thomas Jefferson of Tacitus, proclaiming this book "a compound of history and morality of which we have no other example." The ancient historian wrote this vital chronicle of Imperial Rome during the great civilization's decline. It spans A.D. 14-68, painting incisive psychological portraits of the era's major figures.Tacitus held high offices in the Roman government, allowing him firsthand views of the emperors and the effects of their tyranny. His chronicle begins with the death of Augustus and relates the moral decline and rampant civil unrest during the reigns of Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero. He also discusses in detail the period's many military campaigns. Masterful in his handling of dramatic narrative and trenchant in his discourse, Tacitus is the model historian. The Annals not only records the past but also re-creates it for modern readers.
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  • Civil Disobediance

    Karton Kapak
    "Resistance to Civil Government" ("Civil Disobedience") is an essay by American transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau that was first published in 1849. In it, Thoreau argues that individuals should not permit governments to overrule or atrophy their consciences, and that they have a duty to avoid allowing such acquiescence to enable the government to make them the agents of injustice. Thoreau was motivated in part by his disgust with slavery and the Mexican–American War.
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  • The Beast with Five Fingers (Tales of Mystery & the Supernatural)

    Karton Kapak
    ' - the hand was writhing in agonized contortions, squirming and wriggling upon the nail like a worm upon a hook. 'We'll keep it there until it dies,' he said. 'May I burn in hell, if I ever open the door of that safe again'. The brilliant and scary "The Beast with Five Fingers", is the first entry in this mammoth collection of strange and chilling short stories by W. F. Harvey, an unjustly neglected author of supernatural tales. This unique volume demonstrates clearly that Harvey is one of the masters of the genre. Along with such classics as "August Heat", which concerns two strangers whose individual fates become inextricably entwined in a nightmare scenario and the gruesome school yarn, "The Dabblers", you will find such minor masterpieces of the uncanny as "The Man Who Hated Aspidistras", "Sarah Bennet's Possession", "The Habeas Corpus Club" and many more stories which refreshingly avoid the cliche while at the same time creating that wonderfully eerie sense of fear.
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  • Charles Darwin: The Beagle Letters

    Sert Kapak
    This fascinating collection of letters written and received by Charles Darwin during the voyage of the HMS Beagle provides a first-hand account of a voyage of discovery that was as much personal as intellectual. Original watercolours by the ship's artist Conrad Martens vividly bring to life Darwin's descriptions.
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  • Antipasto: Italian Starters, Soups and Snacks

    Sert Kapak
    This collection of appetizers, starters and snacks from Italy offers an array of finger foods - antipasto. These bite-sized treats can be made on a larger scale and served individually as a starter. Chapters include breads, soups and salads, pasta and light meals. Other examples are grilled polenta with gorgonzola and walnuts, fresh figs with prosciutto, roasted asparagus with fontina and onion focaccia.
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  • The Little Book of Roses

    Karton Kapak
    The rose is the world's favorite flower: its beauty and scent make it the acknowledged queen of the garden. Roses have been used for thousands of years as perfume, as decoration, and even in the cuisine of many countries. The power and appeal of the rose can be seen in art, history, and in horticulture. The Little Book of Roses opens the door to the magical world of the rose from the flower's symbolic roles in legend to the secrets of today's top rose breeders (an industry itself worth millions of dollars). Besides fascinating rose facts, this Little Book is also sprinkled throughout with interesting rose trivia. For example, one fluid ounce of the world's most expensive perfume requires as many as 28 dozen roses! The Little Book of Roses offers a pleasing bouquet of rich illustrations, useful information, and interesting details affectionately dedicated to this voluptuous blossom.Flammarion presents its series of informative, richly illustrated guides, covering lifestyle and cultural topics. Find out everything you want to know about your favorite subject in one handy volume. Unique thematic treatment with extensive use of key words and cross-referencing Over 70 alphabetically organized bite-sized entries in every title Attractive slimline format 100 color illustrations Summaries of key facts and dates in easy-reference tables Exclusive buyer's guide or list of useful addresses to find out more
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  • Turkish Awakening: A Personal Discovery of Modern Turkey

    Karton Kapak
    'In Turkish Awakening Alev Scott sets out on a fascinating search both for her own Turkish roots, and to catch the mood of Turkey todayi She is always on the lookout for surprising scenes and offbeat charactes, as she journeys across a Muslim country poised between its stalled EU membership campaing and the storm brewing on its borders after the arab Spring. Full of unexpected insights, Turkish Awakening is an engaging and readable portrait of what is actually going on right now in this very diverse secular democracy of 75 milion people.' -Michael Wood
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  • Progress in Vocabulary

    Karton Kapak
    Progress in Vocabulary İngilizce öğrenimi ve Yabancı Dil Sınavları için yaşamsal olan sözcük bilginizi geliştirecek bir kaynak kitaptır. Bu kitap, belirli amaçlar göz önünde bulundurularak, çok uzun ve titiz bir çalışmanın sonunda, bu amaçlar çerçevesinde gerekli olanlarından derlenerek hazırlanmış sözlük ve edinilen bilgiyi sınayacağınız “General Vocabulary Tests”, “Cloze Tests” başlıkları altında her kelime türü için ve karışık olarak hazırlanmış çok sayıda özgün test ve bunların cevap anahtarlarından oluşmaktadır. Kitabın sözlük bölümü, değişik sözcük kümelerine göre sınıflandırılmış, her sözcük kümesi A’dan Z’ye kadar bir veya birden fazla harf başlıkları altında ayrı ayrı verilmiştir. Sözlük bölümü, belirli bir düzeyin üzeri için temel sayılan ve özellikle Yabancı Dil Sınavları için gerekli olan sözcüklerden oluşmaktadır. Kelime öğrenimi ve Yabancı Dil Sınavlarına yönelik hazırlanan sözcükler için, son yıllarda bu sınavlarda soru olarak çıkan, metinlerde yer alan ve ileride de çıkma olasılığı olan sözcüklerden bir derleme yapılmıştır. Progress in Vocabulary, İngilizcede okuma, okuduğunu anlama, yazma, çeviri gibi sözcük bilgisinin ve sözcüklerin doğru ve bağlama uygun anlamlarının bilinmesi-kullanılması gereken yerlerde yararlı bir başvuru kaynağıdır. Progress in Vocabulary’nın, sözlük bölümünde 4500’nin üzerinde sözcük, yaklaşık 15000 İngilizce yakın anlamlı sözcük, 6000 örnek cümle ve ayrıntılı ilgeçler (prepositions) bölümü yer almaktadır. Kitapta öğrendiğiniz sözcükleri sınayacağınız, değişik soru teknikleri ile hazırlanmış çok sayıda özgün soru içeren testler bulunmaktadır. İngilizcede sözcük dağarcığınızı geliştirirken yararlanacağınız Progress in Vocabulary kitabı bu alandaki başarınızı arttıracağına inanılarak hazırlanmıştır.  
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