Quiet Riot Original Album Classics (5 CD)

Quiet Riot Original Album Classics (5 CD)

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1.Stay With Me Tonight

2.Callin' The Shots

3.Run To You

4.I'm Fallin'

5.King of the Hill

6.The Joker

7.Lunar Obsession

8.Don't Wanna Be Your Fool

9.Coppin' A Feel

10.In A Rush

11Empty Promises



1.Metal Health (Bang Your Head)

2.Cum on Feel the Noize

3.Don't Wanna Let You Go

4.Slick Black Cadillac

5.Love's A Bitch


7.Run For Cover

8.Battle Axe

9.Let's Get Crazy


11.Danger Zone

12.Slick Black Cadillac



1.Sign of the Times

2.Mama Weer All Crazee Now

3.Party All Night

4.Stomp Your Hands, Clap Your Feet

5.Winners Take All

6.Condition Critical

7.Scream and Shout

8.Red Alert

9.Bad Boy

10.(We Were) Born to Rock



1.Main Attraction

2.The Wild And The Young

3.Twilight Hotel

4.Dow And Dirty

6.Put Up Or Shut Up

7.Still Of The Night

8.Bass Case

9.The Pump

10.Slave To Love

11.Helping Hands



1.Sign Of The Times

2.Let's Get Crazy

3.Mama Weer All Crazee Now

4.Slick Black Cadillac

5.Anytime You Want Me

6.Party All Night

7.Bang Your Head (Metal Health)

8.Run For Cover

9.Love's A Bitch

10.Stomp Your Hands, Clap Your Feet

11.Gonna Have A Riot

12.Cum On Feel The Noize

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