Qualitative Research Methods for the Social Sciences

Qualitative Research Methods for the Social Sciences

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Qualitative Research Methods - collection, organization, and analysis strategies


This text shows novice researchers how to design, collect, and analyze qualitative data and then present their results to the scientific community.


The book stresses the importance of ethics in research and taking the time to properly design and think through any research endeavor.


Learning Goals

Upon completing this book, readers should be able to:

  • Effectively design, collect, organize, and analyze data and then to present results to the scientific community
  • Use the Internet as both a resource and a means for accessing qualitative data
  • Explore current issues in the world of researchers, which include a serious concern about ethical behavior and protocols in research and a more reflexive and sensitive role for the researcher
  • Recognize the importance of ethical concerns before they actually begin the research collection, organization, and analytic process
  • Understand basic elements associated with researcher reflexivity and research voice


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