Puppy Parenting: An Expert Guide to What to Do and When to Do It
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Puppy Parenting: An Expert Guide to What to Do and When to Do It

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A leading veterinarian guides prospective dog owners through each stage of a typical puppy development. He starts with the crying and soiling eight-week-old, newly acquired from the dog breeder, then progresses to the frisky, often too-energetic six-month-old pooch who expresses himself by chewing rugs and fabrics. Inexperienced dog owners who have misgivings about their puppy-parenting aptitudes will find advice and assurance in this book pages. They will also have the opportunity to compare their dog parenting experiences with real-life case studies, highlighted by Dr. Miller own chronicle of how he parented his troublesome border terrier, Betty, gradually transforming her into a happy, healthy, and obedient pet. He recounts the problems he faced, and the solutions he found. He also emphasizes that puppy care entails much more than obedience training. At least as important is maintaining the dog health. He outlines steps every dog owner can take to prevent canine health problems and goes on to offer methods to remedy them when they occur. Color photos throughout.

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